15 Best Things to Do in Longueuil (Quebec, Canada)

Longueuil, a suburb of Montreal, is located on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River, directly opposite. It is a commercial, residential and industrial city and a historic city dating back to 1657.

Longueuil has many attractions, although it is often overlooked by travelers. Especially due to its proximity to Montreal. But the city is worth exploring, even if it’s just for a day.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Longueuil:

1. Spend the day cross-country skiing or hiking

Parc Michel-Chartrand

No matter the time of the year, visit the 1,850,000 m² Parc Michel-Chartrand. This is the largest and most popular park in the city; with three lakes, a swamp, a playground and a beautiful garden.

Parc Michel-Chartrand is famous for its 12.5 km of cross-country ski runs. It also features a toboggan slope and an ice rink.

If you’re visiting in better weather, be sure to enjoy its 10 kilometers of hiking trails. There are also picnic tables and pétanque terrain.

2. Visit a wildlife sanctuary

Boisé du Tremblay

The Boisé du Tremblay is a wooded area on the northeastern edge of the city. This is an extremely biodiverse area protected by the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife.

Even if you’re not a nature lover, the 267-hectare area is well worth a visit. It is home to some interesting wildlife, such as the western chorus frog, as well as a plethora of plant species.

There is a lovely trail through the Boisé du Tremblay that allows visitors to see all its flora and fauna. The trail is open year-round, with parking at the start.

3. Listen to live music

International Percussion Festival

No visit to Longueuil or anywhere near it is possible without going to the famous International Percussion Festival. The festival is held every July for 6 days and is attended by more than 500 musicians.

The International Percussion Festival is one of the city’s most famous cultural events, attracting over 200,000 people each year. Musicians from Quebec and the rest of the country take part in the festival. Many international musicians also come every year.

The theme of the four-stage music festival is different every year. One thing that remains the same is that it is always very enjoyable.

4. Visit an island

Montreal's skyline from Île Charron

Charron Island is part of the Îles de Boucherville archipelago; sitting on the St. Lawrence River between Boucherville and Montreal. The island was once the property of the French Governor René Gaultier, but today it is a green area.

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Charron Island is connected to Montreal and Longueuil via the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Bridge-Tunnel. It is also the main entrance to the rest of the archipelago.

The island has parks and green spaces, as well as beautiful beaches. The beach is accessible by road or by ferry across the river.

5. Learn about the history of great women in Quebec

Women's Museum

Musée De La Femme celebrates women in the city and the rest of Quebec. It is part of the Women’s Museum Network, which aims to raise awareness of women’s contributions to developing countries.

The museum has permanent and temporary galleries, both displaying photographs, artwork, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia. Lectures and courses are also offered.

In addition to walking around the Musée De La Femme, you can also admire the actual building it is located in. The building, a bungalow-style house on a quiet street, depicts the role of women as housewives in the past.

6. Spend an afternoon at the park

city ​​park

There are several parks in Longueuil, but one of the most popular in the city is the Parc de la Cité. Located in the district of St. Hubert, this large park has a lake, a wide field and a hill overlooking the park and the city.

If you’re visiting in summer, you can go cycling, rollerblading or hiking along the 8 km of trails. Visit the Parc de la Cité in winter and enjoy ice skating on the lake.

The Parc de la Cité also hosts events every year, such as the Fête nationale and Lac en fête. It also shows movies, hosts concerts and other entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

7. The Art of Gaze


Longueuil has a fairly modern art scene, enough for any art lover to appreciate. First, several of the city’s parks and public buildings have sculptures showcasing the work of local artists.

A catalogue of all works of art found in public spaces around the city can be found at the Société historique etculturelle du Marigot. This will make it very easy to find each piece and read about it and the artist.

If you like modern art, head to Plein Sud, a center for contemporary art and animation. The center encourages young artists to showcase their creativity using different techniques and then showcase their work in galleries.

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8. Go to the mall

Longueuil Square

Place Longueuil is one of the largest shopping centers in the city. It is located on St. Charles Street, the main commercial center of Longueuil.

The mall has more than 140 stores and services, some of which are well-known chains. These include boutiques such as La Vie en Rose, Yves Rocher, Ardéne and Bentley.

If you get hungry while wandering around, there are plenty of food options, most of which are fast food. There are also several sit down restaurants if you want to rest and wait.

9. Explore the ancient city

old longueuil

Take a stroll around Old Longueuil and admire the many historic buildings in the area. There are more than 450 buildings in this part of the city, all dating back to before 1945.

The main street in the area is Rue Saint-Charles, lined with boutiques, restaurants and bars. The Town Hall can also be found in Old Longueuil.

The most famous building in the area is the Basilica of Saint Antoine de Padue. This magnificent Gothic Revival church contains the archaeological remains of Fort Longueuil extending below the church.

10. Be one with nature

Galt Nature Reserve

The Gault Nature Reserve is a 1,000-hectare reserve run by my McGill University. The reserve is not in Longueil, but in Mont-Saint-Hilare, just east of the city.

The Gault Nature Reserve is an amazing area that protects the native forests and wildlife of the area. It has 25 kilometers of hiking trails, the best way to be one with nature.

The reserve is open to visitors 365 days a year. It is also used for teaching and research by the University’s Faculty of Science.

11. Go to Montreal

old montreal

Anyone staying in Longueuil for any length of time should definitely take a day trip to Montreal. It is Canada’s second largest city and has a rich cultural history.

Montreal has been dubbed the “Paris of Canada,” and it’s not hard to see why. It is filled with magnificent landmarks such as the Bonsecours market, Notre Dame Cathedral and Château Ramezay.

Montreal is also a great place for shopping, especially downtown and the Quartier Latin-Le Village. It also has a lively nightlife scene, with excellent stylish bars, lounges and nightclubs for you to enjoy.

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12. Pamper yourself

Spa St James

Relax and enjoy a spa day. Montreal has many great spas where you can rejuvenate and get pampered.

Various spas throughout the city offer treatments such as massage therapy, flotation baths, comfort wraps and scrubs. You can even see an osteopath.

If you really want to pamper yourself, head to the St. James Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal. It doesn’t get any better than this award-winning place.

13. Play a round of golf

Montreal Country Club

There are no golf courses in Longueuil itself, but there are plenty in the neighbouring suburbs. Rent a car and play at some of the best clubs in the province.

Montreal Country Club is one of the best and oldest clubs, established in 1910. It is a private 18 hole course recently redesigned by Roy Dye.

La Vallée du Richelieu Golf Club in Sainte-Julie is another noble club nearby. The 18-hole course opened in 1967 and has hosted many events since then, such as the Canadian Open, the Peter Jackson Classic and the Montreal Championship.

14. Go skiing

Mount San Bruno skiing

Not far from Longueuil in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is Ski Mont Saint-Bruno. This is an alpine ski facility located on the slopes of Mount San Bruno.

The mountain is located next to a quarry and is 175 meters high. There are 15 different levels of runs and night skiing is available.

Mount San Bruno Ski is home to Canada’s largest ever ski school. Every season there are over 500 ski instructors to teach anyone who may need help.

15. Walk down Victoria Avenue

Victoria Avenue

This is a major road in the St Lambert area of ​​the city. The road extends from Riverside Drive to neighbouring Brossard.

Victoria Avenue is named after Queen Victoria, who served as Queen of Canada until 1901. There are more than 70 businesses along the road, many of which are shops.

The section of the street between Riverside Drive and Saint-Lambert train station is a famous shopping area known locally as “Le Village”. The street is also full of cafes, restaurants and bistros.

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