15 Things to Do in Key Biscayne (FL)

Located on the southeast corner of Metro Miami, Key Biscayne is an idyllic island conveniently connected to the mainland by a bridge.

With fewer than 13,000 residents, Key Biscayne is known for its stunning beach parks, unique historic lighthouses, and a cool vibe similar to Key West and Key Largo—but closer to civilization.

Key Biscayne has a variety of dining and lodging options, and whether it’s fishing, golfing, boating, or just relaxing on the beach that interests you, you’ll find plenty to do.

Here are 15 things to do in and around Key Biscayne, Florida.

1. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is located at the southern end of Biscayne Bay. This is the perfect destination for those looking to experience unspoiled Florida nature without taking it to more remote locations like Key West.

In addition to the stunning beaches and breathtaking ocean views, the state park is also home to a historic lighthouse that is one of the oldest structures in the county.

Lighthouse tours are offered, and most visitors choose to spend a full day in the park, enjoying its historical and natural attractions together.

There are several multipurpose trails, as well as covered seating and picnic areas.

2. Crandon Golf Course

Crandon Golf Course

Many golf enthusiasts consider the Crandon Golf Course to be one of the best values ​​in the state. While there are cheaper options, most of them can’t match Crandon’s fantastic design and scenic but challenging holes.

Crandon’s 18 holes are less than 7,500 yards long, making them longer than the average course, but with a variety of tee options to suit players of most ages and skill levels.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and professionals to play field games in the area. Tee times go by quickly during peak hours, so book in advance if you’re going to play.

3. Ayesha Saffron

Ayesha Saffron, Key Bisbayne

For a unique dining experience with more class and refinement than many local restaurants, Ayesha Saffron on Crandon Boulevard would be a good choice.

Offering a full range of Indian dishes – including naan, tikki masala, lentil soup and a variety of curries – previous guests have noticed a winning combination of exotic spices and fresh ingredients.

Ayesha Saffron may not be for those looking to feed a large, discerning family on the cheap, but for those looking for a unique dining experience and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, it’s well worth a stop for lunch or dinner.

4. Stilts


Stiltsville is a collection of abandoned homes and businesses jutting out of the ocean on stilts a little over a mile off the coast of Biscayne Bay.

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The structures were built decades ago to allow shady entrepreneurs to bypass liquor and gambling laws that didn’t go beyond the shoreline.

Many buildings have been destroyed in hurricanes over the years, but what remains are being preserved by local nonprofits.

Stiltsville is easily accessible by boat from the local marina, and the area is also a popular destination for fishermen and SCUBA divers.

5. Crandon Park

Crandon Park

Crandon Park is located at the northern end of Key Biscayne, opposite Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, and tends to have more visitor traffic than its southern neighbor.

With 2 miles of scenic beaches including a sand volleyball court, a nature center and a covered gazebo, Crandon Park is the perfect place to escape the sun and enjoy a meal.

Crandon Park can be crowded during peak weekend hours and summer school holidays, but you can still find your own space on weekdays and mornings.

6. Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Bay Nature Center

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Bay Nature Center is named after a local conservationist who spends much of her time conserving wild areas in southern Florida, comprising more than 160 acres of undeveloped land in Crandon Park.

While the Miami skyline is visible from the center, in many ways it is worlds apart. It is a popular destination for those interested in learning about and immersing themselves in the local ecosystem.

The center has an impressive fossil reef and a variety of trails. A variety of tours and activity options are also offered on a regular basis.

7. Key Biscayne Village Green Park

Key Biscayne Village Green Park

Key Biscayne Village Green Park is located near the city centre. While it’s not as large as some of the other parks in Biscayne Bay, it’s a popular outdoor recreation destination, especially for those with kids.

There is a large playground and fountain, and shaded seating areas nearby for parents who would rather watch from a safe distance than get involved.

For dog owners, there is a dog park. Runners and walkers often walk along the boundaries of the park, especially during the generally cooler mornings and afternoons.

The park is free to use, open from sunrise to sunset, and there is free parking nearby.

8. Guided tour of Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park Guided Tour

While most of the area’s top attractions are great for do-it-yourselfers, many visitors would rather let a professional handle all the little details.

A guided tour of Biscayne National Park is perfect for the latter. There is no better way to gain a unique insight into the area and what you see than as part of a guided tour.

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The Biscayne National Park Institute offers visitors a variety of tour options, including natural and historic sites such as the Marine Heritage Trail, Jones Lagoon, and the lighthouse in the Boca Chita Historic District.

Tours can be booked online or at the National Park Visitor Center, and there are options to suit most ages and interests.

9. Marine Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park

Marine Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park

Florida has more coastline than any other state except Alaska, so it’s no surprise that the state has such a rich seafaring history.

The waters around the Florida Coats are littered with shipwrecks, which attract historians, anglers and divers year-round.

The Maritime Heritage Trail in Biscayne National Park is the perfect way to see the various shipwrecks and learn how they sank.

Maps and brochures are available at the park’s visitor center, and guided tours are also available.

Shipwreck sites can only be reached by boat; in addition to sightseeing tours, some offer SCUBA excursions.

10. Miami International Boat Show

Miami International Boat Show

The Miami International Boat Show, one of the country’s premier annual boat shows, will take place for five days in mid-January 2020.

It will be held at Miami Marine Park on nearby Virginia Key. For dreamers interested in getting up close and personal with fabulous boats and yachts, there is no better place.

Standard and VIP tickets are available, and the show has long been known for its food, live entertainment and a wide variety of new boats and yachts, many of which make their official debut at the show each year.

Most guests end up staying longer than expected at the show, and those looking to avoid the crowds should consider visiting in the morning.

11. Rusty Pelican

Rusty Pelican

Rusty Pelican may be Key Biscayne’s most iconic restaurant. It’s especially popular with the weekend brunch crowd, who love to sip champagne, sample fresh local seafood, and gaze at the beautiful bay.

The restaurant has been around since 1978 and attracts tourists from all walks of life. Although it is one of the pricier restaurants in Key Biscayne, it consistently offers guests a unique and unparalleled dining experience.

Their fare ranges from traditional to modern and includes many international influences, especially from the Caribbean and Latin and South America.

12. Adrian Ashter Center

Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center

Local performing arts centers often don’t rank high on the to-do list of people visiting the Sunshine State.

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Florida vacationers typically look for theme parks and beaches, but for those interested in art and culture in the Miami and Biscayne Bay areas, the Adrienne Arsht Center is the perfect place to spend a few nights.

The center consists of an opera house, a concert hall and a performing arts theatre, with productions including classical music, dance and theatre.

Previous guests have commented on the center’s state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, comfortable seating, and the variety of amazing services offered throughout the year.

13. Miami Aquarium

Miami Aquarium

Although the Miami Aquarium is filled with amazing marine animals of nearly every size, shape, and description, it’s by no means just another aquarium.

It’s one of South Florida’s premier children’s attractions, and it’s the perfect solution for weary parents who are tired of jumping from place to place to keep their kids busy.

In addition to entertainment, Seaquarium employees are committed to education; to that end, they offer a variety of engaging, employee-led activities that are popular with all ages.

Discounts and seasonal offers are often available online, so do some research before you go.

14. Fishing

Fishing, Biscayne Bay

With so much coastline and warm, shallow waters, the bays and ocean around Key Biscayne are home to an abundance of sport fish, and the area attracts serious saltwater anglers from all over the country.

Shore fishing is a popular form of fishing, and many of the aforementioned Biscayne Bay parks are prime locations. But for those who would rather go offshore with a professional guide, the options also seem endless.

Tarpon, snook, permit, grouper and bony fish are the most popular quarries. While some are relatively easy to catch, some do require local knowledge and specialized equipment.

Ask for a local recommender or two before booking and check your guide’s reviews online.

15. Deering Manor

Deering Manor

Charles Deering was a wealthy Midwestern industrialist who bought a Miami Shore property in the 1920s and turned it into his family’s winter getaway.

Deering Estate is located in South Miami, across from Key Biscayne. It is considered one of the state’s most unique and important historical attractions.

The grounds are simply stunning, and the house is filled with period art, antiques and homewares that were the height of luxury by the standards of the day.

The grounds of the estate also feature archaeological objects, gardens and fountains. Guided tours are available, as well as special events and educational programs.

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