15 Best Day Trips from Toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is located in eastern Canada and is a bustling metropolis with a population of 2.7 million.

It is a cultural, commercial and financial center, so there is no doubt that it is a great attraction for visiting tourists.

There are museums, art galleries, theatres, a zoo, and many great restaurants and bars scattered around the city.

There are also many great day trip options nearby: Niagara Falls, home to many great hiking spots and natural wonders, and even a few surprises you might not have thought of.

Here are the 15 best day trips from Toronto:

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Waterfall

An unavoidable highlight of a trip to Toronto is the majestic Niagara Falls.

There was nothing quite like the sight of the water pouring down violently from the Hornblower boat on the lake.

There is also the option to have lunch with a view; find a restaurant with a waterfall in the background while enjoying a delicious buffet.

As part of a day trip, you can also learn about the history and culture of the area from a knowledgeable guide and have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

2. Niagara Winery Tour

Vineyards on the shores of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

Maybe you’ve seen Niagara Falls before, or you’d love to see the surrounding area.

Whatever the reason, here’s a great option that offers something a little different.

The Niagara region is known for its wines, and this gives you the opportunity to taste fine wines from several different vineyards in the region.

The ice wine here is a real treat and a specialty of the region.

You can also stop to explore the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Suggested Itinerary: Toronto Niagara Winery Tour – Full Day

3. Skyscraper Provincial Park

Laney Canyon Suspension Bridge

Ferris Provincial Park, located on the edge of Campbelford, has a unique attraction: the Ranney Canyon Suspension Bridge.

The bridge spans the Trent River Gorge and offers some stunning unspoilt views.

With more than ten kilometers of hiking around, you will be able to find a great viewpoint on the falls.

Follow the trails, watch wildflowers in bloom, and no matter what season you visit, you’ll enjoy nature’s best gifts.

4. Rattlesnake Point

canadian rattlesnake horn

Conveniently located near Toronto, Rattlesnake Point is a great place for rock climbing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, here are some great options for enthusiasts.

Spend a few hours testing your strength on the rocks.

When you’re tired, stretch your muscles with a stroll on the park’s off-the-beaten-track hiking trails.

Due to its ideal location for Toronto residents, this place can get a little crowded, but it’s still well worth a visit and a different way to spend the day.

5. Dundas Peak

Dundas Peak Lookout, Ontario, Canada

Dundas Peak is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a hike in Toronto, and that says something: The competition is fierce.

If you’re in the fall, you’ll see the leaves turn golden; there’s a stunning view from the top of the rock, where you’ll see the colorful carpet laid out below you.

You can also spot some postcard-worthy towns from high up.

It was worth every drop of sweat it took to climb up.

6. Erlamosa Karst Caves

Erlamosa Karst Caves

Just an hour’s drive from Toronto is the impressive Erlamosa Karst Caves.

It’s a great place to fill up your day as there are so many nooks and crannies to get lost in.

Even more exciting, there are many streams and waterfalls around the cave, and some great secluded spots to stop for a picnic.

Don’t miss it.

7. Cobourg Beach

Coburg Beach, Canada

In addition to its numerous natural attractions, there is a beach worth visiting near Toronto, just an hour and a half away.

Coburg is quite popular with locals, especially on weekends, but that doesn’t detract from its icy vibe and beautiful water.

Due to the weather, the best months to visit are July and August, but if you’re ready to take a dip, you can certainly visit outside the peak summer months.

Stroll along the boardwalk and soak up the festive spirit, or, if you’re lucky, you might take part in the annual volleyball or sandcastle building competition.

The beach is fully furnished, including picnic tables and changing rooms, so you don’t need to plan too much in advance to take advantage of the place.

8. Caledon

Cheltenham Badlands (Red Clay Hills) - Caledon, Ontario, Canada

A burgeoning tourist attraction tucked away in lovely Caledon, it’s not what you might think: it’s a craft cider brewery.

Like the rest of Ontario’s craft cider scene, Spirit Tree Cider is thriving, and this particular brewery makes a great day trip with a bistro and bakery on site.

Drive in the afternoon and sit down for some delicious samples and a delicious lunch.

After you’ve finished your drink (and maybe picked up some souvenirs for friends back home), you can explore the picturesque village before driving back.

9. Big River

Rio Grande, Ontario

For the more intrepid explorers, Ontario’s Grand River, the largest river in Ontario, offers plenty of adventure.

Located on the west side of the Great Horseshoe area, the main highlight of this place is the tubing: down the stream in rubber rings.

Take a miniature whitewater ride or choose a quieter spot for a more relaxing experience, then simply lay back and relax.

It’s a great way to cool off on a hot summer day, and maybe a good option to keep the kids entertained or tire them out if their energy needs to run out for a trip home.

10. Kelso

Kelso Reserve, Niagara Cliffs, Ontario, Canada

For a different kind of adventure, head to Kelso and Niagara Cliffs to see the mountain biking scene there.

This is a great place for beginner riders as there are not many obstacles and tricky technical aspects along the way.

Riding hard down the slopes of the route’s singletrack is even more exhilarating because you have to do the hard climbs to get there.

After you’ve eaten, head to a nearby beach for a refreshing dip.

11. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park

This beautiful provincial park is definitely a must-see in Toronto, especially for nature lovers.

Get up close and personal with the rich wildlife that roams around the park, from deer, wolves to moose.

Spend the day strolling along the many hiking trails that crisscross the park, or kayaking across one of the lakes.

If you’re lucky enough to be there in August or September, you might be able to take part in a nighttime wolf howling, where visitors can howl at wolves and hear their responses.

Suggested Tour: Algonquin Provincial Park Private Tour

12. Blue Mountains

blue mountain village canada

Blue Mountains is a ski resort located just outside of Collingwood, about two and a half hours from Toronto.

It’s not just for skiing. If it’s not snowing, you may find yourself biking or hiking around the mountain, depending on the time of year.

Ski season is busy and exciting, but summer is also full of great things to do, with plenty of outdoor activities and some great shopping opportunities.

Winter brings skating, snowshoeing and skiing, and year round you can use the hot tub, rope swings and loungers at the nearby aquatics centre.

13. Wonderland Theme Park

Canada's Wonderland Theme Park

For a day trip that’s sure to please the kids, Wonderland theme park is a very convenient option, just an hour’s drive north of the city.

Ride the ragged roller coaster, fill your stomach with sugary treats, and make sure you get to at least one show on the big day.

Cool off at Splash Works and, of course, don’t miss a dip in Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool.

It’s no surprise that people from all over Ontario come to visit this glorious innocence theme park.

14. St. Jacob’s Church

St. Jacobs, Ontario

For an old world tour from Toronto, the quaint St. Jacobs Village is a great option.

Although it’s set amidst stunning scenery, the real draw of this place is the market, which offers everything from handicrafts to home-cooked food.

Christmas is a great time to visit St. Jacob’s Church, but be careful, you may have trouble finding recipients for all the gifts you’re dying to buy.

Before you head back to the big city, stop for lunch or dinner at the well-stocked food court, or simply cobble together something from the farmers market.

15. Gravenhurst and Muskoka Lakes

Gravenhurst, Muskoka Lakes

The picturesque town of Gravenhurst is nestled in luxury circles, home to some of the rich and famous.

For day-trippers, though, there’s plenty of entertainment, from strolling along the lakefront promenade and browsing select shops to dining on the waterfront and taking in the views.

If boating is your thing, take a tour of the lake on one of the local boats and marvel at the rugged scenery along the water’s edge.

Or, if you want to do something more active, there are plenty of trails looping the countryside for you to hike and explore.

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