15 Best Day Trips from Bergen

Bergen is located on the Bergen Savoy Peninsula. It is the second largest city in Norway and covers an area of ​​180 square miles.

This charming city is surrounded by a series of steep hills known locally as the Seven Hills. Its stunning natural environment makes it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country.

Bergen is also one of the country’s leading cultural and historical destinations; it hosts many popular cultural events and is home to several museums.

If you want to explore Norway’s beautiful landscapes and rich history, experience science firsthand, and experience some great hiking opportunities while celebrating art, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is our list of the 15 best day trips from Bergen to the surrounding area:

1. Jondar

Jondal, Norway

Jondal is located on the Folgefonna Peninsula in Hordaland County, 95 kilometers from Bergen. The city is located in the Hardanger district on the east coast of the Hardangerfjord.

Some of the villages within Jondal include Torsnes, Herand and Kysnesstranda.

Due to its proximity to Bergen, many tourists come to the city. There are plenty of adventures to enjoy around Jondal. The city has numerous historical sites and unique cultural attractions, such as the Agatunet, Norsk Vasskraft and Stiftinga Hardanger og Voss museums.

2. Lussen Island

Villa Lussen

The island is located on the outskirts of Fana.

Here you’ll find the idyllic 1873 home that belonged to the great Norwegian violinist Ole Bull.

The villa has been open to the public since 1973.

Visitors come here for a picnic at the gazebo, explore the 13 kilometers of walking trails, and relax near the many ponds found in the area.

There is a museum on site and one can visit the villa and its grounds.

Another major attraction on the island is Lysef Abbey.

The monastery is also known as Lyse Abbey.

Founded in 1146 by English monks, it was the first Cistercian church in Norway.

3. Mount Floyan

View from Mount Floyan

Mount Floyan is located north of Bergen and is 1,310 feet above sea level.

The summit offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hillsides, fjords, islands, forests and small lakes.

For the most dramatic views, you should visit the mountain at dawn or dusk.

Floyfjell has a network of scenic walking and cycling paths throughout the region.

This makes it a popular destination for hiking and mountain biking.

If hiking doesn’t excite you, feel free to use the funicular that takes visitors to the top of the mountain.

There is a children’s playground in the area, so you should consider taking your kids on this amazing day trip.

4. Fantoft Stave Church

Fantoft Stave Church

The church was built in 1150 in Fortun; in 1883 it was moved to Van Toft in order to prevent demolition.

Unfortunately, it burned down on June 6, 1992. The fire is thought to have been deliberately lit by Norwegian black metal artist Varg Vikernes.

The church was later rebuilt on the same site (1997) exactly as it was before the fire.

Its design features planks and posts that are nailed together.

Some of the distinguishing features of its appearance are the Nordic-style taps, believed to ward off evil spirits.

Fantoft Stave Church is hidden in the suburbs of Bergen.

During the journey, you need to pay attention to the signposts showing the church so as not to get lost.

The church is at the top of the hill, so you should be prepared for a short, steep hike.

5. Hardangerfjord


It is the second largest fjord in Norway and the fourth largest in the world.

It stretches 111 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the mountainous interior of the Handangel Vida Plateau.

The Hardangerfjord and its surrounding area is a popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning glaciers and waterfalls.

The journey to the Hardangerfjord along the scenic coast is a day trip from Bergen; it offers panoramic and postcard-perfect photo opportunities.

6. Ulriken Mountain

Mount Ulriken, Bergen, Norway

Ulriken, at 643 meters above sea level, is the highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen.

There is a network of trails that loop around the mountain; the most common is the Vidden Trail all the way to Mount Floyn.

Locals and tourists like to hike on Ulriken Mountain and enjoy the view from the top.

If you’re not ready for the hiking challenge, you can use the cable car system to go up and down the mountain.

In the viewing area, there are free binoculars that you can use to pick out places of interest.

7. Aurlandsfjellet – National Tourist Route

Stagastein Viewpoint, Aurland Mountain National Tourist Route

The route is 47 km long and stretches from Aurlandsvangen to Laerdalsoyri.

The highest point on this mountain road is 1306m above sea level.

This one-day itinerary brings strong impressions and contrasts to the fjords and the alpine regions where it snows all year round.

Also known as the “Snow Road”, this route is usually closed in winter.

The Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Road opened in 1967. Some of the sights close to the road are Flamsbana and the village of Aurlandsdalen.

The view will make you enjoy a wonderful trip.

8. Sundial

sundar, norway

Sundar is also known as Sundar. Bergen is 129 kilometers away. The village is located in the Moranger district of Hordaland County. Sundal perches on the south bank of Maurangsfjorden.

Sundanese Village is nestled in a deep valley surrounded by steep mountains; the views are great.

Visitors come to Sundal to experience nature in the landscape. There is a campsite for anyone looking to extend their stay in Sundal. A major attraction in the area is the Folgefonna National Park.

9. Sognefjord

Sognefjord, Norway

The Sognefjord is an iconic destination and one of the most spectacular in the world.

It has some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway, stretching 204 kilometers inland.

Therefore, it is often called the king of the fjords.

The fjord is the largest fjord in the country and the second largest in the world.

The Sognefjord region has spectacular mountains and wild fjords, as well as unique cultural attractions.

Adventurers who come here for guided hikes, kayaking and boating can take part in a wide variety of activities.

10. Ulvik

Ulvik, Norway

This village in Hordaland offers visitors a unique experience.

The village of Ulvik is located at the end of the Ulvik Fjord and its interior is rather shallow.

Ulvikafjord is almost isolated from the main fjords, forming a lagoon-like feature.

Ulvik is surrounded by small farms and fine orchards.

It is home to the Finns Mountains, numerous farms and settlements.

Today, most of these settlements are abandoned.

This charming village is worth a day trip from Bergen.

11. Port of Scudden

port of skudden, norway

The Port of Skuden is 120 km from Bergen.

It is one of the best-preserved towns in Europe, with over 225 wooden houses dating back to the 19th century.

The Old Town is also known as Skudeness or Skudeness Harbour

Most tourists head to the town due to its idyllic and peaceful atmosphere.

The town hosts a four-day (Thursday to Sunday) boating festival every year. Boats of all types, classes, shapes and sizes gather here during the festival.

If you want to experience this, you should plan your trip in late June/early July.

12. Flames

Flåm, Norway

Flam Village is 169 km from Bergen.

The journey takes about 2.5 hours and is really exciting; you get to see the most breathtaking views of the spectacular fjords surrounded by roaring waterfalls.

This village is an amazing destination.

Flam may be small, but it contributes to Norway’s charming villages and brings in a lot of tourism revenue.

One of the main tourist attractions in the area is the museum at Flåm train station.

Flam is ideally located, surrounded by steep hills and deep valleys that add to the stunning views.

Flam is the ideal getaway for people living their busy lives in the massive city towers and buildings.

13. Wendell


This peaceful village is located among huge mountains.

157 km from Bergen.

Undredal is famous for its goat sausages and goat cheese, which are produced using traditional methods.

This small village is a popular tourist destination in Norway.

Before 1988, the small village could only be reached by boat.

Today, it can be reached by a road link connecting two long tunnels.

If Undredal isn’t already on your bucket list, you need to make a plan for a quick visit to this amazing town that will make you memories that will last a lifetime.

14. Balestrand

Balestrand, Norway

This charming little village has a long history as a tourist destination.

Balestrand is located on the northern edge of the Sognefjord, in the traditional “Sognefjord” area.

The main economic sectors of Balestrand are tourism and agriculture.

The town also maintains ties to the arts.

There are many popular artists from this town whose paintings of the surrounding landscape attract and inspire tourists.

They include Alfred Heaton Cooper, Hans Dahl, Hans Gude and Johannes Flintoe.

15. Frecog

Frekhaug, Norway

The driving distance from Bergen to Frekhaug is 29 km. This densely populated village is located in Hordaland County on the southern tip of Hallsnoy Island. Frekhaug covers an area of ​​1.34 square kilometers.

Frekhaug is the ideal destination for a day trip from Bergen. This day trip gives you the perfect opportunity to take a break from everyday life while enjoying interesting sights such as Penang and Melan Kirk.

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