15 Best Austin Tours

Nestled deep in the Texas mountains, Austin is the state capital with an alternative spirit. Their slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” is everywhere.

Known for its funky aesthetics, various food trucks, and lively live music scene, Austin is a great place to experience a different side of Texas.

Tours are a great way to gain insight into local culture and history, and many will take you to some of the best neighborhoods in the city, or even to Hill Country, where you can experience a more stereotypical Texas lifestyle.

These are the 15 best trips you can take from Austin.

1. Downtown Austin Adventure: 3-Hour Scavenger Hunt

Austin, Texas

Smartphone scavenger hunts are great for experiencing the city at your own pace, but if you’re participating as a group, this game adds to the gameplay. It’s themed around amazing competitions and challenges your team to race around each stop. You can then decide to make a “pit stop” at each position before continuing the race. It takes about three hours on average and is a great way to see the main attractions in the city center.

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2. Best Small-Group Guided Tours of Austin

Downtown Austin, Texas Mural

This two-hour tour offers bus transportation between different locations, allowing you to visit some of the sights outside the main center. You will be taken to the most important landmarks, vibrant neighborhoods and various food trucks. Your knowledgeable guide will also show you some of the city’s lesser-known sights. Since it is limited to small groups, it can be tailored to the group to a certain extent and has a more intimate feel.

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3. Austin Husk Bike Tour

Austin Husk Bike Tour

This tour is by bike, giving you a more eco-friendly option that covers a lot of places. The two-hour tour is done at a relaxed pace and is suitable for most fitness levels. You will be taken around the main historic district, Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake. The guide is a local expert and includes safety equipment. You can also choose to be picked up at your hotel in downtown Austin.

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4. Austin Beer and Brewery Tour

Austin Beer and Brewery Tour

Austin is the epicenter of craft beer in Texas, and this tour will take you to visit some of the city’s most popular breweries. You’ll be able to sample at least ten beers on your trip and visit three breweries on the East Side. Including transportation by electric vehicle, transports you safely between each location in an environmentally friendly manner. A local guide will detail the history and modern significance of each brewery, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn how the different types of beer are made.

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5. Food is my best friend trip

food is my best friend trip

Austin is also known in Texas for its vibrant cuisine, and a tour is a great way to sample a variety of foods. You’ll sample four different restaurants offering everything from Texas BBQ to soups and smoothies. Texas Grill also offers free drinks (beer or soft drinks). This tour eschews major tourist spots, opting instead to take you to restaurants that the locals love. Pick-up and drop-off from hotels in downtown Austin is included.

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6. Austin’s Salt Lick and Distillery Tour

Austin's Salt Lick and Distillery Tour

This tour caters to foodies and wine lovers looking to get out of Austin and dive deep into rural Texas. You will be taken to the famous Salt Lick restaurant where you can enjoy a typical Texas BBQ meal. Afterwards, you will visit two popular wineries where you can learn about wine production in the United States and taste their best products. Transportation from downtown Austin is included, allowing you to relax and sample as much wine as possible along the way.

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7. Rainey Street Pub Hop Game Walking Tour

Rainey Street Pub Hop Game Walking Tour

Here’s another great Austin self-guided scavenger hunt. You’ll be challenged to find hidden objects in the various participating bars across the city, allowing you to learn about the history while experiencing the lively pub culture. Rainey Street is also full of craft boutiques and cafes, so you have plenty of opportunities to take a break from the game and see other aspects of this vibrant area. While this works on all Apple devices, this game is specifically designed for use with the iPad. It’s not currently available on other tablets or phones.

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8. Austin Live Music Crawl

Austin Live Music Crawl

As if beer and barbecue weren’t enough, Austin also has lively live music. With over 270 venues to choose from across the city, finding the best one can be difficult. This tour will do the research for you and show you the best examples of Texas live music. You will also learn about local history and culture on the tour, and have the opportunity to sample local food and beer at several venues. Private transportation is included to allow you to relax during your trip, and groups are limited for an intimate experience.

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9. Downtown Austin Helicopter Tour

Downtown Austin Helicopter Tour

Want to party in Austin? Take a helicopter tour of the skies and enjoy stunning panoramic views across the city. This 30-minute tour flies over downtown Austin and some of the most magnificent lakes and coastlines close to the city. Snacks and drinks are included on the helicopter, along with complimentary champagne toast to celebrate your time in the city. A full safety briefing will be provided prior to departure, and earphones will be provided to ensure you can hear your guide.

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10. Texas Hill Country and LBJ Tour from Austin

Lucenbach, TX

This Austin tour lets you experience the culture of rural Texas and learn about its historical influence. As the birthplace of Lyndon B. Johnson, you’ll also discover the circumstances that shaped the former president’s life and have the opportunity to visit his childhood home. Afterwards, you’ll discover the influence of cowboys and German immigrants on this corner of America, and visit Luckenbach, a small town known for its influence on country music.

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11. Haunted Austin Walking Tour

Haunted Austin Walking Tour

Most U.S. cities have famously haunted spots, and Austin is no exception. This tour will take you to some of the city’s most notorious haunted locations, allowing you to dive into the state’s capital’s eerie past. You’ll learn about real-life murder stories, as well as local ghost lore and folklore. This tour combines popular attractions with off the beaten track haunted spots. Group sizes are limited to provide guests with a more personalized experience.

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12. Biker Gang’s Food Truck Tour

Biker Gang's Food Truck Tour

Join a member of a local biking gang on a tour of the best of Austin attractions and food trucks. You’ll get an e-bike that you can drive around the city with ease, whether you have a driver’s license or not. A full safety briefing is provided and a helmet is provided before you start. You’ll be able to taste the best food from Austin’s famous food trucks and learn about the city’s history at its most famous attractions. There are plenty of photo spots, and couples can opt for two-seater bikes.

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13. Shops, murals and iconic places

Shops, Murals and Iconic Places

Indulge in some retail therapy on this Segway tour along Austin’s signature South Congress Avenue. Filled with boutiques, cafés, and thrift stores, this street is a great place to shop for Austin’s alternative spirit. The tour ends with some of the most iconic murals in the city, and you can take pictures to commemorate your trip. The guide will take you to the best stores of their choice, but you also have plenty of free time to explore the neighborhood at your own pace.

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14. Brunch Bus: Austin Food Tour with Live Band

Austin Food Tour with Live Band

Austin has an amazing brunch scene, and this tour will take you to three venues that embody the multicultural spirit of local cuisine. You’ll taste tacos, Czech breakfast items, chicken and waffles, and transportation is included. To celebrate the vibrant music scene, there is a live band on board. All food and beverages are included in each establishment. Photos are also taken at each stop, which will be sent to you after your tour, making for a great keepsake of your experience.

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15. San Marcos River Adventure Kayak Tour

San Marcos River Adventure Kayak Tour

This is a great experience if you are looking for a relaxing vacation away from the city. Just outside Austin, the San Marcos River meanders through some of the most beautiful places in the Texas landscape. Your guide is fully qualified and will help you master the basics of river kayaking. Including all safety equipment, the tour is designed to be environmentally friendly. While the location is easily accessible by car or public transportation, you can also choose to take transportation directly from the central location for an additional fee.

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