15 Best Tours in Zagreb

Zagreb has a population of over 800,000 and is the capital and largest city of Croatia.

Located along the Sava River in the northwest of the country, it has been inhabited since at least the early 12th century, and probably much longer.

For much of the 1990s, the country was embroiled in a religious conflict that killed a large number of citizens.

Thankfully, things have long since returned to normal and the country is once again open to tourists from all over the world.

Here are the 15 best tours in Zagreb.

1. 2 ½ hour walking tour and cable car ride

Zagreb Cable Car

Contrary to popular belief, a funicular is not a bone in your arm.

The gondola is actually a gondola, just with a cooler name.

Now that you’ve mastered the terminology, it’s time to consider the selling points of this 2 ½ hour guided tour of Zagreb.

You and your travel companions will explore the capital’s most impressive sights, including the vibrant Tkalciceva Street, the central square and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

From there you will head to the cable car station to start your ascent to Gladeck, the elevated upper part of the city.

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2. Wine lessons taught by experienced sommeliers

Wine guided class

Zagreb is a relatively laid-back city that has experienced a renaissance in food, wine and art in recent years.

This whirlwind 1.5-hour food and wine tour is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of free time on the itinerary.

It includes the services of professional guides, gourmets and wine lovers who will lead you on a culinary tour including cafés, markets and cosy bars.

Croatian wines are surprisingly delicious and pair perfectly with local delicacies such as prosciutto, cheese and freshly baked bread.

You’ll also learn about the area’s history and culture along the way, and finish in time for the early happy hour.

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3. 3-Hour Classic Bike Tour

Zagreb cycling

Despite its size, Zagreb is a walking and cycling city, especially during the warm spring and summer months when the weather is usually almost perfect.

This tour lasts about 3 hours, is only open to small groups, and offers morning and afternoon start times.

It includes a local guide, bike and helmet, and bottled water, and is even suitable for most able-bodied children and adults.

You can expect to see more than you can imagine before exploring the upper and lower parts of the city, before stopping for coffee and ice cream on the way.

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4. Croatian Breakfast Walking Tour

Taste of Croatia Morning Walking Tour

Prefer to rise with the sun and hit the streets while most tourists are still curled up in hotel beds?

If so, this morning’s breakfast hike is the ticket.

Before the dining tour, guests will browse the stalls at the Dolac Produce Market to learn about the growing season, vendors and what they sell.

For many international visitors, it’s like a trip back in time, and often there are many items that guests have never seen before.

From there you’ll head to the Uptown Bistro for a traditional breakfast, which may include cornbread, local cheese, yogurt and brandy.

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5. 3-hour Back to Socialism Tour

Zagreb, Croatia

For most citizens of Croatia, life behind the Iron Curtain isn’t all rainbow sherbet and fluffy bunnies.

Also, the socialists were never known for their impressive buildings, but as they say, everything old is new again, and Zagreb’s once-maligned buildings are suddenly fashionable again.

This 3-hour tour is perfect for history buffs, culture buffs, and even secret admirers of socialism.

You’ll visit many different neighborhoods, hear stories about the country’s socialist era, and enjoy an effortless bike ride for just about anyone.

Also enjoy the perfect time to rest at the quaint espresso bar.

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6. 2-Hour Walking Tour of the Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Some, if not all of us have broken up more than our fair share of past relationships, but to the surprise of many visitors, there is actually a museum in Zagreb entirely dedicated to them.

That’s right, it’s called the Museum of Broken Relationships, and it’s filled with heartbreaking stories of broken and unrequited love, flirtatious couples, and other terrifying stories of heartbreak and shattered dreams.

The tour starts at 10:00am and includes time for general sightseeing and visits to shops, other odd museums and cafes.

For eccentric lovers, this fun 2-hour tour is an absolute must.

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7. Small Group Christmas Market Tour

Zagreb Christmas

Christmas is a special time of the year in Croatia, and Zagreb has dozens of markets specializing in holiday baubles, trinkets and various striped decorations.

The tour begins at Jelacic Square and transitions from October to the city’s largest Christmas market.

Even if you plan to go home on December 25, this is the perfect place to do some Christmas shopping and pick up souvenirs to remind you of your trip.

The tour includes an English-speaking guide, free donuts and cake, and a glass of mulled wine or local brandy.

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8. 3 ½ Hour Private Electric Bike Tour

Green horseshoes in Zagreb

Electric bikes are fast becoming a popular touring vehicle because they allow riders to get some fresh air and some much-needed exercise, but their electric motors are there to help when things get tough.

This 3½-hour tour allows participants to explore the upper and lower parts of the city and experience many hidden gems that are often overlooked on larger tours.

Attractions include many city parks, historic squares, the majestic fountain of the National University Library and Bundek Lake.

You’ll have plenty of time to stop and rest along the way and enjoy a Zagreb-style coffee or a cold drink.

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9. Crafts, food and shopping tours made in Croatia

Made in Croatia: Craft and Food Shopping Tour

Croatian artisans and craftsmen mass produce traditional products, which are often popular with tourists from other countries.

This combo tour begins at 1:00 pm and lasts 2.5 hours, and includes a delightful combination of history, culture, food and crafts.

Guests will travel to multiple markets and shopping areas and have time to browse the items on display before deciding what to buy.

Guests will also have time to sample baked goods, world-class olive oil, and maybe even a cup of coffee before moving on to other adventures.

This is a great way to pick up some great souvenirs and support local entrepreneurs.

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10. Brewery tour

Guided Brewery Tour, Zagreb

Croats have always loved their beer, and like many other parts of the world, the country has experienced a craft beer rebirth in recent years.

This popular 4-hour guided tour includes stops at two urban breweries, where guests will learn how ordinary ingredients like wheat and hops are miraculously transformed into one of the most popular and intoxicating beverages on the planet.

Of course, participants will not only see and learn​​​, they will also taste, which is the real charm of this tour.

Plan to meet new people, relax on the landscaped patio and sample some of the continent’s best and most underrated beers.

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11. 4-Hour Food Tour

Zagreb Food Tour

Die-hard foodies and hedonists may spend days in the Croatian capital without ever experiencing all the food here, but in just a few hours can embark on an unforgettable and in-depth culinary journey.

This 4-hour tour will take you to the top attractions in the center of Zagreb, where guests will sample local dishes, visit a community market, and learn about the city’s history and unique food culture.

Croatian chocolates, pastries, cottage cheese, and fresh meat and fish will all be sampled along the way, and midway through the tour, you’ll have time to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee or a pastry in a cosy café.

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12. Mix ‘n’ Mingle Walking Tour with a local guide

Zagreb Cathedral

Want to be a Pacer? mixer? Bartender?

Then get ready to experience Zagreb from a unique perspective that no one on a large tour can experience.

The tour lasts 4 hours, starts at 11:30 and includes many of the city’s most popular attractions in the upper and lower parts of the city.

Guests will ride the world’s smallest cable car and marvel at Ban Jelacic Square, St. Mark’s Church and the city’s medieval stone gates.

Tkalciceva Street is another highlight of the trip, always packed with revelers, diners and happy tourists in various stages of intoxication.

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13. Zagreb City Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Hop On Hop Off, Zagreb

A hop-on hop-off bus tour is a great way to experience a new city without feeling like you’re tied to other tour members and guides all day long.

Zagreb is known for its rich and varied attractions, and for those do-it-yourselfers who don’t want a live guide chattering all day, this tour might just be the ticket.

The accompanying audio guide is available in 10 languages, and participants can choose the sites they want to see and explore, and skip the ones they’re not interested in.

Each tour is customizable and includes a brochure offering discounts on everything from beverages and meals to admission and other tours.

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14. Plitvice Lakes Day Trip from Zagreb

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia’s natural wonders, and although it’s located outside the city limits of Zagreb, it’s definitely worth a visit if you have a full day to spare.

Guests will travel by minivan from the city to the park and begin their 4-hour guided sightseeing tour, which includes many of the country’s most impressive natural attractions.

You’ll take a boat, walk, or even take the tram to discover waterfalls, pristine lakes, idyllic forests and old-world villages that time seems to have forgotten.

The tour includes round-trip transportation to and from Zagreb and park tickets.

Food and drink stops will be held regularly but are not included in the tour fee.

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15. Private Walking Tour of Zagreb Upper Town and Downtown

Ban Jelacic monument, Zagreb city center

Upper Zagreb and the city center are two distinct areas of the city, both worth exploring with a local guide.

They are connected by the world’s shortest funicular, and each holds some of the city’s most important and frequently visited attractions.

The upper part of the city was originally a medieval settlement, offering guests stunning views of St. Catherine’s Church, the Croatian Parliament and the city’s picturesque rooftops.

Tours also include stops at the square dedicated to the historical figure Ban Jelacic and the most stunning Zrinjevac park in the city.

Morning and afternoon tours are offered, so click the links below to see what each includes as they are not the same.

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