15 things to do in Quezon City (Philippines)

Did you know that before Manila, Quezon was the capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976? Quezon, named after the second president of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon, is today a metropolis full of entertainment, shopping, arts, commerce and nightlife.

With a population of nearly 2 million, Quezon is a city that can keep up with the smooth running of public transportation, such as buses, jeepneys, and the upcoming underground MRT. You can be sure that you will have no trouble exploring while staying in Quezon as a tourist.

In this bustling Philippine city, you’ll find the perfect balance of city life, wildlife and marine life at your fingertips. There is a range of accommodation, from budget to luxury, and food to suit any taste!

When planning your visit, take into account the dry season from November to April and the rainy season from May to October with typhoons.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Quezon City:

1. Eastwood City

This is the epicenter of Quezon. Everything you’re looking for can be found in Eastwood City.

Shop at luxury high-end stores, or go to the local flea market for trinkets. Eat local or western food at upscale restaurants and wall stalls. Eat some vegetables at the cinema, sit down for a drink at the trendy bar, or find entertainment in the great outdoors in the palm-fringed courtyard.

There’s always something exciting going on in Eastwood City, whether it’s spontaneous fireworks, weird street performers, or just some great international people watching.

2. Art on the island

You’ve seen those Facebook photos with life-size artwork that seem to teleport them to Photos, right? Well, now it’s your turn.

At Art in Island in Quezon, you can help bring each piece of art to life and make you a star. These 3D paintings and photos will engulf you and confuse the camera into thinking that you are actually riding a mustang field vehicle, that you are part of Santa’s reindeer team, that you are riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet, Or you are about to bite your head off my fierce lion.

3. Crown Garden Spa

Crown Garden Spa

For the most relaxing and professional massage in Quezon City, there is only one place to go and that is Crown Garden Spa.

A luxurious massage table surrounds tranquil music, aromatherapy scents and soothing lighting – this place stretches the entire 9 yards and offers the most tranquil experience.

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Crown Garden Spa offers a full range of massage services including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, shiatsu, Thai massage and body scrubs with different properties such as papaya, chocolate, coffee, green tea and more.

4. Maginhawa Food Park

Do you like special international cuisine? If so, you’ll go crazy for Maginhawa Food Park! The land is home to dozens of food trucks and stalls from which you can pick up different foods.

You’ll find incredible pizzas, fresh spring rolls, Thai tea, sky-high shaved ice, chocolates and cherries, drinks in colorful plastic bags, and more.

It’s a food maze with a communal lounge area at the center that you and your staff can use as a meeting point! So many trucks to choose from, all within your budget! enjoy!

5. Sining Camarrig Art Museum

A classic art gallery of exquisite works by local Filipino artists and visionaries, Sining Kamalig Gallery in Quezon City will take your breath away.

This gallery is said to be the oldest art gallery in the Philippines, dating back to 1972. Sining Kamalig has defended artists’ rights and free speech for decades. You can see many political works as well as contemporary paintings.

Sining Camarrig Art Museum is located in Ali Mall, with convenient transportation. Exhibits are always rotating, so you can expect fresh material every time you visit.

6. La Mesa Ecological Park

When you think of Quezon, you certainly don’t think of lush jungles with greenery and wildlife – but it exists! At La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon, you can take a break from city life and head to tropical life.

For just PHP 20, you can explore the park on foot or bring your own bike. There’s a koi pond full of colorful fish, a butterfly paradise, an orchid pavilion, an archery station, a swimming pool, a water bike, a flower bed, and even a fishing spot.

You could easily spend a whole day here and still not experience all the beauty this park has to offer.

7. Bookay-Ukay

The bookstore feels like a Disney movie came to life. With towering shelves stacked with every book imaginable, you can rummage through your inner cravings.

Bookworms will be delighted that Bookay-Ukay is open late at night because you need to restore poetry, or if you’re wandering around the city looking to learn more about Quezon’s roots.

Specializing in well-loved books that cover just about every genre represented here. Feel free to sit in a comfortable corner and read here.

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Bookay-Ukay is a “buy, sell, trade” bookstore perfect for travelers who want to turn in a finished book to read again. If you don’t have a book to trade, that’s okay because the prices are very affordable.

8. Ace Spa

Korean bathhouse lovers will go crazy with the discovery of Ace Water Spa. This adult playground is both relaxing and exhilarating. First, put on your suit and swimming cap, and then you’re free to explore all that this park has to offer.

There’s a huge swimming pool where you can take a few laps, a hot tub and sauna to detox, a cold pool to dive in, plenty of jets to deal with, and even one for the kids to frolic under the falling fountain place for water and water slides.

Afterwards, head to the on-site café for a delicious cup of joe.

9. Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center

How does a 22.7 hectare zoo and botanical garden in the city centre sound?

The park is home to many abandoned, sick, injured and confiscated animals. Here, they can enjoy their natural habitat and restore their health.

The botanical gardens are impressive with a wide variety of native and exotic plant species that thrive on land and in the on-site lagoon.

During your visit, you might see animals like Philippine deer, water monitor lizards that look like Komodo dragons, or Palawan bearded pigs!

10. Music Bank

If you are a karaoke fan, then you should definitely try the KTV experience. A KTV is essentially where you and your friends have their own private karaoke room. There’s a screen with karaoke songs and lyrics, a selection of big books, and a microphone that leads to speakers with great acoustics.

The most popular package here is the 4-hour KTV class, of course, longer classes for hardcore KTV singers.

The Music Bank offers some really tasty snacks and entrees to keep you energized for hours of singing and drinking.

11. SM Bowling Center

Bowl with your friends and family at SM Bowling Center in Quezon City.

SM Bowling Center is a great place for families as they offer bowling lessons for the kids and billiards for the parents. SM Bowling Center always has promotions to ensure you have the best time at the best price.

Keep an eye out for promotions like “Bowl and Dine,” where you can get bundles with multiple games and discounted food prices. There’s also a promotion with 50% off your third game.

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12. On the way winery

Bring your friends and come to enRoute Winery for an evening of drinking games and drunken singing.

This Quezon winery was the city’s first place to play beer pong. Play with your friends or challenge a group of strangers to play against you – the best way to make new friends! enRoute Distillery also offers KTV to get the night really heating up.

If you’re rolling with a large group, go online and make a VIP reservation. enRoute Distillery is happy to meet special requests.

13. La Mesa Dam and Reservoir

This protected watershed in Quezon is said to contain the last remaining tropical rainforest in Metro Manila.

The reservoir is the main source of water for the region’s approximately 12 million inhabitants. The 700-hectare artificial lake is surrounded by 2,000 hectares of forest and nature trails. Biodiversity thrives on native flora and fauna, as well as native species of butterflies, birds and lizards.

Come explore, take pictures, and learn about Luzon!

14. Aisha Shrine

EDSA Shrine is known by many names: Queen of Peace, Archdiocese of Our Lady, Shrine of Our Lady, Quasi-Diocesan Queen of Peace, Our Lady of EDSA, and many more.

What is it? This shrine was built in 1989 to commemorate the People’s Power Revolution. It depicts the Virgin Mary, presided over by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese Church of Manila.

The shrine itself is a stunning statue in the heart of busy Metro Manila. It is almost impossible to miss when passing by.

15. Quezon Memorial Circle

The Quezon Memorial Circle, which feels like a miniature version of the Washington, D.C., Capitol Building, is a must-see. Inside are the remains of former President Manuel Quezon and First Lady Aurora Quezon. This shrine was built when Quezon was the capital of the Philippines and has been around ever since.

The long brick walkway leading to the memorial is lined with hawker stalls selling souvenirs, snacks, drinks and a grocery store where you can buy things like mini cacti.

During the day, the park and surrounding area are great places to jog. At night, the shrine lights up with colorful neon lights and dancing fountains of lights. There is a lot to see and do.

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