15 Best Flea Markets in Massachusetts

Colonial and cosmopolitan Massachusetts is where America’s old and new worlds converge. From the bright lights of Boston to the scenic vistas of Cape Cod, the trendy seaside resorts of Martha’s Vineyard to the historic Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts is one of America’s most popular vacation states.

But visitors will find more than just historic landmarks and scenery—Massachusetts is also a great place for shopping enthusiasts. From Boston’s supermarkets to artisan products at Martha’s Vineyard to farmers markets and street fleas, the Bay State is the perfect destination for those who love to hunt for bargains, pick up local crafts and rummage for hidden treasures.

Here are the 15 best flea markets in Massachusetts:

1. Grafton Flea Market

Grafton Flea Market

One of the oldest and most popular flea markets in Massachusetts, the Grafton Flea Market has been in business since 1970. Grafton Flea Market has a large selection of indoor and outdoor vendors and is ideal for shopping around the clock.

Open every Sunday at 5am, visitors will find acres of stalls selling everything imaginable – from household items and CDs to gardening supplies, clothing, antiques and more. The Grafton Flea Market also features a popular on-site restaurant serving burgers, hot dogs, ice cream and more.

Fleas roam for free, parking is plentiful, and Boston is only a 45-minute drive away.


2. Rainham Flea Market

Rainham Flea Market

With more than 57,000 square feet of sales space and more than 500 vendors, Raynham Flea Market is one of the most popular flea markets in Massachusetts. Just 50 minutes from downtown Boston, the Raynham Flea Market is open every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

In addition to indoor stalls selling everything from records to home appliances, clothing, furniture, and beauty products, the market has more than 10 acres of outside vendor space, with hundreds of dealers selling their wares each week.

Hungry shoppers can also stop by the restaurants within the market or pick up a snack from one of the many eateries and food vendors.


3. Yankee Flea Market

Yankee Flea Market

Palmer’s Yankee Flea Market is open every day except Mondays, making it a great spot for those looking for a bargain during the week.

This popular flea market is one of Pioneer Valley’s premier indoor flea markets, featuring more than 160 vendors in 12,000 square feet of sales space.

Antique lovers will find everything from furniture to art, decorations and pottery, while antique lovers will enjoy browsing a wide range of clothing, household items and records. If you’re looking for unusual items for your home, or to put the finishing touches on a recent decorating project, the Yankee Flea Market is the place to look for incredible low-cost home decor.

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4. Brimfield Antique Flea Market

Brimfield Antique Flea Market

The world-famous Brimfield Antique Flea Market is held three times a year in May, July and September, attracting some 50,000 antique lovers and bargain hunters from across the country.

Brimfield Antique Flea Markets has been in business for over 50 years with 21 independent shows and thousands of dealers of antiques and collectibles. Whether you’re a serious collector looking for a specific piece, or just want to browse among the many stalls, this marketplace offers one of the most diverse and respected groups of vendors in the world.

As the first market of the year, the May market tends to be the busiest and offers the freshest offers, but bargain hunters may consider the September show for later trades and the freshest offers. Great price.


5. Somerville Flea

Somerville Flea

One of the best small fleas in Massachusetts, the Somerville Flea takes place every Sunday at 10am at Davis Square in Somerville.

The open-air market features local crafts and antiques, along with food vendors, fresh produce, and even live performances by local musicians and bands.

Visitors will find a huge selection of vintage clothing – including leather goods, accessories and shoes, as well as vintage furniture, upcycled items and handcrafted gifts.


6. Todd Farm Flea Market

Todd Farm Flea Market

New England’s award-winning rural market, Todd Farm Flea, has more than 200 vendors every Sunday, and about 5,000 visitors arrive every weekend from across the state and into New York.

Fun Flea is family-run and run, with vendors selling antiques and collectibles, as well as many handmade crafts and art. Browse stalls selling jewelry, accessories, woodwork, furniture, and more at great prices, and if bargaining makes you hungry, farm families sell delicious homemade food and drinks.


7. SoWa Antique Market

Sova Antique Market

Boston’s favorite weekly vintage flea, the SoWa Vintage Market on Harrison Avenue, is one of the best places in the city to shop for unique bargains or unusual gifts.

Whether it’s one-off items in your home, vintage clothing or jewelry, or rare antiques, you’ll find a selection of hand-picked vendors at this popular trendy flea market. There are new and returning vendors every week, so even if you’ve been there before, you never know what new hidden gems are waiting to be discovered.

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The SoWa Vintage Market is open every Sunday at 10am and is free to browse, with ample parking nearby for a small fee.


8. Route 9 Flea Market

Route 9 Flea Market

The perfect rainy day event, the Route-9 Flea Market in Shrewsbury is New England’s largest indoor flea market.

With more than 500 indoor stalls, shoppers can find bargains year-round, with stalls selling everything from clothes and electronics to auto accessories, fresh produce, homemade crafts, antiques and more.

With free admission and parking, and hourly, monthly and yearly sweepstakes, visitors are sure to love this affordable day out. In addition to great value shopping deals, the market features a range of food and beverage vendors, including burgers, ice cream and hot dogs.


9. Kev’s Barn Yard Flea Market

Kev's Barn Yard Flea Market

Located in a historic, traditional-style New England barn, Kev’s Barnyard is one of the best country flea markets in Massachusetts.

Open Wednesday through Sunday at 10am, this popular flea has two floors of vendors selling everything from antiques to one-offs. In addition to second-hand and second-hand items, visitors will find ever-changing vendors selling antiques, china, records, and more.

Expect low prices, unusual purchases and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.


10. Sandwich Market Flea Market

sandwich market flea market

Cape Cod’s premier flea market, The Sandwich Bazaar, is a must-see for anyone visiting Cape Town in the summer.

Outdoor vendors sell a wide variety of goods – from antique jewelry to pottery, glassware, art, furniture, garden decorations and more – and bargain hunters will love to scour their stalls for hidden treasures.

Held every Wednesday at 6am from April to October and Sunday from 7am to 1pm from June to September, this warm weather flea is a fun and affordable way to spend the day in Cape Town .


11. Cambridge Antiques Market

Cambridge Antiques Market

If you’re serious about your antique hunting, the multi-story Cambridge Antique Market is one of the best places to visit in Massachusetts.

Open every day of the week except Mondays, this huge space offers five floors of merchandise for antique lovers, with more than 150 vendors.

Whether you’re looking for an antique piece of furniture, vintage lighting, one-of-a-kind ornaments for your home, or a rare item to complete your collection, Cambridge Antiques Market has something for every flea market shopper.

Vintage fashion lovers will also enjoy browsing the many stalls selling vintage clothing and vintage accessories featuring many designer names and bargains.


12. Seekonk Speedway Flea Market

Seekonk Speedway Flea Market

Located in the historic setting of the Seekonk Speedway, this massive flea market is a great family getaway, and for those who like to haggle, there is no more friendly flea market in Massachusetts.

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From 7am every Sunday, the Seekonk Speedway flea market has free admission and ample free parking – making it an inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend your Sunday. This flea has something for every age and taste, including clothing, jewelry, household items, antiques, appliances, auto accessories, gardening and fishing equipment, books, children’s toys, and more.


13. Stroll the Market

Stroll the market

Waltham’s Ramble Flea Market lives up to its motto – “Wonders Old and New” – with over 10,000 square feet of unique homewares, antiques and exotic items.

Open 7 days a week from 10am, Ramble Market is a popular spot for those looking for unusual household and disposable items. Whether you’re picking out a Persian rug, choosing a one-of-a-kind upcycled piece of furniture, or just looking to browse among smaller trinkets and treasures, Strolling the Market is full of great deals just waiting to be discovered.

If you’re looking for something more modern, Stroll Market is also home to artists and craftspeople who use recycled materials to create unique artworks, such as animal sculptures from the metal zoo.


14. Faneuil Hall Market

Boston’s waterfront, Faneuil Hall, has been a marketplace of one kind or another since the 1740s. Now home to the city’s most vibrant street market and a unique collection of retailers, Faneuil Hall is a must-see for visitors to the city.

With over 200,000 square feet of shopping space, this mixed-use marketplace features permanent stores, local vendors, artists and artisans, as well as an array of restaurants, bars and live entertainment.

Browse the many vendors, then dine at Quincy Market Colonnade – New England’s largest food hall, offering more than 35 international food options.


15. Douglas Flea Market

Douglas Flea Market

Expect unexpected surprises at the Douglas Flea Market, open every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. This popular country flea takes place in the historic Dutch Hoop Bosma barn with over 40 vendors selling a wide range of antiques, collectibles and rare household items.

In addition to cheap antiques, the Douglas Flea Market also has a trailer full of 50 feet of clearance furniture and shed “must go” items priced under $5.

If you’re looking for incredible flea deals, the Douglas Flea Market is one of the cheapest in the state.


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