15 Best Cagliari Tours

Cagliari is a municipality of approximately 150,000 inhabitants located on the south-central coast of Sardinia, Italy.

Cagliari’s Mediterranean climate and abundant beaches attract sun lovers from all over the world, and it is also rich in historical and cultural attractions.

It is also considered one of the greenest cities in Italy, with more urban parks and green spaces per capita than anywhere else in the country.

For those arriving by air, the airport is just a few miles from the city center, making Cagliari a great option for quick, instant travel from the mainland.

Here are the 15 best tours in Cagliari.

1. 2 ½ hour Segway tour

Segway Tour

According to previous travel guests, gliding through the winding streets of Cagliari on a Segway, past Roman-era amphitheaters and medieval towers, is an unforgettable experience that is convenient, safe and affordable.

For those who have never ridden a Segway, the Segway is an eco-friendly, gravity-defying two-wheeled device that allows riders to experience the outdoors with little effort.

These two ½-hour tour options include many of Cagliari’s most iconic sights, such as the 13th-century Basilica of Santa Maria, Fortress of San Remy, and the Elephant Tower.

Each tour participant is provided with all necessary safety equipment and training before setting out to explore.

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2. Welcome to a private tour of Cagliari with a local


Savvy travelers know that experiences are as much about people as they are about places, and this private tour combines elements of both with very few others.

Most Italians are eager to share their culture with holidaymakers. On this tour, guests will be matched with a passionate local guide, designed to make every trip an unforgettable one.

After meeting your guide at your accommodation, guests will familiarize themselves with their surroundings before setting out to explore the city.

Tours are personalised and tailored based on time and interests, usually between two and six hours.

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3. Mountain and Sea Jeep and Boat Tour

Cannoneris Nature Reserve

For those like Indiana Jones who want to experience the wonders of Cagliari, this full-day mountain-sea combo tour will be perfect.

It’s a whirlwind adventure with a collection of hidden coves and rocky promontories accessible only by small boats, and ancient oak forests nestled on either side of towering mountains.

At the heart of this tour is the Cannoneris Nature Reserve. This is one of the most diverse natural areas in the region and definitely worth checking out for active travelers looking to distance themselves from the masses.

The tour includes a fresh seafood lunch at a beachfront restaurant, available in Italian, English, French and Portuguese.

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4. Su Nuraxi Barumini and Giara Half Day Tour

Sunurasi Barumini

Cagliari and Sardinia are known for their rugged natural beauty and rich historical sites dating back thousands of years.

For those interested in experiencing it together and getting the most value out of their hard-earned trip, this half-day tour might just be the ticket.

Su Nuraxi di Barumini is one of the most important Bronze Age archaeological sites in Sardinia, recognized by UNESCO for its cultural and historical importance.

Guests will explore the natural and man-made sights of the area on a guided tour, and if time permits, enjoy traditional Sardinian cuisine at a nearby restaurant, or have a picnic in a wilderness area known for its wild horses.

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5. Cheese making workshop and Argiolas Formaggi tour

Aguilas Fomaji

Many artisan cheesemakers in Sardinia have produced traditional products the old-fashioned way for generations.

This two-hour tour includes a visit to a modern dairy processing factory that specializes in cheese made from sheep and goat milk, not cows.

Before entering the factory, guests will be given protective clothing, such as shirts and shoe covers, as well as headphones, from which they can learn what they are seeing.

Then, together with a professional cheese maker, everyone will have the opportunity to gain practical experience at all stages of the production process.

The post-tour tasting includes a variety of fresh and aged local cheeses and wines.

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6. Full-Day Private Wine Experience with Lunch

Sardinian wineries

Italy is one of the world’s wine mecca. While it is possible to experience the region’s wine, culture and wine-growing regions on a half-day tour, a full-day tour is more suitable for true enthusiasts.

Enter the country on this guided tour and visit two Sardinian wineries.

On site, guests will have the opportunity to tour the facility and learn how grapes are transformed into delicious and intoxicating spirits using traditional methods and modern equipment.

The tour also includes the beautiful scenery of southern Sardinia, lunch at a traditional farm and tasting of many different colours and flavours of wine.

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7. Traditional wonton cooking class


From pasta and linguine to pasta and ravioli, Italy has an almost endless variety of different pasta types that are the highlight of most meals.

Unlike most pasta eaten elsewhere in the world, Italians often eat fresh pasta made from scratch. During this hands-on tour, guests will have the opportunity to see how it is done and participate in the process from start to finish.

Classes take place in the homes of local chefs and foodies, enjoying ample discussion and cooking time, as well as a light lunch during which everyone will enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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8. Canyoning in Sardinia

Canyoning in Sardinia

Although it may sound daunting to those who have never tried it, canyoning is not necessarily an activity reserved for the young, fit and fearless.

In fact, this 8-hour morning departure is generally suitable for most travelers who are 8+ years old and of moderate physical ability.

After a professional guide into the rugged southern part of Sardinia, guests will participate in a brief orientation session.

Things start small as guests get used to navigating the gentle slopes. The team will then set off at a moderate pace, admiring the region’s rich natural beauty, including creeks, granite cliffs and wild panoramas.

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9. 2-Hour Sightseeing Bike Tour

Bonaria Church

Small-group tours of just a few hours are increasingly popular with travelers who value unstructured exploration time because they value a guided tour.

This two-hour sightseeing bike tour begins in the city’s waterfront district and travels along the scenic coast along recently constructed bike paths that keep riders away from motorists.

The tour includes several different neighborhoods and several historical sites, such as the Bonaglia Church and the Fortress of San Remy – one of Cagliari’s most famous landmarks.

Tours are limited to eight guests and child seats are available upon request for those travelling with small children.

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10. 5-hour Shore Excursion City Tour

San Benedetto Market

This 5-hour city shore excursion offers multiple tours per day to suit the schedules of different arrivals and departures, and is a convenient and affordable option for staff with limited time.

This tour explores many of Cagliari’s oldest neighborhoods, as well as the bustling San Benedetto market, where many locals shop for everything from produce and fresh meats to prepared foods like honey and olive oil.

The tour includes a bus and walking portion. Along the way, they offer guests plenty of opportunities to experience Sardinian culture and learn interesting tidbits of local legends and history from their guides.

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11. Devil’s Saddle Guided Tour

Devil's Saddle

Sardinia’s Devil’s Saddle, between Cape Carbonara and Cape Spartivento, has a unique mix of impressive natural and historical attractions, including fossil beds and archaeological sites.

This three-hour tour brings guests close to both. Due to the morning departure, the rest of the afternoon and evening are available for other tours or free time.

The tour includes a hiking portion for those who want to reach the scenic spots on the limestone mountains.

There are several routes of varying difficulty to choose from, suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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12. Quad Adventure Shore Excursion


For those who have just been tucked into a small cabin on a crowded cruise ship, exhilarating outdoor activities are a great way to clear cobwebs and stretch underutilized muscles.

This four-person adventure shore excursion has been designed with cruise ship travelers in mind. It includes pickup from the port of Cagliari and can be customized to suit different schedules.

After a short and scenic drive into the Sardinian mountains, guests will be given a briefing and all the safety equipment they need before departure.

Tour highlights include archaeological sites, peaceful forests, stunning geological formations, and transportation back to the port.

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13. E-Bike Nature Tour

coastline of cagliari

Electric bikes are a great way to cover a lot of places quickly. Unlike their strictly mechanical brethren, they allow the rider to use muscle power at certain times, while benefiting from electric assist when the going gets tough.

Following the contours of the Cagliari coastline from the port area, guests and their guides will begin to explore and take advantage of the abundance of attractions along the way, including stunning sea views, abundant parks, beautiful beaches and secluded lagoons.

There is still time to stop for a drink and refreshment along the way.

The tour begins at 9:00 am and lasts approximately four hours.

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14. Professionally guided shore excursions

Sardinia coastline

Coasteering is a fun, exciting and educational way to explore the rugged Sardinian coastline.

Tours begin in the port of Cagliari and include walks and hikes in tidal areas characterized by exposed rocks, hidden pools, and plenty of different wildlife.

Each tour includes an experienced and qualified instructor and all the safety gear you need to make it an engaging and memorable experience.

At low tide, it is common to see a variety of unique and colorful marine life in the pool. Tours are suitable for beginners and people of most ages and interests.

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15. Half-Day Hiking and Waterfall Swimming Tour

Cannoneris Natural Park

For the sturdy and robust type who prefer to explore rather than sightsee, Cagliari and the surrounding area are full of options.

While this tour doesn’t technically take place within Cagliari’s city limits, it’s a great option for those tired of the city’s most famous and often crowded city attractions.

From Chia, guests will take the Jeep to the Cannoneris Natural Park. They will appreciate natural wonders such as the rich wildlife species and one of the largest sacred oak forests in Europe.

After a four-mile hike in a secluded waterfall, it’s time to swim and relax to return.

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