15 Best things to do in Venlo (Netherlands)

Venlo is located on the Dutch/German border in the southeastern part of the province of Limburg. With a population of just over 100,000, it is one of the largest cities in the province and one of the economic centers of the region. Venlo has a large agricultural industry and has one of the most active green ports in Europe.

In addition, the city serves as a link between other cities in the region and neighboring Germany, and is the central point of Limburg’s economic development. In times past, the area around Venlo was occupied by Celts and Romans, and in the late 14th century or so, it became a major trading post for the region. Today, it is a fine city with a variety of historic buildings, escape rooms, parks and modern events such as specialized museums.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Venlo:

1. City Hall

town Hall

Many cities in the Netherlands have a historic town hall that has been a central structure for justice and ceremonies for many years.

One such building is the Stadhuis in Venlo, located on Markt Square in the heart of the old town.

Built in 1597 in the Renaissance style, the Town Hall has a beautiful front façade, two domineering towers and extensive decoration.

At night, the Town Hall usually rises in a variety of wondrous colours, and the surrounding Markt Square is a great place to enjoy a drink or a meal.

Although you cannot enter the City Hall, it is still a beautiful building in the center of Venlo to admire and photograph.

2. San Martinusque


Not far from the city hall is St. Martin’s Church in the center of Venlo.

The interior of this church is very beautiful and gorgeous, with a beautiful vaulted ceiling sprinkled with lights.

In addition, there is a series of ornate stained glass windows, a large pipe organ and a stunning high altar inlaid with gold.

This is a relatively modern church, built in 1879 with a baroque design and a large central bell tower.

The tower stands out against the surrounding buildings and can be seen in many different places in Venlo.

3. Masduinin National Park

Masduinin National Park

A long stretch of land covering 45 square kilometers was established as a national park in 1996. The start of this striking part of Limburg is just 20 minutes north of Venlo, with the main N271 road running along its western edge.

Here you can find a mix of sand ridges, badlands, forests and sandy plateaus.

In addition to the stunning scenery, there is an abundance of wildlife such as small snakes, frogs, lizards and birds such as nighthawks and western harriers.

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Special attractions are the Reindesmeer lake and the dunes found near the village of Nieuw-Bergen.

4. National Park De Groote Peel

National Park De Groote Peel

In addition to Masdouinen National Park, another area of ​​natural beauty worth noting is De Groote Peel.

This wonderful wild landscape is a 30-minute drive west of Venlo, accessible via the A67. Despite being smaller than other parks in the Netherlands, De Groote Peel still has a diverse landscape and a wealth of activities.

Abundant peat and swamps, it is a water paradise, barely affected by human farming.

A well-established network of paths runs through the marshes and fields, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a hike or bike ride.

In addition, it is a bird-watching paradise and one of the richest areas in Western Europe for species such as grebes and cranes.

5. Toveland Amusement Park


If you travel 20 minutes west of Venlo to the small village of Evertsod, you will find the amazing Toverland amusement park.

Originally established in 2001, this theme park has grown and continues to grow, adding new rides to its library.

This fun-filled park features high-intensity rides such as the Troy wooden coaster, Back Stroke Log Flume and Booster Bike steel coaster.

Also, in the two large buildings at the back of the park, there are many stalls, restaurants and fun games to enjoy.

Toverland has something for the whole family to enjoy and make for a great day out.

6. The team is trapped in the escape room

team trapped

A new form of attraction is popping up across Europe and becoming very popular – escape rooms.

Room escape is about teamwork, cooperation, problem solving and logic.

Venlo’s Team Trapped Room Escape is a beautifully designed game that will really test your ingenuity and concentration.

Put yourself and your friends against the clock, try to solve a series of clues to escape the room and find the secret of the golden tiger.

If you have some free time or a group of people looking for a unique experience, Trapped Teams provide a ton of fun.

7. Record Store

sound record store

Old record stores are pretty cool – they give off a certain vibe and vibe, and the people who work there really appreciate the art of music.

The Sound Record Shop in Venlo is one of these old places and a great place to relax and find some truly classic songs.

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The music collection spread over two floors is incredible and caters for every genre.

You can find vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and cassettes, and if the store doesn’t have it in stock, they’ll try to find it for you! Truly stepping back in time, the Sounds Record store is a must for music lovers.

8. Kasteeltuinen Arcen

Kasteeltuinen Arcen

Have you ever seen a stately residence with a double moat in a lavish landscaped garden? That’s exactly what you get at Arcen Castle – a house built in 1511, demolished, then rebuilt in 1651 and now open to the public.

A central attraction of the estate are the manicured gardens, a real joy to explore.

Water is the central theme here, and there are many ponds, streams and fountains to enjoy.

Plus, you’ll find countless plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers, all beautifully arranged in pleasing patterns.

Summer is the best time to visit, you can experience the greenery of blooming flowers and vegetation.

9. Dine at Valuas Restaurant

Varuas Restaurant

Want to dine by the river? Valuas Restaurant offers this and more! A 15-minute drive north of the city center, on the banks of the Meuse River, this restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Venlo.

Exuding ambience and sophistication, the service is second to none.

If you want a true dining experience, you can choose from an extraordinary 9-course meal; alternatively, you can choose from à la carte menus such as North Sea Crab with Fennel and Watercress, or Partridge with Mustard and Celery.

10. Try local beers at Cafe de Klep

Cafe De Klep

Located in the heart of the old town, Cafe de klep offers a wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff and a good selection of beers and spirits.

The friendly staff and owners of this pub will make you feel at home and will help you choose from an incredible selection of tap water and bottled beers.

Maybe you like Achel Blonde or Boon Kriek? Food is also served here, and you can’t visit Cafe de Klep without tasting the famous bitter ball.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining evening with plenty of food and drink, this hotel will deliver.

11. Limburg Museum

Limburg Museum

The Limburg Regional Museum is located next to the beautiful Juliana Park in the heart of Venlo.

This is one of three museums in the province and houses a large collection of artifacts and exhibitions.

A central theme of the museum is archaeology and settlements, which are documented throughout history.

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You can see a range of archaeological finds dating back to the Neolithic period, including farming tools, clothing, textiles and utensils.

Also, you can find a nice restaurant with reasonable prices and a good selection of local dishes.

12. Holland Casino

Holland Casino

For those who love the adrenaline-pumping world of gaming and gambling, Venlo’s Holland Casino is right up your street.

The building was created in 2006 in an oriental style and is located in a business park about 10 minutes west of the Venlo city centre.

Inside you can enjoy a variety of games and tables, including babbitt, roulette, blackjack and poker.

There is also a designated smoke and game is countless slot machines for you to try.

After you’ve made your fortune, you can dine at a fine restaurant or enjoy a cocktail at a licensed bar.

13. Van Vasrohr Museum DVD

Van Wasloh Museum DVD

Are you interested in electronic technology? Do you appreciate the design and style of audiovisual recording equipment? For tech lovers, the Van Wasrol tot DVD Museum provides an in-depth look into the world of recording, with an extensive display of rare equipment from all eras.

Here you’ll find everything from old phonographs to current Blu-ray DVD players, and plenty in between.

Housed in an old farm building, the museum offers guided tours and live demonstrations of many of the equipment.

14. Van Bommel Van Dam Museum

Van Bommel Van Dam Museum

There are many museums in Venlo, and this special venue hosts a wonderful exhibition of modern art.

The van Bommel van Dam museum is close to other fascinating museums in the city centre and can be visited as part of a tour of the old town.

Inside this modern building, you can see a variety of paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs from the era of modern art.

A variety of artists are shown here, including work by Jan Meijer, Marjan Teeuwen and Edgar Fernhout.

15. Transit to Loberich


Venlo is located on the Dutch/German border, with easy access to western cities such as Dusseldorf, Cologne and Duisburg.

Just a 25-minute drive east of Venlo is the charming city of Loberridge, which is actually part of the Nettall district.

Lobberich has plenty of parks, lakes and natural beauty to explore.

In addition, you can taste fine German cuisine in one of the fine dining restaurants located in the city center.

You can also use the town as a springboard to the wider region and explore Germany further.

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