15 Best Flea Markets in New Jersey

America’s Garden State used to be seen as a less-cool neighbor to New York — Jersey Shore references were rife, and the elite of the Big Apple wouldn’t be seen dead — but not anymore.

New Jersey is a destination in its own right, and in addition to its incredible scenery, stunning beaches and thriving nightlife, the state has become a shopping mecca. From quirky stores and unusual boutiques to antique fairs, vintage fairs and farmers markets, New Jersey is full of unique shopping for shoppers who love to hang out and grab a bargain. Here are our top picks for the best flea markets in New Jersey:

1. Berlin Farmers Market

Berlin farmers market

Family owned and operated since the 1940s, the year-round Berlin Farmers Market is one of the best flea markets in New Jersey.

Beginning with livestock auctions, the weekend indoor market now offers over 150,000 square feet. shopping space with about 700 vendors and more than 85 stores. Berlin Market is one of the best foodie-friendly markets in the state – there are plenty of vendors serving baked goods, fresh produce, dairy and meat. There are also plenty of restaurants and takeaways to choose from, from Caribbean cuisine to traditional Italian pizza, and hundreds of stalls selling everything from wallpaper to auto accessories, clothing, furniture, antiques and more.


2. Collingwood Auction and Flea Market

Collingwood Auction and Flea Market

Collingwood Flea Market has been in operation in Central New Jersey for over 50 years, with more than 60,000 square feet of sales space — including 500 outdoor vendors and more than 100 indoor booths — it’s one of the best flea markets in New Jersey Bargain hunter.

Open year-round, the Collingwood Flea Market has a plethora of items to browse. Whether you’re looking to buy some new homeware, vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture or antiques, there are hundreds of stalls for you to peruse.

The market also has many snack bars and stalls selling takeaway and baked goods.


3. New Egypt Flea Market

New Egypt Flea Market

One of the best flea markets in New Jersey can be found at Cream Ridge, where the New Egypt Flea Market is held every Wednesday and Sunday starting at 7am.

The unique flea market features more than 40 historic stores as well as outdoor vendor spaces. Visitors can find just about anything in the shops and vendors, from works by local artists to rare antiques, home and garden equipment, furniture and home decor, collectible comics, records, and more.

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Founded in 1959, the New Egypt Flea Market also offers free parking and a place to grab a bite if the haggling makes you hungry.


4. Columbus Farmers Market Complex

Columbus Farmers Market Complex

The largest and oldest flea market in the Delaware Valley—the Columbus Farmers Market—has more than 60 indoor retail stores and plenty of outdoor vendors. Open every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday year-round, the flea market is a bargain hunter’s dream, with everything from household items to plants, food vendors, clothing and fresh produce, seafood and baked goods.

In addition to the outdoor flea market stalls, serious collectors will love the Columbus Antique Mall – it’s packed with rare antiques and collectibles.


5. Route 70 Auction and Flea Market

Route 70 Auction and Flea Market

The Route 70 Flea Market in Ocean County is one of the best sunny days in New Jersey – with more than 600 outdoor vendors selling items of all shapes, sizes and varieties.

The family-run flea market has been in business for 35 years and is located in scenic Lakewood.

The stalls offer a good mix of professional vendors – selling everything from handmade gifts, local art, antiques, appliances and clothing – as well as local residents who rent the stalls to sell knickknacks.

The market also features more than 30 in-house stores, as well as a variety of food stalls for hungry shoppers.


6. Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

If you’re looking for a New Jersey flea with a difference, head to the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market inside Trenton’s historic Roebling Wire Factory building.

A completely different experience from the state’s country fleas, this market is based on founder Joseph Kuzemka’s love of punk rock, art, tattoos and coffee, and visitors can find everything from vintage clothing to taxidermy among the many unusual stalls everything.

In addition to unique stalls, the market features more than a dozen food trucks, as well as live entertainment and celebrity appearances.

The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market is held 3 times a year and advertises different events on its website.


7. New Meadowlands Market

New Meadowlands Market

Open every Saturday at 8 a.m., New Meadowlands Market is considered the best outdoor flea market in New Jersey.

Located in Bergen County, this year-round market has hundreds of new vendors every weekend, offering plenty of merchandise and merchandise. In addition to cheap shopping, the New Meadowlands Market has a variety of food stalls, takeaways and entertainment, and thanks to free parking and free admission, it’s a great family day out for those on a budget.

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Shoppers can find everything from gadgets to fresh fruit and vegetables, pet supplies, home decorations, appliances and more.

Meadowlands Market

8. Englishtown Auction

British Town Auction

Family owned and operated for over 80 years, Englishtown Auction in Manalapan Township is one of the oldest and largest flea markets in New Jersey.

Now the 3rd generation of the Sobechko family, this bargain hunter’s paradise is the perfect place to shop, eat and spend the weekend.

With free parking and admission, visitors can browse antiques, clothing, housewares, gifts, home and garden supplies, and more, and enjoy a variety of fresh food, bakes, and local produce. There are more than 40 acres of outdoor shopping, but with five indoor buildings, visitors can find bargains year-round at 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.


9. Manahawking Flea Market

Manahawkin Flea Market

Manahawkin Flea Market and Mart has been in operation since the late 70’s and features more than 80 vendors with over 4 acres of indoor and outdoor stalls to browse.

In addition to a permanent indoor store open daily, the New Jersey Flea Market hosts a “Trunk or Treat” event and a farmers market. These events see more vendors selling their wares – from fresh produce and collectibles to homemade gifts and local art – as well as clothing contests, hay carts and specialty food vendors.


10. Cowtown Farmers Market

Cowtown Farmers Market

The twice-weekly Cowtown Farmers Market in southern New Jersey is open year-round and is one of the oldest flea markets in the state. First opened in 1926, the market has more than 400 suppliers with sales spaces both inside and out.

Arrive every Tuesday and Saturday when the market opens at 8 a.m. to find the best deals and local produce – including antiques, collectibles, fresh fruit and vegetables, bric-a-brac, homemade gifts and baked goods – or bring the whole family Spend leisurely browsing the stalls.


11. Pacific Flea

Pacific Flea

Vintage lovers will find plenty to entertain at Pacific Flea in Jersey City, with a plethora of unique booths popping up every second Saturday from April to October.

Beginning at 11am, shoppers can browse a wide variety of items ranging from crafts and homemade gifts to vintage clothing, accessories, antiques, furniture, art and more.

In addition to a wide variety of booths, Pacific Flea hosts carefully curated art shows, food trucks, entertainment, and street art, making it one of the funniest fleas in New Jersey.

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12. U sell flea market

U sell flea market

The Vineland Flea Market changes its inventory of vendors and merchandise every week, and every weekend draws hundreds of visitors browsing among the stalls for antiques, collectibles, homewares and vintage clothing.

The New Jersey Market also sells children’s toys, furniture and fresh produce — including fruit, vegetables, baked goods and takeaways from various suppliers.

Bargainers will love rummaging through antique stalls, but serious collectors will also find plenty of rare items and one-off antiques.


13. Gold Nugget Antique and Flea Market

Gold Nugget Antique and Flea Market

One of the best home decor and furniture flea markets in New Jersey, the Golden Nugget Antiques Flea Market in Lambertville is packed with vendors selling used, upcycled and vintage items.

In addition to unique items for your home and garden, this flea market has a huge collection of collectibles – from stamps, coins and comics to sports memorabilia, toys and more.

Operating for over 50 years, Golden Nugget’s eclectic style attracts hundreds of shoppers every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. With both indoor shops and outdoor booths, it’s the perfect place to browse and shop around the clock.


14. Great Market Flea Market

big market flea market

One of New Jersey’s most popular small flea markets, The Grand Marketplace in Wheelingboro features 150 stores and booths, all under one roof. The year-round market is open every Thursday and Saturday at 10am and is visited by hundreds of shoppers and dealers each week.

There is a huge selection of new and used items as well as vintage, collectible and vintage items on the market. There’s also an array of Amish stalls, as well as a farmers market serving delicious local baked goods, fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy.


15. Hawker Warehouse Flea Market

Hawker Warehouse Flea Market

The best flea market in southern New Jersey, Peddlers Warehouse Flea Market is open year-round and features a large selection of indoor and outdoor market vendors.

Open every Saturday and Sunday at 9am, shoppers at the Peddlers Warehouse Flea Market can find a variety of items including crystal and glassware, toys and comics, vintage clothing, cleaning products and toiletries, home decor, furniture , antiques, new fashion, collectibles and more.

The market also hosts regular special events – including seasonal markets for Halloween and Christmas – as well as themed markets for book, antique and coin collectors.


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