15 things to do in Moama (Australia)

On the north bank of the Murray River, just within NSW, Moama is halfway up the twin cities that straddle the river and the state line.

This gets you as close as possible to Echuca, which became Australia’s largest inland port in the 19th century.

Echuca’s heritage has been carefully preserved, from the 400-meter long wooden pier to the riverside industry and the world’s largest fleet of paddle steamers.

You can’t miss the opportunity to cruise on these beautiful wood-fired boats.

Murray will be there during your visit to Moama, where you’ll find ancient river mangrove gums, riverside picnic areas and rambling vineyards that stretch to the water’s edge.

1. Port Echuca Discovery Center

Port Echuca Discovery Center

To immerse yourself in the vibrant history of the Port of Echuca area, your first stop must be this attraction, which allows you to visit fascinating indoor and outdoor exhibits.

You’ll start with a high-tech crash course on Australia’s inland waterways, paddle steamers and how trade connects Echuca to the wider world.

From there you’ll enter various parts of the riverside industry, such as sawmills and working steam engines.

Then there is the full majesty of the pier, fully restored and affixed with information boards.

There you’ll find the cargo shed, another striking museum that dives into the world of paddle steamers and the people who make a living from them.

2. Murray River Paddle Steamer

murray paddle steamer pride

Another hallmark of Echuca is the evocative fleet of historic paddle steamers moored at the marina.

Once the backbone of the town’s economy, these beautiful old boats now take people on sightseeing tours along the Murray River.

There are three ships in regular service: PS Canberra (1913), PS Pride of the Murray (1924) and PS Emmylou, the latter launched in 1982 but powered by restored wood-fired Marshall & Sons steam engines from 1906 . There are a variety of durations to choose from, and on a typical one-hour trip you’ll hear commentary about the old port and fleet, and see the engineers fuel the engines with chunks of river red gum while all the kids get a chance to drive. for a while.

3. St Anne’s Vineyard

Moama Vineyards

The wine producer has been in business for over forty years and has vineyards in several locations in Victoria and NSW.

St Annes remains a family business producing Muscat, fortified tawny ports, punchy Shiraz, crisp Chardonnay and complex Sauvignon Blanc.

You can visit two St Anne locations around Echuca-Moama.

There is a modern winery on the banks of the Moama River with cellars built using traditional rammed earth techniques.

You can try the winery’s collection, paired with a local cheese platter, and wander the picturesque grounds while gazing at the vines.

There is also a St Anne cellar door in a lovely old carriage workshop at Echuca Port Precinct.

4. The Great Australian Brewery

great australian beer shack

A quirky labour of love dedicated to showcasing iconic Australian products, this museum will be a nostalgia for anyone who has ever spent any time in Australia.

The Great Aussie Beer Shed exhibits a collection of over 17,000 beer cans from across Australia and around the world.

These also have a ton of other beer paraphernalia including signage, brewery equipment, barrels, taps, bottles and handles.

The rest of the museum is a huge clutter of vintage kitchen and laundry appliances, Coca-Cola collections, and old gasoline engines.

5. Five Mile Picnic Area

five mile picnic area

In keeping with the peaceful and open space feel on the banks of the Murray River, there is a riverside picnic area just west of town.

This is part of the Murray Valley National Park and is a popular spot for resting, canoeing or kayaking or paddling in the shade of towering river mangrove trees.

There is also a single track mountain bike trail where you can take your dog to the picnic area.

Come February, the Southern 80 waterskiing event will take place here on Saturday, starting with a 20-kilometer route that winds east to Victoria Park in Echuca.

6. National Holden Automobile Museum

National Holden Automobile Museum

Holden Motors is an Australian institution that owns Vegemite and koalas and has been a way of life for almost 80 years.

This museum near Echuca Pier has Holdens dating back to the 1940s, but will also give you an idea of ​​the company’s origins in the saddle-making business in the mid-1800s.

There are some rare models in the collection, such as the FC converted into a hearse, the first Monaro to roll off the production line, and the factory 350 Statesman.

Also on display are unrestored originals, even rarer factory option cars and several models from the brand’s glory days in the 1960s.

7. Bama National Park

Bama National Park

Up the Murray is a riverside national park with some 60,000 hectares of the largest riverine red gum forest on the planet.

This species can grow to over 45 meters tall and is known to live for half a millennium.

The park is bordered by Ramsar wetlands, which provide habitat for a large number of waterfowl.

You can stroll among the river mangrove gums, explore historic Aboriginal sites, camp by the water or fish for golden bass and Murray cod.

The banks are lined with sandy beaches, and you can swim in the cool waters or paddle along this famous channel in a canoe.

8. Billabong Ranch Adventure Park

Billabong Ranch Carriage Tour

This attraction east of Echuca is a working ranch where you can take a trail ride in the Riverina region through the Red River gum forest with a certified instructor.

These rides can be one, two or three hours long and take you along the Goulburn or Murray Rivers, or to wineries.

Back at Billabong Ranch, there is still a lot to do.

Children can meet critters at the nursery or ride a pony or camel, and there is a climbing wall, mini golf, pedal boating lake, bungee trampoline and frisbee golf.

9. Twisted Science

twisted science

The southern end of the Murray Esplanade is home to a company specializing in whimsical, hands-on learning for children and adults.

TwistED Science organises entertaining and educational school visits and parties in and around Melbourne, but with a permanent attraction in Echuca, these creative precincts are free to play.

Here kids can build flying machines, learn about the future of food and build a virtual river.

One exciting installation is a climbing wall that uses augmented reality technology to immerse you in three different interactive video games.

10. Echuca Historical Society Museum

Echuca Historical Society Museum

Another way to learn about life in the 19th century port is the Local Historical Society Museum across from Murray.

It is located at the National Trust Police Station and Detention House dating back to 1867, and rests in the shade of mature Morton fig trees.

The series goes into European settlements in the Echuca-Moama region and covers the influence of the timber industry and railroads.

You’ll find well-preserved clothing, household tools and appliances, portraits, industrial machinery, police artifacts, and more.

The Society also handles the town’s archives, which include an extensive photo library, newspapers and documents documenting floods and the various paddle steamers that serve the Murray River.

11. Rich River Golf Club


There is a perfect golf course on the lake next to St Anne’s Vineyards in Moama.

Rich River Golf Club welcomes non-members on its two 18-hole courses.

The par-72 East Course here is a championship course that promises a tricky but rewarding game.

Meanwhile, the Par 71 West Course has been remodeled in recent years to provide a fun golfing experience for players of all levels.

For families, there is also a new miniature golf course, and if you want to rediscover your swing, you can use the 17 Bay Driving Range.

In 2020, Rich River green fees are $50 for 18 holes, or an unlimited rate of $80 per day.

12. Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picks

Strawberries on the banks of the Murray are in season seven months of the year until late May.

This PYO farm at Echuca Bank was recently planted in 2015 with four varieties – Monterey, Albion, San Andreas and Cabrillo.

You will pay for the small basket upon arrival and will be told where to find the ripest berries and the easiest way to pick them.

After the harvest, you can sit at a picnic table in the shade and enjoy the farm’s strawberry treats such as scones with homemade jam, sorbet, ice cream and milkshakes.

13. Moama, Mizushima

water island moama

Not far downstream, in a lake on the banks of the Murray River in New South Wales, there is an inflatable water park.

You can get there in minutes on Perricoota Road, a summer outing the kids will love.

Aqua Island has a complete network of swings, jumps, swing bridges, running tracks, ladders and ramps, and slides.

Adults can have fun, adrenaline-pumping hours while overcoming these ninja warrior-style challenges, and the attraction is available for company days.

Life jackets are provided and there are always lifeguards on patrol.

14. Echuca-Moama Visitor Information Center

Visitor Information

Tourist information resources for the Echuca-Moama area should also be in historic buildings.

This is an old pump house, dating back to 1877, used to supply water for steam locomotives, hydraulic wool presses and cranes along the river.

Now it’s one of the first ports of call at Echuca, where you can get advice on what to do next, book accommodation, browse the store for souvenirs and get a ton of flyers.

But best of all, you can use this facility to book your paddle wheel tour so you can avoid queues later in the day.

15. South 80

South 80

Every February, Echuca-Moama is the finish line for the Murray River Legends waterskiing competition.

As we mentioned earlier, the five-mile picnic area is the starting point for a shorter race on Saturday that ends at Victoria Park in Echuca.

Then on Sunday, the main event made its way down the river to Victoria Park, starting 80km away at Tirumbari Weir and traversing more than 120 corners at speeds in excess of 200km/h.

Teams usually follow this high-speed but twisty technical route in groups of four, consisting of a driver, an observer and two skiers.

In a normal year, there will be more than 900 entrants, with tens of thousands of entrants arriving from the river banks.

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