15 Best Things to Do in West Covina (CA)

West Covina, California is only 18 miles from the city of Los Angeles, but until recently, many people may have never heard of it. However, that may all have changed in 2015, thanks to the new hit TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on The CW. After going on to win many awards and critical acclaim, the show was also praised for being filmed and filmed in the town of West Covina, so the location is as important as the characters in the rest of the story cast.

There’s even a song on the show called “West Covina,” which literally celebrates the city. If you’re in town, there are plenty of locations to visit, but even if you’ve never met a crazy ex, you’ll still find a wide variety of things to do in this vibrant city of over 100,000 residents.

Let’s explore the best things to do in West Covina:

1. Lakes Mall Office

West Covina Lake Center

When you start your tour of West Covina, start with one of the show’s most used scenes, the office where many of the characters in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend work. A cluster of office buildings is attached to the Lakes Center in West Covina, where fans of the show will recognize the offices of Whitefeather & Associates, where heroine Rebecca Bunch works as a lawyer. These offices are part of the wider The Lakes Center Complex and are perfect for those who prefer Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to take pictures.

2. Glendora Historical Society Museum

Glendora Historical Society Museum

Just a 15-minute drive outside of West Covina near Glendora, the Glendora Historical Society Museum is a great family getaway. The museum will take you through all the history of the Glendora area, and to that end, it has a range of exhibits for you to enjoy. It includes a comprehensive collection of historical memorabilia from the 17th to 18th centuries. You can look forward to antique pieces, including paintings and furniture, as well as a photo gallery of the era. There’s even a collection of mannequins in historical clothing that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

3. Lake District Mall

Lake District Mall

Lakes Mall is West Covina’s upscale mall and certainly a great place to shop. Here you’ll find a variety of high-end stores and local brands, as well as a variety of dining opportunities if you’re in the mood for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee. The mall makes for a great day, but perhaps more interesting is what’s going on outside. The song “West Covina” in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was filmed on the outside quad, which is where Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch flies into the sky on a giant pretzel. Of course, if you’re a fan of the show, this is a stop not to be missed.

4. The Major League Dream

Major League Dream

Another location in Big League Dreams, part of the Cray Ex-Girlfriend Tour, is actually the location of the show’s bar known as Home Base, where protagonist Greg Serrano works. The real version of Big League Dreams is a baseball-themed sports park featuring a series of replica Major League Baseball parks for visitors to walk around. The venues are miniature models of the real thing, easy to visit, and the park offers a good look at one of America’s most popular sports. There are also regular baseball and softball games and an indoor soccer field.

5. Garster Wilderness Park

Garster Wilderness Park

Sadly, Galster Wilderness Park isn’t on the show, but it’s still one of the best places to go if you want to get out of the house and see the picturesque scenery of West Covina. The 42-acre park is crossed by tree-lined trails, making it an ideal location if you’re interested in nature. The park houses a museum and education center with monthly programs run by knowledgeable volunteers who introduce visitors to Aboriginal fossils, minerals and animals. Hiking and cycling are popular pastimes here, and the iconic tall green trees mean you can enjoy the shade while taking in the views.

6. Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum

Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum

Just 3 minutes from West Covina, the Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum is a fun and educational place for the whole family. The museum is run by the Baldwin Park Historical Society, and you can take tours that highlight and explain period clothing in the area. This includes items such as vintage shoes and military uniforms worn by service members from previous years, as well as antiques from past years.

7. Arcadia Wilderness Park

Arcadia Wilderness Park

If you drive 16 minutes outside of West Covina, you will come to the famous Arcadia City Wilderness Park, known for its vibrant trails and nature center. Here you will find displays of various animals, so this is the perfect place to learn about the local flora and fauna. Covered with grassy picnic grounds, the park is said to be the best hiking spot in the area.

8. Cortez Park

Cortez Park

If you’re looking for a variety of attractions, Cortez Park is known as a great park in West Covina. For younger guests, the park has a range of playgrounds for different age groups, as well as an outdoor gym if you like working out. The park is covered with grassy rolling hills, which also makes it a great place for a walk or a picnic, and if you’re feeling more active, you can enjoy the view from the bike paths around the park.

9. Boba Tea Lounge

Boba Tea Room

Insane ex-girlfriend Rebecca and her lover Josh Chan often sit in an unspecified park enjoying some traditional Taiwanese bubble tea drinks known in the area as Boba Tea. Sadly the park and the tea stand can’t be visited in real life as they are part of the set and don’t actually exist, but if you want to try some bubble tea, head to Boba Tea Lounge in West Covina. Here, you’ll find a range of delicious Taiwanese milk tea concoctions, all filled with springy traditional tapioca pearls. You might not be able to find the exact tea stand, but at least you’ll get a taste of West Covina’s famous boba tea.

10. Solana Park

Solana Park

West Covina’s Solana Park area is another location for hardcore fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriends because it’s Rebecca Bunch’s fictional home. It’s a residential area full of apartments that look exactly like the ones used in the show. Drive around and see if you can figure out which one was used in the very first episode of Greg and Rebecca.

11. Brunswick West Covina Drive

Brunswick West Covina Drive

Brunswick West Covina Lanes is the city’s most popular bowling center. The facility has up to 50 bowling lanes to choose from, and there are other attractions if you want to try something other than bowling. If you want to play games and pro shop, there are 9 pool tables so you can stock up on any equipment you might need. There’s also a snack bar and banquet service so you don’t feel hungry when you go to a game.

12. Tilt 267

Tilt 267

If you don’t want the game to stop in West Covina, head to Tilt 267, an arcade dedicated to having fun. The facility is packed with vintage play areas, including video games such as racing and shooters. You can also try to win in a range of redemption games including old-fashioned claw and stacker games. Other fun activities here include air hockey and a shooting range.

13. Magic Playground

magic playground

Magic Playground is a great place for younger visitors to the West Covina area, especially if you’re looking for an indoor activity to do on a rainy day. All parts of this playground are indoors and are suitable for children, toddlers and even babies. The play area here has toys for children and inflatable attractions, including a bounce house for youngsters. There is also a colorful castle system set up in the playground for children to explore.

14. Palm View Park

Palm View Park

There are several parks in West Covina, but Palm View Park has something different. You might notice what it is as soon as you get closer, as you’ll find several large planes parked in the center of the park. Airplanes are practically children’s toys here, so they’re perfect for budding aviation enthusiasts. In addition to the planes, there are two playgrounds for children of different ages, as well as sports fields and picnic tables so you can enjoy the view.

15. Duarte History Museum

Duarte History Museum

If you want to visit the surrounding area, this museum is located in neighboring Duarte, a short distance from West Covina. Located just 11 minutes from downtown, the Duarte Historical Museum is dedicated to telling the story of Duarte’s past. To that end, it is filled with period exhibits that will take you from creation to the present. Look forward to period artifacts such as paintings, photographs, and furniture.

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