15 Best Lakes in Maryland

As one of the smallest states in the United States, Maryland has a wide range of terrain, from sand dunes to rolling mountains. In fact, it’s been nicknamed “Micro America” ​​because of its eclectic landscape.

Maryland is an outdoor lover’s dream, with Patapsco Valley State Park and Assateague Island National Seashore. Plus, the famous Appalachian Trail runs through it. There are mountains, waterways, wetlands and beaches. The state also has many fantastic lakes.

Let’s take a look at the best lakes in Maryland:

1. Deep Creek Lake, Garrett County

Maryland’s largest inland water body is also one of the state’s main attractions. Not only is this 1,578-hectare lake a great place for leisure activities, it is also spectacular due to its surrounding forested mountains.

Deep Creek Lake is the perfect playground for water sports enthusiasts, offering activities such as wakeboarding, wakeboarding, wakeboarding, jet skiing and paddle boarding. It also has 111 kilometers of coastline.

The lake is also an excellent fishing spot, and many freshwater fish call the lake home. Fish commonly caught in the lake include largemouth bass, rock bass, northern pike, brown trout and walleye.

2. Lake Habib, Allegheny County

Part of Rocky Gap State Park, Lake Habib is a 98-hectare reservoir nestled on Mount Evits. The lake is named after Edward Habeeb, a florist who helped develop the area.

There are more than 15 kilometers of coastline surrounding the lake, with three beautiful beaches. Swimming, camping and hiking are just a few of the things that can be enjoyed here.

Habeeb Lake also has some great fishing, available 24 hours a day! Largemouth bass, bluegill, rainbow trout and catfish are just a few of the species that live in the water.

3. Needwood Lake, Montgomery County

The 30-hectare Needwood Lake is designed to help with flood control. It is also a fabulous recreational lake offering boating, boating and canoeing.

Fishing is allowed, but you need a fishing license. Those who prefer to enjoy the water from land can hike along the coastline.

The trails around Needwood Lake offer picturesque views of the lake and surrounding mountains. There are also picnic areas, playgrounds and snack bars by the lake.

4. Crow Lake Reservoir, Baltimore County

Crow Lake Reservoir provides drinking water to the City of Baltimore. It is also used for recreational activities, especially by city dwellers on hot summer days.

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Those looking to fish for bass, bluegill, crappie, white bass or walleye can rent a boat, but there are plenty of other species too. Swimming is not allowed as the water is for drinking.

Those who would rather enjoy the lake from inland can appreciate it while hiking along the surrounding trails. It’s also a great place for an afternoon picnic.

5. Centennial Lake, Ellicott City

Surrounded by Centennial Park, this man-made lake is a great place to spend the day. Centennial Lake offers recreational activities like the surrounding parks.

There are walking trails around the lake, giving visitors a chance to see wildlife. There’s even a wildlife area.

The lake itself is a great place to fish for bass and trout, as well as other fish. Boating is allowed on Centennial Lake, but swimming, windsurfing, tube surfing and stand-up paddle boarding are not allowed.

6. Jennings Randolph Lake, Garrett County

Jennings Randolph Lake is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor recreation. The 386-hectare reservoir is surrounded by campgrounds, picnic areas, hills and green spaces, totaling over 1,820 hectares.

Camping, hiking, hunting, and eagle watching are some of the inland activities offered within the lake, while the lake itself is a great place for swimming, kayaking, water skiing, and fishing.

Jennings Lake Randolph is also home to Shaw Beach, a popular summer destination. There are some accommodation options on the beach, as well as a children’s playground.

7. Lake Clopper, Montgomery County

Located in Seneca Creek State Park, Clopper Lake is a 36-hectare lake surrounded by beautiful trees and aquatic vegetation. The average depth of the lake is 5.5 meters, although there are several shallow enclaves.

Fishing is one of the lake’s biggest attractions, as there is an abundance of largemouth bass, tabby bass, catfish and black crappie. There are also black bass, but there are restrictions on fishing for this species.

Clooper Lake is also a great place for kayaking and boating. The surrounding park has 80 km of trails ideal for hiking, horse riding, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.

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8. Artemisia Lake, Prince George’s County

The artificial lake wormwood is named after Artemesia N. Drefs, who donated land to protect the open space. The lake is part of the Artemisia Lake Natural Area in northeastern Washington, DC.

The 15-hectare lake is surrounded by natural areas, but the lake itself also has a fishing pier. There is also a beautiful water garden.

There are more than 3 kilometers of trails around Artemisia Lake, perfect for hiking and biking. This trail is a favorite among birdwatchers who want to catch a glimpse of oriole, finches, ibises, and other birds.

9. Elkhorn Lake, Columbia

Elkhorn Lake, Colombia’s third largest lake, is a 15-hectare reservoir surrounded by parks and houses. There is a small dam in the lake and a 9 hectare park with a picnic pavilion.

A three-kilometer trail loops around Lake Elkhorn and is a popular spot for locals for walking and jogging. There is also a playground by the lake, where children from the neighborhood often play.

The deepest point of the lake is 4.5 meters, but the average depth is just over 2 meters. Trout are stocked here every year, and the boat dock makes fishing in the lake easier.

10. Lake Kitamaquundi, Colombia

Kitamaquundi Lake is located in downtown Columbia, adjacent to the Rolls corporate headquarters. The company created man-made lakes in the process of urban development.

Today, Kitamakundi Lake and its surroundings are a popular venue for festivals. Still, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon any day of the year.

The lake has a boathouse with a dock and a launching ramp, and boats frequently travel between the city and Norman Nizan Island. The island is in the lake.

11. Lake Whitley, Charles County

This 24-hectare lake is the main feature of Gilbert Run Park. This freshwater lake is perfect for pedal boating, boating, canoeing and kayaking.

Lake Whitley also has a fishing pier where park visitors can fish for bass, trout, bluegill and catfish. Fishing supplies can be purchased at the park’s concession stand.

If all you want is a lake view, you can relax at the pier-side gazebo or at a picnic table. You can also enjoy hiking along the four-kilometer trail.

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12. Bernard Frank Lake, Durwood

Named after wilderness activist Bernard Frank, the 22-hectare lake was originally built for flood control and recreational purposes.

Bernard Frank Lake is surrounded by Frank Lake and the Meadowside Trail, making it a popular place for hiking and biking. It is also a popular fishing lake, allowing fishing from the lake’s shoreline.

Swimming and boating are permitted in the warmer months, while in winter the lake is a hotspot for skating. The lake is in a secluded area, although its parking lot has lots of space.

13. Triadelphia Reservoir, Howard and Montgomery counties

Triadelphia Reservoir was built in 1943 when Brighton Dam was being built. It is named after the former town of Triadelphia that was swept away by the flood.

The 3.2-square-kilometer reservoir provides recreation for the community and visitors. Here you can picnic, hike, ride horses, fish, boat and hunt.

A permit is required to bring boats on the lake, but self-propelled boats are always allowed. There are picnic tables around the lake, a great place to relax.

14. Liberty Reservoir, Baltimore and Carroll Counties

Cycling, hiking, fishing and bird watching can all be enjoyed at Liberty Reservoir. This 1,225 hectare reservoir is also a great place to relax.

The lookout area offers great views of the reservoir and its surrounding area. Especially beautiful when the leaves change color in the fall.

No swimming in the water and no camping around. Owned by the city, the lake is home to a shooting range dedicated to the Maryland State Police.

15. Blairs Valley Lake, Washington County

Blairs Valley Lake is a 13-hectare lake that was created during the construction of the Blairs Valley Dam. Today, the lake is a prime location for fishing.

Anglers can catch large quantities of largemouth bass, bluegill and tabby bass. Fishing here can also catch red-eared sunfish, black bass, brown bullhead, yellow perch and carp.

Gasoline engines are not allowed on the lake, but all other boats are. There are boat ramps available for boat owners, but rental boats are not available.

Crow Lake Reservoir

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