14 Things to Do in Callaway (FL)

Located in the western Florida panhandle, with Pensacola to the west and Tallahassee to the east, Callaway is a suburb of Panama City with a population of just over 14,000.

While it’s inland on the coast, it’s only a 10-minute drive from some of the best beaches in the area, and for those with a wheel and an open-road spirit, there are great day trips to Pensacola and Tallahassee .

From parks and golf courses to beaches and historic sites, just about every traveler should have something to woo them.

Here are 14 things to do in and around Callaway, Florida.

1. Annual Kids Fishing Rodeo

little boy catching fish

Kids love fishing, and there’s so much fresh and salt water in almost every direction, there’s no reason not to get a line wet on your Sunshine State trip.

Each year the City of Callaway hosts a popular children’s fishing rodeo, open to children under 16 and their parents.

Usually held in May or June, in addition to introducing kids to the wonderful world of fishing, there are many special events, local celebrities, and delicious food and drink.

There are also a variety of fishing competitions, trophies, awards, door prizes and live entertainment.

2. Annual Veterans Day Parade and Celebration

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a big event for many patriotic Floridians, and many retirees who call Florida home have served in the country’s armed forces.

The annual Veterans Day parade and celebration honors service members and women who have served in the five armed forces, bringing together community leaders, businesses, civic groups and schools in a reverent and fun-filled event.

Held at the scenic Veterans Park near downtown Callaway, the event includes a parade, live music, arts and crafts, and many food and family-friendly activities.

3. John B. Gore Park

John B. Gore Park

Located on Beulah Avenue in Callaway, along the mouth of the Callaway River, the beautiful John B. Gore Park offers a variety of amenities and entertainment options that most guests will visit again and again.

There’s a historic schoolhouse run by the local historical society, a community center, and a small museum, and for those who prefer some outdoor activities among the park’s historical and cultural attractions, there are basketball courts, walking trails and a small museum. The covered seating area is perfect for a family picnic or an afternoon with a good book.

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4. Caribbean Coffee

Caribbean Coffee, Mexico Beach

The peaceful Mexican beach town is a picturesque, relaxed town heading east along the Gulf Coast, and Caribbean Coffee on Highway 98 is the perfect place to stop for a nice caffeine or a bite to eat.

Previous guests have noticed the coffee shop is quaint, charming, relaxed, reasonably priced and attentive by staff.

With indoor and outdoor seating, they offer a wide selection of hot and cold coffee drinks made with freshly roasted beans on site.

Their pastries and sandwiches are also popular, as well as a selection of tea and juice drinks.

5. Go to the beach

Panama City Beach​​​

It’s just a few minutes drive from Callaway to Panama City and Panama City Beach, with a variety of amazing beach options in between.

The Gulf of Mexico has warm, clear waters that are generally calm compared to the more susceptible Atlantic Ocean, and for swimmers, sunbathers and tropical dreamers, there’s no better place to spend a lazy day One day, bathed in sunshine.

St. Andrews State Park features undeveloped beaches popular for fishing and snorkeling, and for those who prefer a more comfortable destination, Rick Selze Beach includes boardwalks, seasonal lifeguards, and convenience Go to many dining and shopping options.

6. Veterans Park

Veterans Park, Callaway

Callaway Veterans Park on Cherry Street officially opened to the public in 1994.

At the heart of the park is an impressive twin-engine F 15 fighter jet that appears to be capable of traveling at 1,000 mph even when it is completely stationary.

The park is dedicated to those who served the country in the five armed forces, and a section of the park is dedicated to a local who was killed in a desert storm.

In addition to being a great place for a picnic or a walk, it also features a covered seating area and grill, and many times of the year host special events, festivals and festive festivities.

7. Reel Time Fishermen

reel time fisherman

Located on East Highway 22 in Panama City, Reel Time Fishers isn’t the most modern or trendy restaurant in southern Florida, but it’s a local favorite for those who like a cozy setting, plenty of fresh seafood, and reasonable prices .

They’re known for their fried grouper, Gulf shrimp, and delicious side dishes, including jalapeno-stuffed cheese curds, crispy fries, seasoned rice, and fried okra.

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Reel time attracts an eclectic crowd, especially on weekends when peak dinner hours can get crowded, so if you want to get in and out quickly, consider visiting during lunch or late afternoon.

8. Sea People Museum

People from the Sea Museum

Founded in the mid-70s by a group of former Navy SEALs and marine scientists, the Sea Man Museum is a unique local attraction dedicated to preserving the amazing history of human interaction with the ocean.

The museum is filled with equipment used by divers in the past, many of which were quite unwieldy by today’s standards, even though they were considered state-of-the-art at the time.

Visitors can explore refurbished submarines and even try some antique scuba gear, and there is a popular introductory film that gives visitors a sense of what they’re about to see and experience.

9. Zoo World Zoological Conservatory

Zoo World Zoological Institute

Zoo World Zoological Conservatory is more than just a traditional zoo, as it is primarily dedicated to animal and habitat conservation, in addition to exhibiting a variety of animals from around the world.

The greenhouse is located on Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach, and some of its star residents include lions, bears, tigers and primates.

The conservatory also has an impressive collection of reptiles and offers a variety of children’s programs during the summer, designed to teach children about the wonders of the natural world and the importance of preserving it.

10. Northwest Florida Science and Discovery Center

Northwest Florida Science and Discovery Center

Although Florida’s weather is idyllic for most of the year, it’s also prone to prolonged periods of unbearably hot weather, and storms can also occur. At those times, people traveling with children It’s best to keep some indoor activity options in your back pocket.

The Science and Discovery Center in Northwest Florida is one such place that, in addition to engaging and entertaining kids, educates them and makes it a truly rare gem.

The center includes a variety of interactive exhibits covering animals and the natural world, science and technology, and even art and history.

11. Martin Theatre

martin theatre

Community theaters and performing arts centers are often overlooked entertainment options for those more focused on commercial attractions, but they are great community resources and should be utilized wherever possible.

Opened as a movie theater in 1936, the Martin Theatre went through some rough times in the following decades, culminating in abandonment and disrepair in the 1970s.

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Fortunately, the theater was renovated and reopened in the 90s, and it now features a variety of films and live performances, including theatrical productions, comedy and music.

They have a full calendar of events so check it out online before you go.

12. Russell Fields City Pier

Russell Fields City Pier

The Russell Fields City Pier in Panama City Beach is the longest pier of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico.

Extending over 1,500 feet into the water, it’s a popular spot for anglers, walkers, and all-around lovers of Florida’s breathtaking views.

It’s common to see a variety of fish and marine life in the waters below, and it’s fun to watch the fishermen haul their catch.

For those looking to capture Florida’s iconic sunset, there’s no better place than this, with a variety of nearby beaches, dining and shopping options for those looking to spend a full day in the area.

13. Cape San Blas Lighthouse

Cape San Blas Lighthouse

Located in nearby Port San Joe, the Cape San Blas Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the best-preserved lighthouses and historic attractions on the Gulf Coast.

The lighthouse is not open to the public every day, but is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.

It is possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse, and once there, visitors will be rewarded for their efforts, including stunning panoramic views of land and sea.

There’s also a nice little gift shop on-site, and admission is less than a burger and fries.

14. Panama City Beach Winery

Panama City Beach Winery

Florida’s warm tropical climate lends itself to cool, refreshing and fruity drinks.

Located on Thomas Avenue in Panama City Beach, Panama City Beach Winery is a family-run retail store that specializes in fruit wines produced in the Sunshine State.

Featuring ingredients like blueberries, strawberries, lime and coconut, their selections add interesting new twists to most wineries’ often traditional and boring wine ranges, many of which have won state and national awards.

Wine tastings are held regularly, and most guests pick up a bottle or two to take home when they leave.

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