15 Best Things To Do In Rifle (CO)

Rifletown is located in Garfield County in western central Colorado.

At the last census, Rifle had a population of just over 10,000 people and was founded in the early 1880s.

Located in a particularly rural and rugged area of ​​the state, the Rifle is best known as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts who tend to avoid tourist attractions.

The area is surrounded by huge state and national parks, and for skiers, some of the best ski resorts in the west are only a few hours’ drive from the state and western Utah.

Here are 15 things to do in and around Rifle City, Colorado.

1. Sammy’s Rocky Mountain Steakhouse

Sammy's Rocky Mountain Steakhouse

Beef is usually a dinner in Rocky Mountain states. For those in the Rifle looking for hearty meals served in a unique setting, Sammy’s Rocky Mountain Steakhouse will be a great place to dine.

Sammy’s is located on Park Avenue and has been in business for twenty years.

While their steaks and prime rib are one of their biggest draws, they also offer burgers, seafood, soups and salads.

At various times of the week, they offer buffets, specialty drinks, fish and chips, and a delicious dinner of ribs.

Sammy’s is a bit more upscale than most restaurants in other areas, so dress accordingly.

2. Rifle Gap State Park

Rifle Gap State Park

There are many states and national parks around Rifle, and Rifle Gap State Park is a convenient option for those who don’t want to waste too much time traveling to the hinterland.

At the heart of the park is a huge lake covering nearly 400 acres; it is popular with kayakers, paddleboarders, anglers, and swimmers during the warmer months.

Game fish in the lake include large and smallmouth bass, a variety of trout, bass and pike, and you can find the latest fishing reports online.

Rifle Gap has more than 80 independent campgrounds, and many visitors stop at the visitor center before setting out to explore.

3. Timberline Sporting Goods

Timberline Sporting Goods

Timberline Sporting Goods has provided Rifle with an impressive range of quality products and attentive personal service since its inception more than three decades ago.

For hunters, fishermen, and all-around outdoor enthusiasts, there’s no better place to stock up on everything you need for a Colorado trip. They might have what you’re looking for, but if they don’t, they’ll help you find it.

They also sell fishing and hunting licenses and are open every day except Mondays. Their hours of operation vary slightly during the week and weekends, so check online or give them a call before you go.

4. Datai National Forest

Great Mesa National Forest

The Great Mesa National Forest is a large protected area rich in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

During the summer months, due to the elevation of the mesas, the days are generally cooler than the rest of the state, while temperatures can drop dramatically at night.

The forest is especially popular with hikers, mountain bikers, bird watchers, and anglers, and a variety of animals can be seen from the multi-use trail.

There are many accommodation options in the area, from cheap country campsites to stylish, full-service mountain castles with wine bars and trendy restaurants.

5. Shanghai Garden Restaurant

Shanghai Garden Restaurant

Even in rural Colorado, it’s possible to find many international-influenced dining options, and according to many previous guests, Rifle’s Shanghai Garden restaurant serves some of the best Chinese food they’ve ever eaten.

The restaurant’s Chinese staff, decor and background museum give it a traditional and warm atmosphere. Their menu includes the classic orange beef, hot and sour soup and fried wontons filled with shrimp and cream cheese.

Unless you are very busy, your order is usually received within 10 or 15 minutes. Everything is reasonably priced and the portions are large, so it’s a good option for families looking at their pennies.

6. Ute Theatre

Ute Theater

Located on East 4th Street in Rifle, the Ute Theater is housed in a renovated historic movie theater dating back to the years after World War II.

While the theatre now has modern amenities such as comfortable seating and climate control, its décor is elegant and romantic with its 40s theme.

The Ute offers a variety of entertainment options including live concerts, dance and theatre. Previous guests have noticed that there is a good selection of food and drinks and the restrooms are spotless even on busy nights.

Their shows are often sold out, so consider buying tickets in advance.

7. Fraffer Reservoir

Fraffer Reservoir

Filled with cool, clear water, Colorado’s Highland Reservoir is a big recreation most of the year.

Fravert Reservoir is a short drive from Rifle on County Route 244, which is filled with popular game fish such as walleye, bass, perch, northern pike and brown trout that often reach epic Proportion.

Swimmers, kayakers and sunbathers flock to the reservoir in summer, but fishing is usually best during the windy, cloudy and cold days of fall, when fish spend long winters under the ice.

Before going on a special trip, check online for local fishing reports.

8. Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls is one of Rifle Falls State Park’s most iconic attractions; they are usually most majestic in the spring, when the snow at higher elevations is melting, causing rivers and creeks to swell.

The falls are a favorite destination for photographers and artists interested in capturing the majestic essence of the area, and there are many trails that lead right to the base.

The sound is often deafening when the water is flowing, while in late spring and summer, the surrounding area is lush, green and picturesque, often shrouded in a pristine mist.

Camping and RV sites are available for those who want to stay overnight.

9. Rifle Heritage Centre and Museum

Rifle Heritage Center and Museum

While it’s a long way from the state’s largest museum, the Rifle Heritage Center and Museum is impressive. For lovers of history and Native American culture, this is the perfect place to get started quickly without leaving the confines of town.

The museum is located on the corner of Fourth Street and East Avenue. Its displays include a variety of historical artifacts and memorabilia, such as clothing, weapons, art, and household items from Indians and settlers; many of which date back to the early 1800s.

The center is staffed with knowledgeable locals, so don’t be shy to ask them for advice on what to see and do in town.

10. Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon stretches for a dozen miles through some of the most beautiful and rugged country in the region. It features cliffs that tower over 1,200 feet below the turbulent Colorado River.

It is the longest and deepest canyon of its kind on the Upper Colorado River and has been an official Natural Landmark for nearly a decade.

The canyon can be explored by car, bike or on foot. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to some of the most stunning views and photo manipulations you’ll ever see.

Remember that roads and trails are often icy and dangerous in the fall and winter.

11. Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Spa Pool

Glenwood Springs is the largest single thermal pool in the world, according to savvy and frequently traveled spa lovers.

Measuring approximately 400 feet long and nearly 100 feet wide, it is filled with minerals that are said to have healing properties, especially for those suffering from muscle and bone problems.

The spring water gushes out at consistently mild temperatures, which is especially tempting after a long day in the frigid mountain air.

There are dedicated lanes for lap swimmers, and in the summer there are slides, a children’s pool and family cabanas to rent.

12. Glenwood Adventures

Glenwood Adventures

Many tourists come to Colorado for its stunning natural beauty, unparalleled ruggedness and abundance of exhilarating activities.

Some fearless people like to strike out on their own, but others prefer to let the pros handle the details. For those who fall into the latter category, time spent at Glenwood Adventure Company will be the perfect way to make the most of the day.

Glenwood Adventure offers an impressive variety of packages including activities ranging from rafting, paddle boarding and horseback riding to ziplining, four wheel driving and paragliding.

Most options are between one and four hours, but overnight tours are also popular.

13. Rifle Creek Golf Course

Rifle Creek Golf Course

Colorado’s weather is perfect for golf most of the year, and Rifle Creek Golf Course has been a favorite in the area since it opened more than 50 years ago.

Rifle Creek’s back tee is slightly longer at 6,200 yards, though it has other tee options to suit women, seniors and juniors.

The course’s 18 holes include a variety of natural features and many scenic mountain views, which are especially stunning for visitors from other less mountainous parts of the country.

A bar and grill, pro shop and practice facilities complete the course.

14. White River National Forest

White River National Forest

Lovers of stunning scenery, fresh air, and breathtaking scenery might spend months in Colorado without experiencing everything the state has to offer.

The state has more than its fair share of local, state, and national parks, but for those who don’t want to spend hours in the car, White River National Forest is the perfect place to see it all in one convenient location.

The forest features nearly 14,000 feet of mountains and hundreds of independent hiking and biking trails ranging from less than a mile to more than three dozen.

The area includes world-class ski resorts, multiple campgrounds and great fishing.

15. Glenwood Canyon Recreational Trail

Glenwood Canyon Recreational Trail

The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail winds over 13 miles throughout the majestic canyon.

Unlike many other trails in the area, the recreational trail is paved, which means when it’s not snowing or icy, it’s suitable for people of most ages and ability levels – even strollers and wheelchairs.

The trail has several attractions and seating areas along the way, but it does get crowded during peak summer hours. To avoid crowds, consider visiting early in the morning or on weekdays.

Local tour providers offer shuttles to the trails, or you can just go one way and pick you up at the other end for your return trip.

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