15 Best Neuschwanstein Castle Tours

Located in the Bavarian Alps on Germany’s border with Austria, Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 19th century and is considered one of the best-known and best-preserved examples of Roman Revival architecture.

Its dramatic and whimsical design has been a motivating factor for composers, artists and even filmmakers since it was built.

Together with the nearby Linderhof Palace, these two locations are among the most popular and frequently visited in the area.

Both sites are near the town of Fussen in southwestern Bavaria, the haunt of the eccentric King Ludwig II, where he spent most of his childhood.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle Tour from Salzburg

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Attracted by its surreal and fairytale-like architecture, tourists from all over the world flock to Neuschwanstein Castle.

This tour includes transportation to and from your hotel in Salzburg, a minivan ride to the castle, and even castle tickets, which you and your spoiled travel companion can skip among the crowds if it happens to be a busy day.

Your English-speaking guide will lead you through the castle grounds and impress you with his or her knowledge of the area’s amazing history.

Tours last approximately 10 hours and do not include food or beverages, so plan accordingly.

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2. Day Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace from Munich

Linderhof Palace

If you want a magnificent day trip to Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles, this tour is perfect.

At 10 or 11 hours, it’s going to be a long day, but the sights and history you’ll be immersed in will make the time go by quickly.

Depending on the time, you can also take an excursion to the quaint and picturesque town of Oberammergau, which is in many ways like stepping back in time.

In the castle, an audio guide in multiple languages ​​is available to enhance your experience, and you will have approximately 4 hours inside.

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3. Full-Day Private Tour of Neuschwanstein Castle


This nearly all-inclusive tour of Neuschwanstein Castle doesn’t include lunch or gratuities, but you’ll get an intimate guided experience that will give you an amazing insight into the castle, its history, and the heritage of the surrounding countries.

Including castle tickets, it allows visitors to skip the line, which means you’ll have more valuable time inside the castle.

You will also visit the scenic Bavarian town of Oberammergau, and a local monastery dating back many centuries.

Round-trip transportation from local hotels is included, so be sure to let the tour operator know where you’ll be staying in advance.

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4. Neuschwanstein Castle Bus and Bike Tour from Munich

Neuschwanstein Castle Luxury Bus and Bike Tour

This unique tour of majestic Neuschwanstein Castle and the surrounding countryside will bring you up close to the castle and give you the freedom and flexibility to include activities such as cycling and even swimming.

The tour lasts about 10 hours, and since each tour is tailored to the interests of the guests, you will spend all your time doing what you want, which will greatly increase the value of the tour.

The bike portion of the tour takes you through some of Bavaria’s most charming towns and villages, such as Hohenschwangau near the Austrian border.

Bring some cash as food and drinks are not included.

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5. Full-Day Castle Guided Tour in Füssen


King Ludwig II liked his castle to be big, impressive and fantastical and because he was king he usually got what he wanted.

According to legend, Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle are his favorites, both rich in legends and interesting histories of the eccentric kings and royals who lived there over the years.

Including the castle entrance fee and door-to-door transportation, your professional guide will show you the Hall of Mirrors and Venus Grotto on the grounds of the castle and palace, while keeping you fascinated by interesting facts and anecdotes.

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6. Great value trips to Frankfurt

Neuschwanstein Castle at sunset

For those staying in Frankfurt, this tour of Neuschwanstein Castle and surrounding countries will provide you and your travel companions with a complete and scenic overview of Bavaria’s interesting history.

The castle is one of the most imposing castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was part of the inspiration behind Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty.

Including round-trip transportation and castle entrance, your skip-the-line ticket will give you VIP status and entrance.

You can also combine this tour with another tour if you want to visit castles and attractions in other areas on the same outing.

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7. Private Full-Day Castle Tour from Munich

Neuschwanstein Castle courtyard

The drive from Munich through the Bavarian mountains to Füssen will be a journey you won’t forget.

At the castle, you’ll skip the hordes of poor people who didn’t buy VIP tickets, and upon entering, your guide will take you on an inspiring walking tour of the otherworldly castle built by King Ludwig II , with little savings.

The picturesque Alpsee lake in Hohenschwangau is also on the itinerary, as is the nearby Linderhof Palace, which was built to imitate the famous French palace of Versailles.

The tour includes door-to-door transportation and castle entrance fees.

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8. Intimate Group Castle Tour from Innsbruck

Neuschwanstein Castle cobblestone courtyard

If you happen to be visiting Neuschwanstein on a particularly busy day, the lines can be overwhelming, but since this 9-hour tour from Innsbruck includes skip-the-line tickets, that’s okay

Leave planning to an experienced guide who will lead you through Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles and tell old stories about their histories and the lives of the eccentric royals who spent most of their time there.

The drive to and from Innsbruck will be one of the most beautiful scenery you will see, and your guide will point out areas of historical importance along the way.

Everything is included except food, drinks and tips.

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9. Overnight Royal Castle Tour

Oberammergau, Germany

If you live in Munich and want to visit Bavaria’s most popular castle, but don’t want to cram it into a one-day tour, this overnight tour is perfect.

First, you’ll visit Linderhof Palace and take a quick excursion to the quaint town of Oberammergau before heading to Neuschwanstein Castle, home to Ludwig II of Bavaria II) Favorite resort.

All transportation, lodging and on-site entrance fees are included, as well as breakfast the morning of the tour.

This tour is a little slower and is perfect for those who don’t want to feel rushed and hassle.

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10. Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace Hermitage Tour Coach

Linderhof Palace, Germany

Due to its proximity to Munich, many castle tours start there, and within 9 or 10 hours, you’ll be able to visit both locations and experience some local culture.

Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace are some of the most iconic buildings in the Bavarian landscape, nestled among the impressive Alps along the German-Austrian border.

Lunch and castle entrance are not included, but transportation to and from Munich by luxury coach is included.

Depending on the time, a side tour of some local towns will be included where you will have time to relax, have lunch or a cup of coffee before heading back to town.

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11. Frankfurt Royal Castle Tour

Neuschwanstein Castle in winter

While at 14 hours the tour is a bit long, it’s a great way to incorporate as much of the natural and historical beauty as possible and make good use of your precious vacation time.

Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle, located near the town of Füssen, are among the most popular and visited historical sites in all of Germany.

Thanks to their scenic Bavarian location, rich history and majestic architecture, they are symbols of German culture and should really be seen if you are anywhere in the region.

All transportation and entrance fees are included, and after an exciting day of study and exploration, you will return to your Frankfurt hotel by luxury coach.

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12. Private Group Tour from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace

The majestic Bavarian Alps are one of Europe’s natural wonders, and considering they’re home to some of the continent’s most scenic and historic castles, a visit is a must even if your itinerary is already packed.

Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof are one of the best examples of 19th century architecture built in the Roman Revival style.

Private tours include VIP skip-the-line tickets, so you and your loved one don’t waste precious time queuing.

Tours are limited in size, allow guests to feel more intimate with their guides and surroundings, and include door-to-door transportation, so book as early as possible.

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13. Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Tour from Munich

Linderhof Palace in autumn

If you’re traveling with little ones who are familiar with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, they’ll be in seventh heaven when they see the majesty of Neuschwanstein Castle and the nearby Linderhof Palace.

Both stops are included in this tour, and if you happen to go on a particularly busy day, skip-the-line tickets might save you hours of valuable time.

There will be plenty of great photos in and around these locations, including beautiful lakes and scenic canyons.

You’ll be amazed at the wealth it took to build such a huge and peculiar castle and palace, and you’ll gain a solid understanding of the rich history of the area.

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14. Full-Day Tour of Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

Inside Neuschwanstein Castle

From Munich, a full-day tour to Neuschwanstein Castle will take you by bus or train through the most magnificent scenery of the Bavarian Alps.

Once inside the castle, you’ll marvel at the eccentric and luxurious lifestyle of Ludwig II of Bavaria, who was considered a little crazy and spent most of his time in this unique and majestic mountain castle.

All transportation and castle entrance are included, but food and drinks are not included.

If afternoon time permits, the tour may include an excursion to a nearby quaint town where you can grab a bite or a cup of coffee.

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15. 3-Day Bavaria Tour from Frankfurt

Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Germany’s Bavaria is often referred to as a medieval gem, full of natural beauty and fascinating history, visit romantic villages nestled in the picturesque Alps, this 3-day tour may be as close to time as you get.

Iconic towns such as Dinkelsbuehl are on the itinerary as well as the famous Black Forest, a mysterious and fascinating place, home to many of the country’s most historic and legendary stories.

Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace are the highlights of the tour, and accommodation and transfers to and from your hotel are included in the package.

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