15 Best Things to Do in Pike Creek (DE)

Pike Creek is located in New Castle County in the northwest corner of Delaware, just a short drive from neighboring Maryland and Pennsylvania.

One of Pike’s Creek’s reputations is that it was recently ranked as the second most desirable place to live in the United States.

There are many state parks in the area around Pike Creek. Newark and Wilmington are also easy to drive, which means many historic sites, arts and cultural events, and dining and lodging options.

Here are 15 things to do in and around Pike Creek, Delaware.

1. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

coal fired pizza

For many travelers, pizza is the main source of food on the go, and Delaware has more pizza restaurants than its fair share.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is located on Limestone Road in Pike Creek and is open daily from 11:30am to 10pm.

Their pizzas are baked at high temperatures using coal as a heat source. Most guests agree that this gives them a unique taste not found anywhere else.

There are a variety of crusts and toppings to choose from. While pizza is usually the star of the show, Anthony’s also serves up delicious wings, salads and delicious appetizers.

2. Goldie Beacon College

basketball event

Even in relatively remote towns, there are often college or university campuses nearby. Although they are often overlooked as tourist attractions, they are an important community resource that should not be underestimated.

Goldey-Beacom College is located on nearly 25 acres in Pike Creek Valley.

Like most campuses, it’s often filled with sporting events, theatrical productions, and guest speakers. Many of them are free and open to the public.

Check out their website to find out what’s happening on campus when you’re in the area. Don’t be shy to ask staff and students for ideas of attractions and activities in the area.

3. Chuck Lager – American Tavern

Macaroni and Cheese

Chuck Lager – America’s Tavern is located on New Forest Trail in Pike Creek and is known for its delicious American cuisine, celebrity chefs, and world-class wines, beers and craft bourbons.

The restaurant has only been open for about a year, but in that time it has built a solid reputation for quality and ambience, perfect for those looking for a truly unique dining experience.

Chuck Lager’s is fancier and more expensive than many of its competitors. Their most popular recipes are traditional new flavors like seafood risotto, macaroni cheese, lasagna and spaghetti bolognese.

4. Delaware Park

Aerial imagery of Delaware parks and racetracks

Delaware Parks is one of the most visited attractions in the state, often drawing tourists from as far away as Baltimore and Philadelphia.

The park’s biggest draw is its casino and racetrack, but there are plenty of other options for those who don’t want to gamble away their kids’ college dollars.

There’s a championship-caliber 18-hole golf course, plenty of year-round live entertainment, and plenty of dining and lodging options on-site and nearby.

The park’s bar offers horse racing and sporting events from all over the country. They are a particularly popular watering hole during the NFL season.

5. Deerfield Golf Course


The nearly 150-acre Deerfield Golf Course outside Newark was once owned by DuPont and was the exclusive domain of the rich.

However, it has been a public course since 2006 and is considered by many golfers to be the most iconic course in the state.

Adjacent to White Clay Creek State Park, the course features a variety of natural features that blend seamlessly with manicured fairways and greens.

Previous players have noticed that the course is pleasantly challenging. The Clubhouse Restaurant serves an award-winning Sunday brunch during the off-season months.

6. Delaware Museum of Natural History

Delaware Museum of Natural History

Dating back to the 1600s, Delaware is one of the area’s most popular attractions for those interested in taking a crash course in nationhood.

There are a large number of historically significant sites throughout the state, and nearby Wilmington is home to the state’s premier natural history museum.

The Delaware Museum of Natural History has an impressive variety of exhibits covering animals, the natural world, ecology, and various environments found within the state.

The museum is located in Kennett Pike, and most travelers find its reasonable entrance fee to be a good value for money.

7. DuPont Environmental Education Center

DuPont Environmental Education Center

The DuPont Center for Environmental Education in Wilmington is the largest facility of its kind in the state. Its convenient urban setting makes it a great choice for those visiting Pike Creek or just passing by on their way to the beach.

The center covers approximately 200 acres and includes the long Christiana River, forests and freshwater marshes. They are home to an impressive variety of animals and birds that are common on well-marked trails.

The indoor portion of the facility includes engaging and educational interactive exhibits. Admission is also reasonable.

8. White Clay Creek State Park

White Clay Creek State Park

At over 3,000 acres, White Clay Creek State Park is one of the largest natural areas in the state. It’s conveniently located in Newark, just a short drive from Pike Creek.

The park offers visitors a variety of outdoor recreation options. One of its biggest draws is the creek for which it is named, which stretches for nearly 20 miles through scenic undeveloped areas.

Hiking, biking, bird watching and fishing are popular pastimes in the park, the latter attracting eager anglers during trout season—especially after the creeks are stocked.

There is also a nature and visitor center, as well as historic sites.

9. Marshall Steam Museum

Marshall Steam Museum

Just after mass-produced automobiles became available, engineers across the country began designing engines that ran on energy sources other than gasoline.

The Marshal Steam Museum houses one of the most complete and unique collections of antiques and vintage cars in the country, most of which are powered by steam and electric motors.

This is a unique attraction that combines history, industry and engineering. For many veteran drivers and classic car enthusiasts, the time they spent on site was truly a walk in memory.

The museum also features a scaled-down steam train that takes visitors around the hotel on an interpretive tour.

10. Nemus Building

Nemours Mansion and Gardens

The DuPont family is the wealthiest and most prominent family in Delaware. For most of the 20th century, they owned numerous mansions across the state.

Nemours Mansion in Wilmington is one of their most luxurious residences. It is now open to the public.

The house is like an alpine castle, filled with luxurious artwork, furniture and household items that epitomized luxury by the standards of the era.

Guided tours are provided regularly. For those interested in getting a real behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the super-rich over the past few years, they’re definitely the way to go.

11. Rockwood Museum

Rockwood Museum and Park

The Rockwood Museum is located in Wilmington, housed in a building originally constructed a few years before the Civil War.

At the time, both Delaware and Maryland were on the border between the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth, and for most of its existence, the house was the residence of a local banker.

After his death, the family remained in his home for generations. It is now run by local civic and historical organizations and is full of interesting tidbits of local history.

For those who want to dig deeper, guided tours are available, as well as spooky nighttime ghost tours and special holiday events during the season.

12. Glasgow Regional Park

Glasgow Park

Glasgow Regional Park is one of Newcastle County’s most accessible outdoor recreation spots. It’s the perfect destination for those interested in experiencing the great outdoors without spending an arm and a leg and traveling halfway through the state.

The park is filled with open natural spaces and multipurpose trails. For those traveling with small children, there is a huge playground.

Dog lovers appreciate the park’s designated dog areas. For the active visitor, there are basketball and tennis courts, covered seating areas and a skate park.

During peak hours on weekends, the park can get very crowded, so plan accordingly.

13. Iron Mountain Science Center

The Science Center is a great place for traveling families to spend a few hours away from the elements. Unlike most attractions, they have a knack for inspiring and entertaining curiosity.

Located on Robert L. Melson Lane in Newark, the Iron Hill Science Center is known for keeping visitors engaged for hours.

Its exhibits touch on a variety of topics, including technology, history, art, and the natural world. Many of them focus on how these things relate to state and local.

Staff at the center host many special programs and events throughout the year, so check their website before special trips.

14. Fredrust Ice Arena

ice skating

Fred Rust Ice Arena is located on South College Avenue on the University of Delaware campus in Newark.

Over the years, the arena has been home to some international figure skating legends, such as Tara Lipinski. Although it is often used for hockey games and figure skating competitions, it is also often open to the public.

Not only does ice skating burn a lot of calories, but it’s a fun way to pass the time, especially if the weather isn’t conducive to outdoor activities.

Skates can be rented on-site, and tickets for scheduled events can be purchased online or at the door.

15. Christiana Mall

Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Christiana Mall

Delaware is a big destination for savvy shoppers looking to save a few bucks because it’s the only state in the region with no retail tax.

This applies to everything from cars and electronics to books and clothes. Christiana Mall is a major stopover for trips along Interstate 95.

The mall is anchored by several large national chains such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. While clothes are the biggest draw, shoppers can buy sporting goods, homewares, jewelry and toys.

Hungry shoppers appreciate a wide variety of dining options, from fast-casual to high-fashion. There is also a multi-screen cinema.

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