15 Best Things to Do in Newington (CT)

A small residential suburb of Greater Hartford, Newington, still has plenty to offer.

Amateur radio operators already knew it was home to the Radio Relay Union of America and the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station.

Newington is also the proud owner of America’s smallest waterfall, located in a lush park in the center of town.

At Newington Junction, home to a wealth of beautiful New England architecture dating back 300 years, the Newington Historical Society has opened two fascinating homes to the public.

The town is tightly sandwiched between neighboring suburbs, and museums, craft breweries and one of the best public golf courses in the state are all just minutes away.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Newington:

1. Mochi Park

Mill Pond Park

Between Main Avenue, Willard Avenue and Main Street in Newington, there is a park with a waterfall in its center.

Mill Pond Falls isn’t just any natural landmark, as it’s officially the smallest natural waterfall in the United States.

The water in the park pond, named after a sawmill built in 1860, flows from the southern end and falls 5 meters off the rock at a maximum flow rate of 16 liters per second.

There is a path around the pond that crosses the waterfall via a small wooden footbridge.

In the rest of the park there is a baseball field, a basketball court, tennis courts, two football fields, a public swimming pool, children’s playground and a concession stand.

2. Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Open to the public 365 days a year, Cedar Hill Cemetery opened in 1866 in the style of an American country cemetery. Over 270 acres of landscaped land with ponds and creeks, has a collection of beautiful historic buildings for some influencers and celebrities.

In terms of architecture, check out the Northam Memorial Church of 1882 and the Gallup Memorial Gate with wrought iron carriage doors of 1888. Architects and sculptors such as Carl Conrads, George Keller, and Randolph Rogers built monuments here, while tomb lists are prominent.

You can find the rather modest graves of Katherine Hepburn and her feminist and feminist mother Katherine Martha Houghton Hepburn.

Also look for Keller’s striking monument to banker John Pierpoint Morgan and his family, and the resting place of Samuel Colt, the inventor of the Colt revolver.

3. Lucy Robbins Wells Library

Lucy Robbins Wells Library

The local library is a prized facility for Newington residents, with more than 167,000 items in its catalog.

It’s no wonder that book borrowing rates in this small town are almost double the national average.

The Lucy Robbins Wells Library was established in 1939 after donations of money and land by two important local sisters, Fanny A. Wells and Mary Wells Eddy.

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In keeping with its location, it’s built in a quaint Georgian Revival style, and in addition to its extensive book collection, the library has free Wi-Fi, public computers, newspapers, and a busy program of events for babies, children, teens, and adults.

There are exhibitions by local artists, film screenings, story times, craft workshops, lectures and yoga classes.

4. Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station

Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station

Newington claims to be the flagship station of the American amateur radio business.

Judging by the W1AW callsign, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, which has barely changed since its construction in 1938, stands next to the headquarters of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), which arrived in 1963. The station was more important than its inauguration, which was broadcast nationally on the CBS network in 1938.

It was named after ARRL’s co-founder and first president, Hiram Percy Maxim, and adopted his personal call sign (W1AW). The station is still known internationally for its news briefings and Morse code practice sessions.

Starting at the ARRL building, there are guided tours in the mornings and afternoons every Monday through Friday, with W1AW being a highlight of course.

You’ll see Hiram Percy Maxim’s roll-top desk, post-WWII era transmitters and rotating spark-gap transmitters “Old Betsy” once installed in Maxim’s Hartford home.

You’ll also see the current transmitter, three studios and digital stations.

If you are a licensed hobbyist, W1AW has three guest operating positions available, depending on your class.

5. Newington Junction

newington hub

To the northeast of town, the intersection of Willard Avenue and West Hill Road is a leafy area rich in history that consists of three distinct historic districts: Newington Junction South, North and West .

Newington Junction’s oldest building was built in 1650, and among the more than 30 contributing buildings are colonial, Gothic Revival, Late Victorian, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival style sprawling houses.

Another monument on the National Register of Historic Places is the Newington Junction Railroad Depot and Freight Station, built in the 1890s and now occupied by the Garden Center and Landscaping Enterprise.

6. General Martin Kellogg House

Kellogg-Eddie House

One of Newington’s finest homes is also at 679 Willard Avenue and is preserved as the Historic House Museum.

The sturdy General Martin Kellogg Residence is located in a distinguished Federal period building dating from 1808 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The original and most important wing of the building has five bays, a timber frame and an original Doric colonnade at the main entrance.

The wing on the right is a late 1920s extension.

There are some superb woodwork to admire, as well as Meissen china, a range of farm implements and lots of period-appropriate decor in the living room and room.

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Consult the Newington Historical Society for travel details.

7. Kelsey House

Kelsey House

The Newington Historical Society also manages the Enoch Kelsey House, built in 1799 by the eponymous farmer/Tin Smith and his son David. The house was due to be demolished until members of the Historical Society discovered four rare hand-painted trompe l’oeil paintings. l’œil is painted on the walls inside, imitating wallpaper.

These pieces, along with the meticulously restored wood paneling and original beehive oven and fireplace, deserve close inspection.

Equally striking is the barn loom, which dates back to 1822 and was used by four generations of women in the same family.

8. Newington Falls Festival

Newington Falls Festival

America’s smallest waterfall hosts a one-day holiday celebration in Market Square every September.

Launched in 2000, the Newington Falls Festival now attracts people from out of town for live music, children’s activities, a farmers market and some 70 craft and food vendors.

The main event of the day is the Artist’s Chalk Walk, where the surface of the market square is transformed into a large colourful art gallery.

9. Webb-Dean-Stevens Museum

Webb-Dean-Stevens Museum

The state’s largest historic district is next door to Wethersfield, and in less than 10 minutes you can reach this museum, which preserves a row of three 18th-century houses, each with a fascinating piece of history waiting to be discovered .

Joseph Weber House (1752) was where George Washington spent five nights in 1781 and met with the Count of Rochambeau to plot the final blow of the Revolutionary War.

The Silas Dean House (1769) was the purpose-built residence of another important figure in the American independence era, and Dean later represented the Continental Congress as the first American diplomat to France.

At Isaac Stevens House (1788), you can learn about the way of life of middle-class leather workers in the first decades of the 19th century, and see the furniture, wallpapers and new technologies brought about by the Industrial Revolution.

Upstairs is a beautiful collection of toys, dolls and doll houses.

Another property, Botolph-Williams House (1711), is nearby and is rich in 17th century Art Deco.

10. Montana Night Throwing Axe

Montana Night Throwing Axe

The biggest axe throwing attraction in New England is right here in Newington, an activity you never thought you would try.

Think darts, but a bit heavy.

Montana Night, Newington has seven pits, and the best way to attend is to gather a group of eight, otherwise you might end up with a random group of 12 on a busy night.

Of course, throwing an axe is not without its dangers, so you’ll first need to get guidance from an “axe expert” before you can engage in various throwing games for the next hour or so.

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After all this action, there’s a bar serving craft beer, along with billiards, chess tables and arcade games.

11. Alvarium Brewing Company

Alvarium Brewing Company

A short taxi ride will take you to this New Britain-based craft brewery run by a multi-talented team of three.

In an industrial setting, the washrooms are hand assembled and very beautiful, with wood paneling and a 10-ton bar made of I-beams.

There’s shuffleboard, foosball, board games, handcrafted wooden tables and a digital menu above the bar telling you what to order.

Food wise, you have kielbasa and soft pretzels at the bar and a food truck comes most of the time.

As we write this in July 2019, there are 13 beers to choose from, including hoppy and fruity New England IPAs and DIPAs, as well as coffee stouts, Mexican beers brewed with lime peel, Japanese rice Beer and German wheat beer.

12. Dinosaur State Park

Dinosaur State Park and Museum

You’re only 15 minutes away from one of the largest dinosaur footprint sites in North America, dating back 200 million years.

This amazing discovery was made in a sandstone quarry in 1966 and the park opened two years later.

The main building at Dinosaur State Park is a geodesic dome that protects some 500 tracks that were once left on the lake’s sand by a Dilophosaurus-like carnivore.

They are 41 cm long and 1.4 meters apart.

For reference, you can see a life-size model of Dilophosaurus in the dome of the diorama, as well as live exhibits of lizards and Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

Outside is a botanical garden with 250 different conifer species and varieties, resembling a Mesozoic woodland, crisscrossed by two miles of trails.

13. Stanley Golf Course

Stanley Golf Course

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better public golf facility than the nearby Stanley Golf Course, which rivals high-end private clubs.

The 27-hole golf course spans three nine-hole courses and is known for testing greens and tee locations that require a soft touch.

You can get rid of rust on floodlit driving ranges and practice greens.

In fact, many just come to play a few balls, and you can put your credit card in the ball dispenser (99 balls, $12). Green fees for 18 holes are $37 on weekdays and $40 on weekends, while Back Nine Tavern offers an appetizing menu of American classics, pizzas and sandwiches.

14. Iwo Jima Survivors Memorial Park

Iwo Jima Survivors Memorial Park


纽因顿的国家硫磺岛纪念馆用青铜复制了那张照片,并于 1995 年 2 月 23 日投入使用。附近有永恒的火焰,下面的黑色花岗岩板记录了一百名康涅狄格州献出生命的人的名字。

15. 哥白尼天文台和天文馆



免费天文馆节目由热心的老师和学生表演,从 20:00 开始,涵盖一系列主题(2019 年 8 月不同类型的恒星和太阳)。 之后,如果天空晴朗,您就可以前往屋顶,通过天文台的望远镜观察宇宙。