15 Best Activities in Ozmar (FL)

Oldsmar is a small city overlooking Safe Harbor, near Tampa on the west coast of the Florida peninsula. Named after its founder, Ransom E. Olds, the city has grown steadily since the auto magnate and his family first settled in 1916.

If you’re exploring the area, Oldsmar is a quiet stop between Tampa and St. Petersburg. From visiting local history museums and flea markets to exploring the coastline and beach parks, Oldsmar itself has some great things to do.

Here are 15 of the best things to do in Ozmar, Florida.

1. RE Olds Park

RE Olds Park

Located on the city’s waterfront, RE Olds Park is dedicated to the founder of Oldsmar. This charming waterfront area overlooks Safety Bay, which is part of the wider Tampa Bay area.

It’s a piece of local history; without Mr. Oz, there would certainly be no Ozma. The park is a favorite with locals and tourists looking to relax and enjoy the view. It’s green and breezy and you’ll find children’s playgrounds, picnic benches and short walks. RE Olds Park hosts different community events throughout the year. You can check out what’s happening while you’re in the city at your local visitor center.

2. Oldsmar Historical Society Museum

Oldmar Historical Society Museum

To learn more about the city’s history, one of the best things to do in Ozmar is to visit the Ozmar Historical Society Museum. This local historical society aims to document and preserve the history of Ozmar, and they welcome visitors interested in exploring more of the small museum.

The museum is in the city center – in a historic building opposite the town hall – and it’s completely free to visit, but just check the opening hours. You’ll learn about Mr. Oz and his automotive empire, and why he chose to position and grow Ozma into the city you see today. You can find old photos and exhibits that tell the story of Oldsmar’s development from its founding to the present day.

3. Oldsmar Flea Market

Oldsmar Flea Market

The Oldsmar Flea Market is one of the best places to visit in the city. In fact, this is probably the most established tourist attraction in Ozmar, and people visit from the surrounding area.

This local market, entertainment complex, and retail precinct has served the community for decades, but after a brief decline, its importance has resurfaced with a massive influx of new development and funding. The popular push has drawn more crowds than ever looking to shop and buy local goods at quirky stalls and food stalls.

The flea market retains its classic small-town feel; chat with the friendly stall and shopkeepers as you browse Oldsmar’s best buys and eats.

4. Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park, Ozmar

Located on the waterfront near RE Olds Park, Veterans Memorial Park is a charming attraction in the city.

If you want to escape from it all, this is the park to go to. The park is located in a secluded area overlooking Tampa Bay, very peaceful and rarely busy. You’ll find small walking trails, quiet areas to relax and contemplate life, and of course a small but touching memorial to Oldsmar veterans who served in the armed forces.

5. Centennial Park

Bicentennial Park, Ozmar

Located further inland from Tampa Bay but still overlooking a small lakeside area, Bicentennial Park is another wonderful public space in Oldsmar.

This quaint green space is a favorite with dog walkers; if you’re traveling with pets, bring them here to run around and enjoy the sun. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can stroll along the trails and use exercise equipment if you’re feeling fit.

6. Authorized Adventures

Empowering Adventure

If you’re looking for an adventure, call Empower Adventures. You’ll need to be prepared for an exciting time and an adrenaline rush, as Empower Adventures is Oldsmar’s famous zipline experience.

You’ll face a high-altitude adventure as you fly down ziplines and climb high on high ropes. This tour will take you flying over local lakes and reservoirs – the zipline takes you within a few meters of the water itself. You’ll complete this obstacle course and zipline tour with a local professional, with safety being paramount, of course.

7. Mobbly Estuary Wilderness Reserve

Mobley Estuary Wilderness Reserve

Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve is the place to get your adrenaline pumping with the Empower Adventure zipline course. But if you’re not looking for vertical thrills, the reserve has plenty of above-ground scenery to explore on foot.

This wild landscape is right on the edge of Ozmar. You’ll find a network of walking trails and boardwalks through trees, marshes, and creeks. This is a great place for a walk, kayak or canoe.

8. Moby Beach Park

Mobley Beach Park

If you’re looking for the beach, one of the best things to do in Ozmal is to visit Mobbly Beach Park. This scenic beach park is located just off the coast, near the wilderness preserve of the same name, and offers great views of Tampa Bay.

This is a great place to relax after a long day; you can watch the sun on the bay and enjoy the soft sand here.

9. Tampa Bay Skating Academy

Tampa Bay Skating Academy

Ice skating might not seem like the best sport to do in Florida, but considering how hot and sunny most of the year is, you might just welcome the chilly interior of an ice rink.

Oldsmar is home to the Tampa Bay Skating Academy, one of the most popular and famous ice skating rinks in the area. You can take free classes where you just skate on the ice, sign up for classes and tutoring to improve your skills, or even learn how to figure skate or play ice hockey.

You can also watch local ice hockey games live at the arena as local teams play on the ice throughout the skating season.

10. Upper Tampa Bay Park

Upper Tampa Bay Park

Just outside Oldsmar, you’ll find the scenic Upper Tampa Bay Park. This reserve is both beautiful and historic. The park was formerly an important area of ​​the local Indigenous Americas until around the 16th century.

You can find archaeological remains left by the area’s former inhabitants, and the creek makes it a popular spot for kayaking and canoeing.

11. Tampa

Tampa, FL

No trip to this part of Florida would be complete without a trip to Tampa, one of the most important and famous cities in the state. Tampa is a metropolis of over 300,000 people, and coming here from quiet Ozmal can be a bit of a culture shock.

There’s a lot to do in a big city, though, and Tampa certainly isn’t just about visiting the famous Busch Gardens theme park. There are water parks, but beyond that, there are great museums and art galleries, breweries, cafés and restaurants. While Oldsmar’s small town is charming, sometimes you just need to experience a place bigger than life, even if just for a day—and that’s Tampa.

12. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL

Overlooking the bay and just across from Tampa, St. Petersburg is another metropolis with a lot to do. St. Petersburg is known as the Sunshine City because the city gets more days of sunshine each year than anywhere else in Florida.

St. Petersburg is a great place to visit with its beautiful beaches and day-to-day sunshine. In addition to the spectacular waterfront, the city has many cultural attractions to explore, including the famous Salvador Dalí Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

13. Clearwater

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater is the third largest city in the Tampa Bay area — after Tampa and St. Petersburg. Just a short drive from Oldsmar, it’s a great day trip.

Clearwater is the perfect place to relax on the beach; the city overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and has several beautiful barrier islands that are home to spectacular white sand beaches.

14. Phillip Park

Philip Park

Across Safe Harbor from Ozmal you can find the beautiful grounds of Phillip Park. This area of ​​trees and greenery is home to an important Indian mound, which has been preserved as a National Historic Landmark.

The park was once part of a plantation established by Mr. Philip, the first European settler in the area, for which the park was named.

15. Lake Tarpon

Lake Tarpon

One of the largest lakes in the Tampa area, Lake Tarpon is just a few miles from Ozmal.

Spend the day exploring the different natural parks and reserves around the lake, and if you enjoy kayaking or canoeing, you can experience Lake Tarpon in the best possible way by going on the water.

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