15 Best Day Trips From Milwaukee

When you dive into American history, one area of ​​the nation that is rich and dives deep into the country’s past is the Midwest.

Whether you’re looking for a touch of real life with some of America’s most significant moments or you just want to have a beer at some of its most famous breweries, Milwaukee is a great place to start.

Not only does the city have an abundance of popular, touristy and homemade destinations, it also has some beautiful locations surrounding it – within a day trip.

Here are the top 15 trips from Milwaukee:

1. Milwaukee Mile

Milwaukee Mail

Whether you are visiting the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in West Alice or coming here specifically for this attraction, you will experience the rich history rooted in the Milwaukee Mail or better known as the “Legendary Oval of America”. This highway has stood the test of time as one not only from the country – the oldest highway in the world still in use.

The one-mile “flat oval” track has traveled since 1903 and hosts a handful of IndyCar Series races and NASCAR events.

It is also one of the only highways left in the country that is still independently owned.

2. Six flags

Six flags in Great America

If you want to get behind the wheel yourself, you can easily travel to Six Flags Great America.

Within less than an hour of Milwaukee’s city limits, you can choose from over 60 trips – some of them the most popular, scary or largest in the country.

Especially if you are traveling with your kids, this is a great day trip for the whole family to enjoy.

If it’s a particularly hot summer day, you can also hop into Hurricane Harbor Water Park, which is right next to Six Flags Great America.

3. Wisconsin Global

Old World Wisconsin

This 576-acre open-air museum, housed in the 19th century, is home to a collection of 65 historic buildings from the Pioneer period to mimic the homelands of the first settlers to pass through the area.

This life-size recreation of pioneers employs a disguised team that has brought up restorations as the region’s first settlers – from Germany, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

If you like what you see, you can send your kids to summer camps or their workshops and even get them to sign up for vintage baseball.

During the holidays, as a treat, the museum puts on a Halloween theater and Christmas program, as well as hosts annual ethnic dinners representing different countries.

4. Resin

Wind Point Lighthouse, Racine

If you are looking for a lighthouse view, you will find one at Racine at Lighthouse Wind Point.

The lighthouse was originally built in 1880, and rises to a height of 108 feet and serves as one of the most characteristic and historic points of the old Midwest.

You can also visit the Racine Heritage Museum, which no doubt tells the story of the lighthouse, which is used as a lighthouse of ships because it was a place where there were frequent shipwrecks because of the darkness.

Orlando Metcalfe Poe, Brigadier General in the Civil War, erected the lighthouse and it still stands today as a visual lighthouse in Milwaukee history.

5. Chicago


Home to plenty of tourist attractions, like the Millennium Park, Willis Tower and the Beans, Chicago is just 100 miles from Milwaukee, easily accessible for a day trip.

The big city is a perfect excuse for a tourist vacation, whether you are looking for the feel of the big city or you want to taste the artistic culture at the Chicago Art Institute, Field Museum or Breast Aquarium, you can easily prepare to drive down and be pampered from there.

Chicago is also home to some of the great sports.

So if in season, you can always catch a bear game, White Sox or Cubs.

6. Fort Atkinson

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

An indoor and outdoor entertainment venue, Fort Atkinson can be an exciting day trip from Milwaukee.

This small town is a great trip for live music or a visit to the two museums in the city if you would like to jump into some historical culture.

Whether you fancy shopping at the windows and grabbing snacks at the Simple Life or Jones Market Country Store or hiking the nature trails near Rock River, you can even choose separate trails from other people in your group – meet only in the evening for a dinner show at the Fireside Dinner Theater located on Rock River.

7. Kanusha

Kenosha, Wisconsin

The electric circuit makes a two-mile loop along the coastline of Kanosha, taking you through the city center and the city’s historic districts, where you can easily hop in and visit any of the following attractions:

The Knosha Public Museum is home to various and varied historical exhibits and has a wide collection of fine and decorative arts.

The Civil War Museum also offers a tour of historic battlefields and visuals to tell their stories.

The Anderson Arts Center sits inside a 9,000-square-foot mansion that is well worth a visit.

The lighthouse, one on a sandy beach located on the short one along the pier, which is home to another lighthouse: 1901 Pierhead Light or the other, 1866 Southport Lighthouse up on the hill.

8. Morin State Teapot Forest and Ice Age National Landscape Trail

Morin State Teapot Forest, Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a little adventure, you can head west to the outdoor playground.

Whether it’s summer or winter, there’s fun to do for everyone – either hikers ‘paradise or skiers’ snow paradise.

For the Kettle Lakes there is a nearby glacial landscape that can turn into a beautiful day trip – especially if you get up early enough.

The Ice Age National Landscape Trail crosses the forest area, causing the best of both worlds to literally collide.

These areas are open all year round – perfect for a summer vacation or a day of climbing slopes.

9. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This summer resort is less than an hour from the Milwaukee border.

Whether you are looking to relax on the Lake Geneva cruise line or you are looking for more adventures for the 26-mile hike, there is something for everyone.

After a walk all day or you were out on the water, you can go downtown for some window shopping in quaint boutiques or spend the rest of the day on the Riviera Beach.

After a light meal in some of the cafes or restaurants in the city center, you can head out again to some major trails – more than 250 acres in Big Pot Beach National Park.

10. Choker

Koller, Wisconsin

It does not matter who you are – whether you love to eat, love to shop or love to play golf, there is something to do in Koehler, Wisconsin.

You can even have a spa day at Kohler Waters Spa if you are looking for something relaxing.

This village is the perfect place for a vacation – from escaping Milwaukee’s urban life to having everything you want on hand.

There are chocolate touring factories and mounds to eat – from the Blackwolf Run to the Craverie Chocolatier Café, you can pick your own delight and pick your own poison.

11. Cedarburg

Old Mill in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Home to a historic getaway just half an hour outside of Milwaukee, Cedarburg is a charming little village with modern shopping and a sense of old world.

Take a step back in history with buildings designed like the 1855 Greek Grist Revival Mill and 1920s Gas Station.

You can take your chances on a bridge from 1876 made of planks and wooden pegs while passing through stone cottages and dining on crepes and coffee.

Settling Cedar Creek along with Cedar Creek Winery is a great offer when just looking to escape – whether it’s the modern world or your daily life.

12. Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Host of the most famous Green Bay Packers ever, you can travel just 100 miles north to Milwaukee and purchase your tickets to catch a game and see the players in action.

Lambeau Field is waiting for you – as long as it’s football season – so do not miss a day of fun at the stadium to encourage the green and gold.

If you are not into American football or you are and unfortunately this is not a football season, you can take the youngsters to the Green Bay Children’s Museum, bring the whole family to Amusement Park Bay Beach or hop on any of the cruises that go out on the bay.

There is also the Public Museum for a rainy day.

13. Marsh Horizon

Hurricane Marsh, Wisconsin

If bird watching is your thing, there’s no better place to do it than Horizon Marsh.

It is the largest sweet cat egg in the entire country, home to ducks, geese and many, many more.

This national and state-protected wildlife shelter also includes programs for visitors and bird watchers.

If you are planning your trip, aim for the months of September and October for a parade, where you will see hundreds or thousands of ducks make their way as they descend south or go on a trip in May as the migration continues north. And there’s also the Hurricane Marsh Bird Festival that takes place.

14. Mound Park and Native American Trails

Indian Mands, Wisconsin

Preserved in the best quality, eleven mounds in the shape of various animals created nearly a thousand years ago are called Indian Mounds and Trail Park Home.

These were the land for the Indian people who lived there hundreds of years ago and the center of their ceremonies.

Today, they are one of the top tourist attractions near Milwaukee.

With the village partly redesigned for the enjoyment of its visitors, it has a warehouse, mounds of engraved temples and a rectory located at the top of one of them.

The nearby town also has a Milk Temple and a Museum of History, as well as a Lincoln Exhibition.

So if you’re a history buff – this attraction is definitely in your alley.

15. Ten chimneys

Ten chimneys

25 miles west of Milwaukee, you will find the Ten Chimneys, the vacation home of Alfred Lont and Lynn Fontaine, in a bizarre town called Genesee Depot.

Even when it was used in the first half of the 20th century it was a hot spot for parties, rehearsals and various getaways.

In this stunning home, the feet of American stage stars have trodden it as critics of the couple, such as Catherine Hepburn, Carol Channing and Helen Hayes.

Today, the ten chimneys have been protected and given the name as a historical landmark where they offer many tours to visitors to the city.

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