15 Best Liverpool Tours

With nearly half a million inhabitants, Liverpool is one of the top ten cities in the UK.

It is located in the north-west of the country, just a stone’s throw inland from the Irish Sea, on the River Mersey.

Liverpool’s history dates back to the early 13th century, when it started out as a small borough.

Since the Industrial Revolution, it has become one of the busiest ports and most productive industrial areas in the region. Now, it’s known around the world for its die-hard football fans and its wealth of historical and Beatles-related attractions.

Here are the 15 best trips to Liverpool.

1. 3-Hour Beatles Private Tour by Taxi

Penny Lane, Liverpool

Music lovers heading to Liverpool tend to follow in the footsteps of the Big Four for much of their holiday. Previous guests on this private 3-hour taxi tour described it as akin to a giant leap into the past.

After being picked up from their accommodation by their driver-guide, guests will begin exploring some of the places that were once household names for John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Highlights of the tour include Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and other famous spots that played a major role in the band’s meteoric rise to fame.

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2. Liverpool’s Dark Side 1 ½ Hour Ghost History Tour

Liverpool Ghost Tour

For those who have already feasted on the city’s traditional attractions, this Dark Side Ghost History Tour will be a great way to spend a few hours exploring the city’s spooky side.

Along with their guides, guests will head to parts of the city that most tour groups tend to avoid, and that’s where its charm lies.

The tour includes fascinating tidbits of The Beatles, some hidden gems of WWII history, and some of the city’s most impressive Gothic cathedrals and their sprawling cemeteries – many of which are packed with several People who died of plague centuries ago.

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3. Liverpool River Cruise, Bus Tour and Cathedral Tower

Liverpool River Cruise

Liverpool’s waterfront is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and seeing it from the deck of a river ferry is an experience worth taking advantage of while in town.

The interpretive cruise portion of the tour lasts only about an hour, after which participants will explore the city by bus and get up close and personal with many famous sights, including the iconic Cathedral Tower.

The tour fee includes admission to the Cathedral Tower and entrance to the U-boat docked at the Woodside Ferry Terminal.

After all this is said, each guest can claim that he or she has indeed been “carried across the Mersey”.

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4. Silent Disco Adventure

Liverpool Silent Disco Adventure

If you’ve ever asked yourself what a silent disco tour is, then you’re in luck’ this one-hour Liverpool adventure is the answer to that question.

While trips of this nature may not be suitable for introverts and those who don’t like showing off, they tend to be one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences many vacationers travel.

Led by a guided tour, guests will put on headphones and begin touring Liverpool’s sights while singing, dancing, and generally moving on like a madman.

Bring an open mind and comfortable shoes.

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5. Official Peaky Blinders Half-Day Tour

Peaky Blinders Tour

Anyone who has watched Peaky Blinders for a season or two knows that Liverpool is known for being a tough and ruthless town.

The good news is that fans of the show can visit nearly a dozen filming locations in and around the city without suffering gang wars, shootings or retaliatory beatings.

This four-hour bus tour includes the services of a friendly and knowledgeable local guide who focuses on providing a unique and immersive experience while also touching on the history and culture associated with the show.

Tours include round-trip transportation to and from meeting points in the city center.

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6. Liverpool FC Discovery Bus Tour

Liverpool Football Club

This LFC tour has been carefully crafted to include many of the city’s top football attractions in one valuable package, making it well-received by locals and international tourists alike.

Liverpool is the only city in the UK to have a championship-caliber team uninterruptedly since the league was founded almost 150 years ago.

Tours include the team’s stadium, interactive on-site museum, LFC’s official merchandise store and the popular Boot Room Sports Café.

Tickets are valid for one day, but the schedule changes on matchday, so click the link below for more details.

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7. 50-minute Mersey River Cruise

Liverpool Mersey

Relatively short tours are a good option for visitors who want to experience all that Liverpool has to offer but don’t want to go on a more traditional full-day tour.

On this 50-minute Mersey cruise, guests will see many of the city’s main attractions, including two cathedrals, Albert Dock and the impressive waterfront.

Along the way, guests will learn interesting tidbits of local history. They can also choose to disembark at Seacombe or Woodside Pier to explore on their own, before catching another ferry to complete the journey.

The tour also includes free entry to the U-Boat Story Submarine Museum in Woodside.

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8. 24-hour hop-on hop-off bus tour

Liverpool Hop On Hop Off

The city of Liverpool has a wide variety of attractions, covering everything from sport and art to history and architecture.

For those who like to see things on their own schedule, hop-on hop-off tours are a great way to make efficient use of limited time without breaking the bank.

This 24-hour bus tour option includes stops at more than a dozen locations such as the fabled Mersey Ferry, the city’s epic cathedral, and several other attractions such as Albert Dock and the Caravan Area.

Tours run year-round. Guests can explore the attractions they are interested in and skip the ones that are not.

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9. Admission to the Amazing Beatles Museum

The Beatles Museum

Not surprisingly, Liverpool is home to one of the most authentic and extensive Beatles museums in the world.

For lovers of all things Fab Four-related, there’s no better way to spend a few hours or a whole day than visiting the museum’s fascinating exhibits.

There, you’ll find hundreds of one-of-a-kind items, including real musical instruments used by the group, promotional posters from the days before their fame, and glasses that belonged to John Lennon as a young man.

Tickets are valid for one day, so visitors can see at their own pace without feeling rushed.

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10. Fantastic day walk

Liverpool, England

This fantastic one-day walking tour is perfect for those who value physical exertion and the efficient use of their precious vacation.

While the range of travel is wide, it is usually done at a leisurely pace, making it suitable for people of most ages and fitness levels.

After meeting their guide at the central location, enthusiastic walkers will begin to learn about the city’s history and culture and visit many of its most famous sights.

The tour includes the backdrop of the Beatles heritage and stops at the impressive waterfront and Radio City Tower, which stretches nearly 300 feet above the city and the Mersey River.

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11. Haunted Liverpool City Exploration Games and Tours

Blue Jackets, Liverpool

Phone-based app tours are gaining popularity with travelers who have completed a traditional tour with a fixed itinerary.

All guests need to start this haunted Liverpool city exploration game and tour is a fully functional smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Once started, the group will solve clues and riddles, after which they will be guided remotely to some of the city’s most haunted and terrifying corners, where they will learn local history from a unique and often creepy perspective.

There is no time limit, so guests can see things at their own pace, and if the spirit moves them, they can stop for a break and refreshment.

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12. 2-Hour Strawberry Farm and Penny Lane Tour

Strawberry Fields, Liverpool

Led by a knowledgeable local guide, tour some of Liverpool’s most iconic Beatles sights in just a few hours.

After a brief meet and greet near the Beatles statue on the waterfront, guests will pass by a number of important childhood sites where potential stars studied, partyed and performed before being catapulted onto the global stage.

At Strawberry Field and Penny Lane, guests will truly follow in the band’s footsteps. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, take unforgettable photos, and learn how the area has changed since the 1950s and 1960s.

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13. The Beatles Story Ticket

The Beatles Story

More than half a century ago, four youngsters from Liverpool embarked on meteoric musical careers, propelling them to international superstars the world has never seen before.

In case you were wondering, their names were John, Paul, George and Ringo, and they came from humble beginnings.

The Beatles Story is one of the city’s main attractions. Guests who choose to visit will have access to interactive exhibits, authentic memorabilia, first-hand accounts and a living history audio guide with narration in more than a dozen languages.

Tickets are valid for a full day, so guests can see at their own pace.

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14. Theatrical History Tour and the House of the Dead

Theatre History Tour, Liverpool

Tours with guides dressed in historical attire and speaking in traditional, era-specific languages ​​often result in truly unique and memorable experiences.

Led by a theatrical guide, this history of Liverpool tour focuses on areas of the city that are often avoided by more traditional tours.

The tour lasts about 90 minutes and begins as the sun goes down, making for an enchanting evening of grotesque and educational.

Highlights include Castle Street and City Hall, as well as the underground mortuary known as the “Liverpool House of the Dead” and the Church of Our Lady and St Nicholas.

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15. The Beatles to Blitz Walking Tour

The Beatles Monument Liverpool

Music lovers from all over the world come to Liverpool every year to explore the back alleys and quiet residential streets that were once home to the youngsters who would become The Beatles.

This unique combo tour combines several famous musical attractions, as well as historical sites related to the bombing of the city during World War II.

Guests will learn why Liverpool was recently selected as one of the country’s cultural capitals, and visit Chinatown, many music attractions and the filming locations of some blockbuster films in recent years.

The tour lasts about 2.5 hours and starts in the afternoon.

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