15 Best Nuremberg Tours

Nuremberg is a historic city in Germany and a major center of Bavarian culture. Visitors to the city will find medieval streets, World War II ruins and monuments to the Holy Roman Empire. There is also a lot of delicious food and beer to taste.

Nuremberg has many tours to choose from to suit every taste. Whether you want to explore history, sample food or explore the surrounding villages, there is an excursion for you.

These are the 15 best tours you can enjoy in Nuremberg.

1. 2-hour Old Town Walking Tour

old town of Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg has a rich and fascinating history, and this tour helps you experience that in the Old Town. Your guide will show you where Caesar was once crowned, beautiful medieval buildings and a bustling market all year round. This tour is a great introduction to Nuremberg and a real treat for history buffs. This two-hour trip is the perfect length for Nuremberg, a very compact city that makes it easy to get around thanks to a lot of walking.

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2. Private tour with a local guide

Nuremberg, Germany

For something a little more personal, this tour allows you to organize your own itinerary with the help of a local expert. Of course, you’ll be taken to all the historical sites; however, you can also arrange for more local experiences and off-the-beaten-track spots. You can choose from 2 to 6 hour tours, depending on how much time you want to cover. This is a walking tour that starts at your accommodation and is the perfect way to learn about your area and how to visit other important sights.

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3. Gingerbread Baking Class

Gingerbread Baking Class

Gingerbread is a very popular German delicacy that traces its roots back to the Franconian region where Nuremberg is located. This class allows you to make your own to take home as a unique gift for friends and family – or to enjoy yourself. In this course, you’ll learn about the history of gingerbread, the best recipes for making soft and delicious gingerbread, and how to source the best ingredients. Gingerbread is the most popular snack around the world at Christmas, and it’s a great activity to visit during the festive season. However, it’s available year-round, and you’ll get take-home recipes.

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4. Brewery Visit Private 2-Hour Tour

Nuremberg with a brewery visit

This is another great private tour that not only takes you around the main sights of the historic center, but also allows you to visit a working Bavarian brewery and taste some of the best beers in the region. During the first hour of the tour, you’ll explore Nuremberg city center, including the castle, market square, and Albert Dürer’s former home. You will then continue to two breweries – Barfüsser and Altstadthof – where you can learn about the production process of German beer and try some samples. There are two meeting points in the Old Town, allowing you to choose the most convenient location for your trip.

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5. 6 Hour Food Experience

Nuremberg Food Experience

This tour combines all the culinary experiences you can have in Nuremberg for a half-day culinary experience. You will start with a tour of the old town, focusing on trying typical Nuremberg tapas and tasting Bavarian beers. At lunch, you will learn how to prepare your own sausages with the help of a professional chef. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to a gingerbread baking class to learn how to make sweet and spicy treats and try them out for yourself. Recipes are provided for you to take home after the experience. This is the ultimate tour for foodies.

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6. Tour of Nuremberg Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds

Nuremberg old town

This four-hour tour lets you learn about many different aspects of Nuremberg’s history. In the old town, you will learn about the history of the Holy Roman Empire and medieval Germany through the monuments and buildings built at the time. After that, a free bus to the Nazi rally grounds is included. Here, you’ll learn about the impact of the Third Reich and World War II on Nuremberg – and the Nuremberg Trials where the Nazis were tried after the war. This is a somber and informative tour – perfect for anyone interested in German history.

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7. 1.5 Hour Medieval Tour

Nuremberg Castle

This excursion focuses on the city’s medieval history and is perfect if you’re just in Nuremberg for a short time. You will be taken around the castle and into the winding alleys of the old town. Your guide will delve into the history of the city and teach you about the life of Albrecht Dürer, one of Nuremberg’s most famous residents. The tour also introduces you to the influence of Italian immigration on the area, walking through Sebalder and Lorenzer Altstadt. This is a walking tour that is perfect for exploring the compact center at a leisurely pace.

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8. 1.5-hour Food Walking Tour

Food Walking Tour

Another great tour for foodies visiting Nuremberg, focusing on local produce and beer. You’ll sample food – including sausages and beef – from the Old Town market and regular food shops. You will also visit the beautiful sights of Nuremberg city centre, including St Sebaldus Church and medieval houses. All food tastings are included in the price, and the guides are local food experts. This is great for a quick taste of local food before continuing with the rest of your itinerary.

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9. 1.5-hour tour of the Old Town and Christmas Market

Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg is a popular destination for Germans and international tourists during Christmas. The city has been transformed into a winter wonderland, with bustling Christmas markets and twinkling decorations. The tour begins with a brief introduction to the old town and its medieval history. You will learn about Albrecht Dürer and where the city was once the center of German civilization. From there, you’ll be taken to the world-famous Christmas market to soak up the atmosphere and sample some local gühwein.

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10. 2-Hour Sausage and Twist Cooking Class

Sausages with a Twist Cooking Class

Bratwurst is a famous German sausage with roots dating back to Bavaria. With this cooking class, you’ll explore three different bratwurst recipes that will allow you to taste a variety of flavors. You’ll learn how to make small sausages yourself, before learning about salads, pies, and sauces that can be made with sausage. After cooking, you will taste your own food and discuss the history of sausages with the chef. Offers recipes to take home, as well as free wine and coffee during lunch.

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11. Nuremberg WWII and Beer Combo Tour

Nuremberg WWII and Beer Combo Tour

The tour combines a walk around the Nazi rally grounds with a visit to three microbreweries in the area. Transportation is included, making it easy to get to the fairgrounds and breweries from the city center. You’ll learn about Nuremberg’s dark past during World War II and its use as a trial site for the Nazis after the war for war crimes. After this somber experience, you’ll be able to relax with a visit to a local brewery, including a modern Bavarian beer. This is a great way to combine two popular Nuremberg attractions in one trip.

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12. Frank Village Private Beer Tour

Frank Village Private Beer Tour

This private tour takes you away from the city and into quaint villages and stunning views of the Franconian countryside. The area is famous for its breweries and Bavarian cultural center, and this private tour gives you a more intimate experience of the area. You’ll be able to visit some of the region’s 73 breweries, which can be tailored to suit your preferred itinerary. This tour is customizable, but additional experiences may incur additional costs.

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13. Nuremberg Day Trip from Munich

Nuremberg, Germany

Munich is an important international hub for Germany and a major destination for many tourists visiting Bavaria. If you want to include Nuremberg in your itinerary but are in a hurry, this tour allows you to see the city from Munich on a day trip. This ten-hour experience will take you to see all of Nuremberg’s main historic sights – from the medieval old town to the suburban Nazi rally grounds. The means of transport is the train, which helps reduce your journey time and gives you more free time to explore the city during your tour.

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14. Heidelberg and Nuremberg Tour from Frankfurt

Heidelberg Castle

Frankfurt is another large international hub in Germany, located in the neighboring state of Hesse. This full-day tour will take you from the city to Heidelberg and Nuremberg, including limousine coach transportation. Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Germany, Heidelberg is an excellent stopover on your way to Nuremberg. You will be allowed to enter Heidelberg Castle and learn about the town’s history. In Nuremberg, you can also enter the Albrecht Dürer House and visit the medieval old town.

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15. Tasting Nuremberg Food Tour

Tasting Nuremberg Food Tour

For foodies interested in tasting a variety of Bavarian delicacies, this sumptuous culinary tour is the ultimate experience. You’ll taste traditional sausages and gingerbread, as well as a variety of lesser-known dishes that make up Bavarian’s diverse cuisine. This three-hour walking tour also includes some old town sights and red beer samples. You will visit seven different food stores in the city center.

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