15 Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

Visitors to Pennsylvania already know about its scenic rolling farmland, rich colonial history and vibrant major cities—Philadelphia and artsy Pittsburgh—but the state is more secretive for its unique shops, stores and market.

With a plethora of brands and boutiques in the cosmopolitan heartland, designer-brand hunters will find plenty to keep their wallets loose, but those looking for bargains, vintage or rare items can head straight to Pennsylvania’s extensive range of fleas market.

From city street markets, vintage fleas and country events, there is plenty of great shopping. Here are our picks for the best flea markets in Pennsylvania:

1. Saturday Farmers & Flea Market

Farmers & Flea Market Saturday

Saturday’s Farmers & Flea Market in Middletown, PA is one of Pennsylvania’s oldest flea markets, dating back to the late 1950s.

This family-friendly flea, which runs every Saturday and Sunday of the month, has a rich history with one of the market’s founding members serving as the first vice president of the National Flea Market Association.

What used to be a small flea with just a few vendors has grown and now the market is filled with a plethora of stalls and merchants selling their wares every weekend. There is also a wide variety of fresh local food and produce, with more than 30 international food stalls.

Website: http://www.saturdaysmarket.com/

2. Quaker City Flea Market

Quaker City Flea Market

Located just outside of downtown Philadelphia, the Quaker City Flea Market is one of the most iconic flea markets in the state.

The Quaker City Flea Market has been operating from the same location since the early 1970s and has a plethora of vendors selling everything from comics to clothing, DVDs, homewares and games, as well as rare collectibles and genuine antiques. In the casual browser, you’ll find serious collectors looking for their next found and hidden treasure.

Flea is also a foodie’s paradise, with food stalls serving delicacies from around the world including breakfast, pizza, hot dogs and coffee.

Website: http://www.quakercityfleamarket.com/

3. Blue Ridge Flea Market

Blue Ridge Flea Market

Located in the scenic setting of the Pocono Mountains in Sellersburg, the Blue Ridge Flea Market has been attracting bargain hunters and families looking for an unusual day since it first opened in 1976.

The Village Market has over 300 vendors with a wide variety of stalls – selling everything from old and new to fresh produce and antiques. Collectibles, knickknacks and jewelry booths are also plentiful to keep serious treasure hunters busy.

In addition to vendors selling local produce, visitors can also enjoy delicious food at KC’s Grill – a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch for the whole family.

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Website: http://blueridgefleamarket.com/

4. Jack’s Flea Market

Jack's Flea Market

One of Pennsylvania’s best small flea markets, the Jack Flea Market in Bartow, Berks County, is a market with a story to tell.

Founded by Jacob “Jake” Treichler in the 1980s, when there were only a handful of vendors selling on Route 100, the market grew and soon “Jake’s” became the go-to for weekend bargains, meet up with friends, or simply rake around for hidden gems. cheap stuff.

Jacob was tragically killed in 2003, but the market – now in its 36th year – lives on in his name and is still run by his family. Head to local produce, handicrafts, antiques and homewares on a Saturday or Sunday.

Website: https://www.jakesfleamarket.com/

5. Rossi’s Pop-Up Market

Rossi's Pop-Up Market

This outdoor market in North Versailles is lively during the good weather months and tends to dry up on rainy days and is a local favorite.

With around 75 – 100 vendors on a sunny day, visitors will find plenty to browse throughout the day. Expect to see clothing, books, household items, games, collectibles, flowers and food stalls, although businesses change frequently.

Open every Saturday and Sunday, Rossi’s is free to enter, with an average of 2,000-3,000 visitors every weekend looking for bargains, this is one of the best flea markets in Pennsylvania.

Website: http://rossispopup.com/

6. Leighty’s Flea Market

Letty's Flea Market

If you’re looking for a place to buy the best fresh produce, as well as browse antiques or household items, Leighty’s Flea Market in Newry is the place to go.

With their weekly farmers market, outdoor flea market from April to October, and indoor flea market from November to March, Leighty’s is a great family getaway any time of year.

Admission and parking are free, which means you can get a bargain from a wide range of vendors for that extra buck.

Website: http://www.leightys.com/

7. Rice’s Sale & Country Market

Rice Sales and Village Markets

Located on over 30 acres in New Hope, Rice’s Market has been a popular spot for flea stalls for over 100 years.

Open Tuesdays and Saturdays from March to December, Flea has all the usual vendors you’d expect—selling food, clothing, antiques, garden tools, plants, and more—as well as some unique products, including collectibles, Amish meat and baked goods merchandise.

Once you’ve exhausted your hunt for hidden treasures among the hawkers, head to Peddler’s Village for delicious food or relax on the fast train at New Hope and Ivyland Railroad.

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Website: http://www.ricesmarket.com/

8. Fila Flea Market LLC

Fila Flea Market LLC

Phila Flea Markets is the organizer of Philadelphia’s largest indoor and outdoor flea market, operating several different markets and locations throughout the year.

Their outdoor market runs downtown twice a year in spring and fall, while their indoor market runs on the first and third Saturdays of every month between November and March. All of their market events are popular, but their retro-focused flea has become a must-see in the city.

There is no entrance fee to any of the markets, and visitors can also enjoy a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Website: http://philafleamarkets.org/

9. Pocono Bazaar Flea Market

Pocono Market Flea Market

The Pocono Bazaar Flea Market in East Stroudsburg is one of Pennsylvania’s largest flea markets at 100,000 square feet. indoor and outdoor shopping.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays, the original market has been relocated to the site of Marshall’s Creek Flea Market and now has 100 vendors selling a variety of unique goods, food and handcrafted items.

Perfume, appliances, pet supplies and records are just a few of the items you can expect to find, with some hidden bargains waiting at the knickknack booth. Fill your stomach before you leave the huge food court of the market.

Website: http://www.poconobazaar.com/

10. Adamstown Renningers Antique Market

Renningers Antique Market Adamstown

For serious antique hunters and collectors, Pennsylvania’s best flea market, Renningers Antique Market Adamstown needs to start early in the morning for the best bargains and hidden finds.

Open every Sunday at 7.30am, the Antiques Flea Market is nationally known for its knowledgeable dealers who are always happy to help buyers find unusual or unique items.

With over 370 indoor vendors and over 300 outdoor vendors, weather permitting, you’ll find it easy to lose an entire morning in this giant flea. Renningers Antiques Market also hosts regular events for those searching for specific items, such as record exchanges.

Website: http://renningers.net/

11. Morningstar Market

Morning Star Market

A fun family day out, the Morningstar Market in Thomasville is open every weekend year-round from 8m.

Local fruits, vegetables and baked goods are the market’s speciality, but you can also find plenty of other vendors here. The antiques market is especially popular with treasure hunters, and during the summer months, outdoor stalls selling plants, gardening tools and furniture attract those with green thumbs.

If you’re hungry, the in-house grocer offers a variety of breakfasts, premium coffee and Amish cuisine.

Website: https://morningstarmarketplace.net/

12. Silvermoon Flea Market (Route 15 Flea Market)

Route 15 Flea Market

Another Pennsylvania’s oldest flea market, “Route 15” or Silver Moon Flea has been providing locals and visitors with family fun and bargains since the early 1950s.

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Housed in a former drive-in theater, the market is especially popular during the summer months, when visitors can watch movies on the big screen and enjoy delicious food by the market stalls.

Regular events such as carnivals, circuses and even a bingo hall mean visitors of all ages will be entertained, and for those looking for genuine antiques or collectibles, the Antique Hall near the flea market is within walking distance.

Website: https://route15fleamarket.com/

13. Roots Old Mill Flea Market

Root's Old Mill Flea Market

Perfect for those looking for a midweek bargain, Root’s Old Mill Flea Market is a Tuesday-only market and has one of the best vintage collections of all Pennsylvania fleas.

With over 175 vendors, Root’s is no small size, and indoor and outdoor booths mean you can browse happily rain or shine.

Real estate jewelry, paintings, lighting, furniture and homewares are just some of the items you might come across, but for those of you who are happy to hunt around, there is always a unique item for you to find.

Get to market opening early at 6am to beat dealers and collectors for the best finds.

Website: http://www.rootsoldmill.com/

14. Shoop’s Grove

Shoop's Grove

Known as “Pickers Market” in Pennsylvania, Shupp’s Grove is one of the best antique markets for finding serious deals and rare collectibles.

Operating since the early 1960s, Shupp’s is a proud supporter of local and small businesses, allowing only quality merchandise to be sold at weekend-only flea markets.

In addition to antiques, books, records, furniture, and more, visitors can head to Friar Tuck’s Deli in the heart of the grove for a homemade breakfast or lunch. The market also hosts special themed weeks leading up to the holidays where you can shop for seasonal gifts and items.

Website: http://www.shuppsgrove.com/

15. Diehard Dutch Flea Market

stubborn dutch flea market

Probably Pennsylvania’s best-known market, Lebanon’s Diehard Dutch Flea Market has become a popular place to buy antiques or hard-to-find items thanks to its unusual booths and vendors.

Open Thursday-Sunday and 7pm on Fridays, this all-day market is set on 10 acres in the scenic Lebanese countryside, with up to 500 vendors set up each week.

Diehard Dutch also offers a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers, as well as a special seasonal market leading up to Christmas.

Website: http://www.stubborndutchman.com

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