15 Best Catania Tours

Catania is located on the west-central coast of the Ionian Sea and is the second largest city on the Italian island of Sicily.

Catania, with nearly 300,000 inhabitants, is best known for being devastated several times between the 12th and 17th centuries by natural disasters such as earthquakes and the eruption of Mount Etna inland.

This coastal town is a popular destination for beach lovers from across the continent. It has year-round mild weather, making it a favorite winter escape hotspot.

Here are the 15 best tours in Catania.

1. Catania Street Food Tour

Catania street food

There is probably no better way to experience cultural immersion faster than eating street food with the locals.

Catania’s gastronomic scene is vibrant and multifaceted, including traditional, modern and international influences.

This three-hour morning food tour includes the services of a local guide who will provide guests with unique insights into the city’s cuisine, history and culture, while visiting key sights such as Cathedral Square, the port and the market, where residents shop the most on a daily basis.

Plenty of samples will be offered along the way, including pastries, pasta, cheese and delicious meatballs baked on a bed of white charcoal.

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2. 4-hour boat tour with snorkeling

Isola de Isiklopi

Catania’s rugged volcanic coastline is filled with impressive rock formations, abundant wildlife and crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling.

On this four-hour snorkeling tour, guests will visit two of the region’s main natural areas – La Timpa Nature Reserve and Isola dei Ciclopi Marine Reserve.

After a brief introduction by an experienced guide, guests will be ready to head out into the water to discover an amazing underwater world that most tourists have never seen before.

A variety of fish such as colorful groupers, sponges, and even octopuses are often seen in lava flows.

All expenses except personal expenses are included.

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3. Catania Like a Local – Customized Private Walking Tour


No, hanging out with the locals is the fastest and most fun way to experience a foreign culture.

On this customizable private walking tour, participants will set off on a guided tour to visit the sights, learn about the city’s history and culture, and become familiar with its geographic layout.

Tours are limited in size and offer a more intimate and memorable experience. They can last anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the guest’s interests, preferences and schedule.

Site admission, transportation, and food and beverages are not included, so bring a few extra bucks.

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4. Alcantara River Jumping Experience


The landscape around the Alcantara River is characterized by impressive volcanic rock formations that have striking geometric shapes.

After being picked up from their Catania hotel, guests on this guided river jump experience will travel to one of the region’s most unique natural attractions, where they’ll hike, swim, and cliff-jump into the river below.

Since many of our guests are beginners, jumping starts small and progresses gradually; however, we encourage everyone to only participate in activities that they feel comfortable with.

The tour lasts six hours, departs from Catania in the morning and requires moderate fitness to participate.

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5. Traditional home cooking experience

traditional home cooking

Learning to cook like a Sicilian grandmother isn’t something you can accomplish in just a few hours, but this three-hour traditional home cooking experience is a good start.

Like many trips to Catania, it’s all about food and cultural immersion, and it takes place at the coach’s home in the heart of the city.

Guests will learn about traditional Sicilian cuisine and culture. Under the guidance of the host, they will prepare a four-course meal featuring fresh seafood, local produce and wine.

Tours are offered in the early morning and early evening and are often one of the most memorable experiences of many tourist vacations.

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6. Mount Etna Half-Day Buggy Tour

Mount Etna

Electric vehicles are a great way to get up close and personal with the sights of Catania.

On this four-hour tour, guests will receive a crash course in how to operate the machine, before joining their guide to the villages of Pedara and Nicolosi, just a stone’s throw from the majestic Mount Etna.

The landscape leading to the volcano is made up of craters, fissures and quarries, highlighting the off-road capability of the off-road vehicle.

A coffee break is a welcome stop before continuing on to other attractions such as Valley del Bove and Mount Zoccolaro.

Buggy tours are not suitable for pregnant women and seniors.

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7. Mount Etna Sunset Tour from Catania

Mount Etna sunset

Etna sunsets are awe-inspiring as long as there are no unexpected eruptions.

After meeting your guide at the central location in the afternoon, guests will embark on an excursion to the southeastern side of the mountain, an otherworldly landscape with ash fields, lava flows and fascinating rock formations.

The hike to the far point is only a modest effort. As the sun begins to fade, guests will dine at Sicilian street food and enjoy local wines.

Helmets and flashlights are distributed to each guest, and sturdy hiking shoes are available upon request.

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8. Isole dei Ciclopi Snorkeling Tour


Just a short drive from Catania, Aci Castello is one of the island’s premier water sports destinations due to its crystal-clear waters, easy-to-reach dive sites, and a variety of easy-to-see marine life.

Equipped with masks, snorkels and swim fins, eager swimmers will be led into the water by experienced marine guides.

A fantastic combination of basalt columns, caves and spectacular lava flows, the coastal seascape is a true spectacle. Depending on your swimming ability, you can hang close to the boat, sunbathe on the deck, or do some underwater exploration.

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9. Private Tasting Tour of the Three Best Etna Wineries

Etna Winery

There is no shortage of famous wineries in and around Catania, but this tour focuses on three that consistently rank among the top.

Tours last 6 to 7 hours and include tasting sessions at each stop, after which guests will sample a dozen or more locally produced organic wines.

Tour participants will learn about the wine culture of the region, the growing of grapes and the process of turning them into amazing wines.

Look forward to seeing stunning views of Mount Etna and the Sicilian countryside, tasting traditional meals specially paired with wine, and learning about the history and culture of the region.

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10. Montalbano Inspector and Sicilian Food Combo Tour

Palazzo Borara

Based on the protagonists of Andrea Camilleri’s novels, the Montalbano TV series was mainly filmed in the surrounding area of ​​Catania.

For fans of books and TV shows, this Inspector Montalbano food tour combo is a great way to cover a lot of places in a short amount of time.

Tours are limited to eight participants and include transportation in an executive-grade air-conditioned vehicle.

Tours include multilingual guides, packed lunches and stops in multiple towns, where guests will see landmarks such as St. George’s Church and Palazzo Pollara — both featured on the show.

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11. Evening City Secrets and Aperitif Tour

Palazzo Biscari

In an exotic Sicilian city like Catania, what could be more mysterious and fascinating than discovering historical secrets and enjoying an aperitif?

On this three-hour guided tour, guests will discover many of Catania’s ancient secrets and visit various iconic sights such as the Elephant Fountain, Palazzo Biscari and the Benedictine Abbey of San Nicolo. These monasteries were built on the site of the city’s original Acropolis.

Previous guests appreciated the tour’s eclectic mix of popular and lesser-known sights.

The evening tour ends with street food, conversation with the locals and traditional drinks.

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12. Private Walking Tour and Arancini Tasting


For activity-conscious travelers, hiking offers the ability to see things from a ground-level perspective that those stranded on tour buses won’t be able to experience.

This Private Catania Walking Tour and Arancini Tasting includes a unique combination of attractions, starting with the city’s seafood market, or pescheria, one of the largest markets of its kind in the country.

Other highlights include Ursino Castle, Via Eternia, the Elephant Fountain and the city’s famous cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To end the day, guests can also sample a variety of locally made arancini with a variety of delicious fillings.

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13. Bronte Grand Pistachio and Olive Oil Farm Tour

Pistachio Farm

The town of Bronte is the centre of one of Europe’s premier pistachio-growing regions. In addition to its gastronomic charm, it has narrow old streets, old world charm and a lot of fascinating history.

The tour begins with a guided pistachio farm tour where guests will learn how pistachios are grown, processed and sold around the world.

There will also be time to explore the town before heading to the factory that produces the region’s most sought-after extra virgin olive oil.

Almost everything is included, such as a traditional country-style lunch, including wine and round-trip transportation.

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14. Orange Plantation and Wine Tasting Private Lunch Tour

orange plantation

Agriculture in the surrounding area of ​​Catania is dominated by oranges, olives and pistachios.

This four-hour private tour departs from Catania in the morning and includes a visit to a citrus plantation, where guests will meet the staff, explore the fields, and enjoy plenty of scenery and fresh Mediterranean air.

Another highlight of the tour is a visit to the winery, which includes an overview of how grapes are transformed into wine – from planting and harvesting to fermentation, bottling and distribution.

Some wine samples and a traditional Sicilian lunch are also included before participants return to Catania.

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15. Cyclops Riviera Guided Tour

Cyclops Riviera

Catania’s coastline is filled with impressive seascapes, quaint villages, ancient stone fortresses and vast citrus groves that make for stunning photo opportunities.

After meeting at the central location, guests will travel to the Cyclops Riviera and finally to the historic fishing town of Aci Trezza.

Together with their guide, guests will learn about the history, culture and economy of the area before heading to the marine reserve around Cyclops Island, which is full of myths and legends.

Tours last approximately four and a half hours and include transportation to and from Catania, offered twice a day.

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