15 Best Rotterdam Tours

Rotterdam is a city of around 700,000 inhabitants and one of the busiest seaports in Europe.

It is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the African continent and is said to have foreign residents from nearly 200 different countries.

The city was founded nearly 800 years ago. In addition to a wealth of important historical attractions, it is also a regional centre for maritime commerce, art, gastronomy and architecture.

It has one of the youngest and most impressive skylines in the region due to massive bombing during World War II.

Here are the 15 best tours in Rotterdam.

1. Rotterdam Highlights 2 ½ Hour Bike Tour

Rotterdam by bike

If you’ve just spent a few hours on an international flight, or crammed a few days into a cabin on a large cruise ship, hitting the streets and exploring by bike might just be the ticket.

In just 2.5 hours, guests and their guide will see many of Rotterdam’s highlights, including the market and city hall, the central station, and the famous Erasmus Bridge connecting the north and south of the city, separated by the river.

The Tour runs at a moderate pace for cyclists of most ages. Along the way, there will be ample opportunities to rest, take photos or just enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

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2. Architecture Walking Tour

Erasmus Bridge

For those with limited time, most of what makes Rotterdam so unique can be seen and experienced in just a few hours.

This 2-hour walking tour focuses on the city’s impressive architecture and is ideal for most travelers with a moderate fitness level.

Tourist highlights include Lijnbaan, the Market Hall and the Erasmus Bridge. At each stop, participants will benefit from the guide’s insider knowledge of local history and culture.

Most guests are amazed that the city center is packed with impressive buildings, each with its own unique story that those wandering around might miss.

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3. Rotterdam Highlights 2-Hour Walking Tour

old port of rotterdam

In the relatively flat coastal city of Rotterdam, strolling along the wide sidewalks is an educational and exhilarating activity for visitors of all ages.

Focusing on the highlights of Rotterdam, this two-hour guided walking tour is an inexpensive option for travelers on a budget.

Guests will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the locals, get up close and personal with impressive architecture and important works of art, while visiting many of the city’s most iconic sights.

For first-time visitors, walking tours like this are a great way to get a feel for the city’s layout before hitting out on your own.

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4. Current and past Rotterdam community tours

Carter Derecht

Rotterdam is full of unique neighborhoods that combine old and new elements that most visitors find interesting.

Guests on this historical and future tour will benefit from their guide’s local knowledge of communities such as Katendrecht, which in the past few years has become famous for its opium houses, brothels and rundown dive bars.

The tour also explores Wilhelmina Quay as well as Rotterdam’s Chinatown, one of the first Chinese immigrant enclaves in Europe.

This tour is an excellent option for those interested in exploring trendy bars and restaurants, trendy galleries, and other cultural and historical hotspots that are often overlooked.

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5. Private Rotterdam Tour with Cube House Admission

cube house

On this popular two-hour tour, guests will explore Rotterdam at a relaxed pace with a private guide while experiencing things from the street.

The tour includes multiple stops at famous city attractions such as the Town Hall, the Erasmus Bridge and the towering Cube House Museum.

At each stop, your guide will tell interesting tidbits of local history, such as the majestic St. Laurent Church that was nearly destroyed by Allied bombs in the early days of World War II.

Tours meet in one convenient central location and include museum admission and the services of a professional guide.

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6. Dutch Food Walking Tour

Rotterdam market hall

While it’s not as famous as other European cuisines like Italy and France, the Dutch food scene has experienced a renaissance in recent years.

After meeting their guides at the city’s Grand Central Station, curious diners will embark on a culinary journey to several different neighborhoods.

In addition to stops at cafes, street food stalls and markets, guests will learn about the city’s history, culture and traditional local specialities.

Tours are wheelchair accessible, include multiple tastings, and can be fast-paced or relaxed, depending on the age and interests of the guests.

Various start times are also available.

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7. Euromast Observatory Ticket

Euromast Watchtower

Rotterdam has one of the newest and most impressive skylines in Europe, and the Euromast Tower is one of its most notable features.

The observation tower was built in the 50’s and 60’s. At nearly 600 feet tall, it is one of the tallest buildings of its kind in Europe.

The views from the top are breathtaking, and you don’t need to hire an expensive tour guide to see them.

Depending on the weather, it is common to see the countryside to the east and the North Sea to the west for more than ten miles.

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8. Private tour with a local


A customized tour with a local guide is a great way for new visitors to get the most out of their limited time and hard-earned travel expenses.

Guests who sign up for this tour will pick you up at their accommodation in Rotterdam. Before setting off, they will explore the community in which they live.

Those already familiar with their surroundings can choose to meet at a central location to maximize their experience.

Tours can range from two to four hours, depending on the participant’s wishes, and can focus on artistic, cultural or historical attractions – or a combination of the three for a more comprehensive experience.

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9. Old Town and Harbour Discovery Games and Tours

old town rotterdam

Tours that offer elements of suspense and intrigue are becoming a popular way to explore new places in unconventional and engaging ways.

After taking on the role of a secret agent during World War II, participants on this unique tour will embark on a mission to unravel the mystery, visiting some of the city’s most iconic sights along the way.

Tours usually take a few hours, but since they are self-guided, guests can spend as much or as little time at each stop as they want.

They are great activities for traveling groups and families with children who need exercise, excitement and mental stimulation.

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10. Rotterdam Walking Tour and Harbour Cruise

old port of rotterdam

The cluster of Cubist houses near the port of Rotterdam is one of the city’s most unique architectural structures.

Designers envision them as a sort of urbanized man-made forest that most visitors find stunning and impressive.

Before embarking on the cruise portion of the tour, guests will also explore the Old Port area, home to a vibrant shopping area around the Town Hall, St. Laurent Church and Market Hall.

After a few hours of walking, guests head to the water, where they can relax in comfort while cruising the scenic harbour for over an hour.

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11. Eye Catcher De Rotterdam and Wilhelminapier Rooftop


Rotterdam is widely regarded as one of the most architecturally unique and important cities in the world.

Some tours focus solely on the architecture of the city, and Eye Catcher is one tour that tends to steal the spotlight.

This tour is a great opportunity to experience this wonderful building with a professional guide who will describe its design, construction and the architectural elements that make it so impressive and timeless.

Tours last an hour, offer guests incredible views and photos of William Napier’s rooftops, and include discounted drink vouchers at the end of the tour.

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12. Center and South Walk by Speedboat

Rotterdam cube house

Whether you’re in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the port of Rotterdam, a speedboat is an exhilarating way to quickly see many sights while getting your adrenaline pumping in the process.

The tour includes both walking and boat portions, starting from a convenient location near the recently rebuilt Grand Central Station.

Highlights include St. Lauren’s Church, Market Hall, and Cube Houses, before it’s time to head to the marina for the waiting speedboat.

On the way to other attractions, the ship will pass by the Erasmus Bridge and some of the city’s prime real estate, which is dominated by high-end residences, trendy restaurants and upscale shopping areas.

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13. De Rotterdam, Cube Houses, Water Taxi and Market Hall

Rotterdam water taxi

Offering a wide variety of package tours is increasingly popular with savvy travelers looking to make the most of their short vacation.

On this 2 ½ hour whirlwind tour, guests will learn about the spectacular Wilhelminapier Eye Catcher De Rotterdam, cruise under the majestic Erasmus Bridge and take in unobstructed views from the Pakhuismeesteren rooftops.

The walking portion of the tour includes a stop at Cube Houses and meet local foodies and entrepreneurs at Market Hall.

The tour begins before lunch, includes the services of a local guide, and departs from the city’s central hall.

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14. Tour of Rotterdam and The Hague with a visit to a ceramics factory

The Hague, Netherlands

After meeting their guide at a central location, guests will board a private van to travel to The Hague, just north of the city.

Home to the International Court of Justice, The Hague consists of impressive architecture, the eternal flame of peace and Noorden Palace.

Participants will learn about important experiments that have taken place over the decades, explore the vast land, and then visit a famous ceramics factory before returning to Rotterdam.

The tour lasts a full day and includes some of Rotterdam’s sights such as the Market Hall and Central Hall in the afternoon.

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15. Private WWII Day Trip from Rotterdam

White House in Rotterdam

Overall, the city of Rotterdam and the Netherlands were often front and center in the major battles of World War II.

On this full-day guided tour, guests will explore the city and countryside, visiting historic sights such as Rotterdam’s White House, City Hall, St. Laurent’s Church, and some of the facilities that played an important role in Operation Market Garden in 1944.

The tour covers a lot of places, but if guests need a break, there’s plenty of time to explore each location, ask questions, and stop for a drink or a bite.

For history buffs and WWII veterans, this is the perfect way to spend an educational and poignant day.

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