15 Things to Do in Norwalk, CA

The city of Norwalk was originally the original land of the Shoshone Native American tribe. In the years that followed, Norwalk expanded due to its strategic location on the El Camino Real Trail and was named “North Walk”.

Today, Norwalk is mostly a residential area in sunny California, but if you happen to be in the area, it’s a great place to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery, making it an important part of the Anaheim rail spur. stand.

Norwalk is filled with tree-lined parks and natural areas where you can come to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, and the city is also close to major California area attractions such as the legendary Knott’s Berry Farm.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Norwalk:

1. Norwalk Park

Norwalk Park

Norwalk Park is an iconic park in the city, and it attracts all basketball lovers thanks to its large center court. You should be able to play or watch a game here whenever you go, and if you want to do something more relaxing, Norwalk Park has plenty of other attractions. Some of these include playgrounds for children as well as picnic areas for the whole family to enjoy.

2. Norwalk Arts and Sports Centre

Norwalk Arts and Sports Centre

If you want to get some exercise in Norwalk, head over to the Norwalk Arts and Sports Center, and if you’re not a resident, you can purchase a day pass to use the facilities. Here, you can enjoy one of the best-equipped fitness centers in the area, and try out the weight room, basketball court, handball court, and even a ping pong table. There are even personal trainers on call to help you reach your full potential.

3. Aquarium


For those looking to make a splash, Norwalk’s Aquarium is a state-of-the-art swimming facility. You can cool off here or get a serious workout in the available full-size outdoor pool. There are other programs such as swimming lessons and fitness classes that you can take part in, and visitors are welcome to swim with the locals.

4. Hagit House

Hagit House

Open to the public several times a month under the oversight of the Historical Society, Hargitt House is a Norwalk-era powerhouse. The house was built in 1891 in a Victorian style, so if you’re wondering what Norwalk was like in the past, this is the place to come. Hargitt House is still very similar to how the Hargitt family lived here, with friendly docents who will show you around the house explaining the historical and cultural significance of the building and the antiques found inside.

5. Robert White Park

robert white park

Robert White Park is a well-loved park in Norwalk for its full range of amenities for visitors. Known for its large playground area, the park is suitable for visitors of all ages, as is its basketball court if you enjoy playing or watching games. There is also a campground on the edge of the park if you plan on camping in town.

6. Norwalk Nature Center

Norwalk Nature Center

The Norwalk Nature Center is open several times a month and is the perfect place for family excursions. The centre has a range of livestock such as lambs, goats, hens and donkeys where children can play, as well as idyllic gardens for visitors to stroll through, as well as romantic orchards and vegetable gardens filled with fruit trees. There are also beautiful streams and ponds in the center, and an iconic old-fashioned carousel featuring painted horses that younger visitors will love.

7. Cultural and Art Center

Cultural Arts Center

For some of Norwalk’s culture, head to the Cultural Arts Centre, where you can enjoy a range of classes and workshops guaranteed to unleash your creativity. Many of these classes are aimed at children and teens and include a range of arts and crafts to keep teens busy. Paying homage to the city’s strong Spanish heritage, you can even try mariachi classes for those under 18, and there are dance performances throughout the year.

8. Mary Paxson Art Gallery

Mary Paxson Art Gallery

Part of the Cultural Arts Center, the Mary Paxson Art Gallery is known as the cultural and arts center of Norwalk. Founded by local resident Mary Paxon, the gallery is dedicated to showcasing the best of local and regional art. With this in mind, the exhibitions here are on a rotating basis and place a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for lesser-known or developing artists as a place to showcase their work.

9. Golf ‘n’ Stuff

golf 'n' stuff

If Golf ‘n’ Stuff looks familiar to you, it’s probably because several scenes from the classic movie The Karate Kid were actually filmed here. If you’re looking for some family fun in Norwalk, this golf park is one of the best places to go, you’ll find miniature golf as well as a go-kart track and bumper cars. To add to the fun, there are also arcade games and a snack bar so you don’t go hungry on the go.

10. Gilbert Sproul Museum

Gilbert Sprouse Museum

One of Norwalk’s founding families was the Sprouls, who were originally from Oregon but fell in love with the fertile land and scenery of this part of California. Brothers Atwood and Gilbert Spoul purchased land in Norwalk in 1869 and built a home here, where the current Sproul Museum was built in 1870. Today, the museum is filled with period artifacts and Sproul heirlooms, giving you a fascinating glimpse into how the town grew into the city it is today.Tours are available here and are provided by local volunteers

11. Norwalk All Town Youth Band

Norwalk All Town Youth Band

Norwalk All-City Youth Band is run by talented young musicians from the Norwalk region who are dedicated to bringing the best music to the city. The band regularly performs at concerts in the city as well as at city parades and events, so be sure to keep an eye out for local listings to see where they’ll be playing when they’re in town.

12. Explore the Rubik’s Cube

Explore the Rubik's Cube

Just 20 minutes outside the Norwalk in neighboring Santa Ana, you’ll find the Discovery Cube. Formerly known as the Discovery Science Center, Cube is a large-scale science exhibit dedicated to introducing visitors to science through interactive games. There are more than 100 hands-on exhibits for you to try, covering areas such as biology, the environment, space flight, and more, and different sections of the center are themed according to different areas of science. Depending on when you visit, there are also rotating exhibits, such as dinosaur-themed digs and galleries. You can even learn all about sports science here, as part of the facility is dedicated to the Anaheim Ducks hockey team.

13. Norwalk Skate Park

Norwalk Skate Park

For those who enjoy skating or biking, Norwalk Skate Park is the perfect place to practice their moves. Adjacent to the city’s Aquarium, the park is easily accessible and open to people of all ability levels and ages, so even if you’re a novice, you can still enjoy learning the ropes. Cycling in and around the area is also popular and a great way to see California.

14. Norwalk Golf Center

Norwalk Golf Center

Newly renovated and opened in 2016, Norwalk Golf Centre has a new look and is now one of Norwalk’s main attractions. The new green features a 9 hole par 3 golf course plus practice pitching green, fully equipped clubhouse and putting green. What makes this facility even more amazing is that it is fully illuminated so you can even play here at night.

15. Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

Located in neighboring Buena Park, just 8 miles from Norwalk, Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the most visited theme parks in the nation. Originally a humble berry stand, the farm was turned into a theme park and now has more than 165 rides for visitors of all ages. The park is divided into themed areas, and there are rides for all ages, depending on the level of excitement you want. There’s a scenic boardwalk, a spooky haunted house, and even an old town where you might take part in a cowboy shootout. The park is also known for its food, where you can try a range of delicious all-American theme park snacks, including banana cream pie.

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