15 Best Things to Do in Greenville (DE)

Greenville is a town in Newcastle County, Delaware. As a suburb of Wilmington, visitors to the town can look forward to a downtown base that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere.

On the one hand, the town is quiet and relaxing, with many parks and green spaces to enjoy nature. Greenville, on the other hand, is steeped in culture and history, which are showcased in the area’s museums and galleries. Restaurants and cafes offer plenty of food and drink options.

Despite being sparsely populated, even the vibrant nightlife scene can provide a lively escape after a long day.

There are many shopping areas in and around Greenville and events are held throughout the year, including the Mid-Autumn Festival held every October.

Here are 15 of the best things to do in and around Greenville, Delaware.

1. Visit the Henry Francis DuPont Winterthur Museum

Winterthur museum gardens

There’s no shortage of stately buildings around Delaware, but the Henry Francis DuPont Winterthur Museum is one of the most striking historic buildings in the state and the nation. With 175 rooms, elegant interiors and beautiful 60 acres of gardens, the mansion has been open to the public for decades.

During a tour of the estate, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of rolling fields and forests. You’ll also see over 90,000 artifacts, some dating back to the mid-1600s, including textiles, ceramics, antique furniture and art.

2. Eat at Krazy Kat’s

crab cakes

Nearby Montchanin is home to a unique restaurant in a restored blacksmith shop. The feline-themed interior serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

French cuisine is a specialty. You can expect to find a wide variety of delicious and creative meals prepared with high-quality local ingredients, including salmon, crab cakes, braised pork ribs, duck and scallops. Appetizers, soups, salads and desserts are also available.

3. Explore the working farm at Coverdale Farms


Coverdale Farm is a working farm located on the 352-acre Burrows Nature Preserve. There is a stone-bank barn built in the 1700s on site, with stunning views of the natural area of ​​pastures, fields, ponds, woodlands and expansive countryside.

Throughout the year, visitors can participate in many programs and activities, including hay carts, yoga, farm fun days, nature hikes, cooking classes, and markets.

4. Learn about art at The Delaware Contemporary

Delaware Center for Contemporary Art

A variety of local and national contemporary art is featured in the various exhibits at The Delaware Contemporary. There are seven galleries, each with exhibits that change several times throughout the year.

Past exhibitions have included Primitive Images, Native Mountains, Art in Bloom, Material Worlds, and Total Myth.

5. Spend the day at Arapocas State Park

Arapocas Run State Park

Apapocas Run State Park offers a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages. The Blue Ball Barn houses the Delaware Folk Art Collection, which brings together more than 120 artworks by 50 different artists.

Can-Do Playground is an accessible playground for children of all ages and abilities. There are also rock walls on site for climbing and rappelling, with climbing plans available.

6. Visit the Delaware Museum of Natural History

Delaware Museum of Natural History

For nearly 50 years, the Delaware Museum of Natural History in Wilmington has encouraged exploration and discovery for visitors of all ages.

As Delaware’s only natural history museum, visitors from across the state and the country learn about the natural world through exhibits focusing on many topics including nature, wildlife, ocean, and geology.

As you walk through this fascinating museum, you can see the dinosaur collection, coral reef simulation and paleontology laboratory.

7. DuPont Environmental Education Center

DuPont Environmental Education Center

The DuPont Environmental Education Center is located on the edge of the city of Wilmington, but 212 acres of freshwater tidal marshes, 10 acres of gardens and a location along the Christina River give this natural area a wilderness feel.

There are several trails on site, including a quarter-mile loop around the pond, and a 7-mile hiking and biking trail from Wilmington to New Castle. As you explore this area of ​​the park, you may spot many birds such as bald eagles and belted kingfishers. Beavers, otters and sea turtles are often seen in river and tide pool areas.

The Education Center is where you can learn more about the park. On certain days of the week, staff host nature walks.

8. Rockwood Park and Museum

Rockwood Museum and Park

Located in Wilmington, Rockwood Park and Museum offers guests the feeling of combining nature with stately architecture and history.

The museum itself is on the National Register of Historic Places and was once a country estate built by commercial banker Joseph Shipley in the mid-1800s. This is an accurate example of English Gothic Revival architecture.

During a tour of the interior, visitors will see many artifacts and exhibits reflecting the life of the Shipley family there. After visiting the interior, you can stroll through the grounds with its beautiful park and garden area.

9. Admire fine art at the Manning Gallery in Somerville

art gallery

For more than 30 years, the Manning Gallery in Somerville has been presenting fine art by various artists of the 20th and 21st centuries in galleries. Timothy Barr, Robert C. Jackson, Peter Sculthorpe and members of the Wyeth family are some of the artists on display.

Exhibits focus on the region’s past and present cultural heritage, with past displays including Panorama, Influence and NC Wyeth: Painters and Illustrators.

10. Watch wildlife at Hooker National Wildlife Refuge, Mumbai

Mumbai Hook National Wildlife Refuge

The 15,078-acre Bombay Hooker National Wildlife Refuge along Delaware Bay in nearby Smyrna is the perfect place to spend the day for wildlife lovers, nature lovers and photographers. Visitors of all ages enjoy seeing a wide variety of species as they walk through the different habitats.

While exploring this sanctuary, you can drive 12 miles through the wildlife area, hike five trails, and learn more about the reserve through the visitor center’s exhibits. There are also three observation towers on site to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

11. Visit the Hagley Museum and Library

Hagley Museum and Library

Visitors looking to learn more about American industry through the years can do so at the Hagley Museum and Library. The museum is located on 235 acres along the Brandywine River in Wilmington.

The site is the former site of a gunpowder factory established in 1802. Guided tours are available, and as you walk through the museum, you’ll learn about the history of business, telecommunications, technology and innovation and how it shaped the country.

Various indoor and outdoor exhibits showcase a variety of things, including restored factories, workers’ communities and homes that once belonged to the DuPont family.

12. Get inspired at the mezzanine gallery

The mezzanine gallery in downtown Wilmington showcases a wide range of art, including photography, crafts, folk art, media art, and painting. Each exhibit is dedicated to a Delaware artist.

13. Relax with delicious food at Cromwell’s American Tavern and Taqueria

toast with wine

Visitors can enjoy first-class service, delicious award-winning food, and a laid-back, upscale environment at Cromwell’s American Tavern and Taqueria. For nearly 30 years, this restaurant has been serving quality food and beverages to people of all ages.

The Bistro serves a variety of dishes, including roasted garlic hummus, lollipop lamb balls and the signature Guinness Beef Stew, while Taqueria serves Mexican fare.

14. Visit Nemours Estate

Nemours Mansion and Gardens

Nemours Manor is a beautiful estate in Wilmington, built and owned by Alfred duPont.

Visitors of all ages can enjoy many attractions on the expansive grounds, including a large 77-room mansion, the largest French garden on continental Europe, a garage with antique cars, and 200 acres of woodland and meadows stunning scenery. You can choose to explore the grounds on your own or with a guide.

15. First State National Historical Park

First State National Historical Park

First State National Historical Park allows visitors to look back in history. There are important historic colonial buildings on site, including Woodlawn and The Green Dover.

During your tour, you’ll learn about important historical events that took place in the area, such as the colonization of early Europeans, the Act of Religious Freedom, the Declaration of Independence, Conservation, and the Underground Railroad.

Also on site is the New Castle Court Museum, built in the 1700s. The museum offers guided tours and exhibits highlight a variety of items such as local culture, old photographs, furniture, artifacts and artwork.

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