15 Things to Do in Sebring (FL)

Located in Highland County in central Florida, Sebring is a city of approximately 10,500 residents that was officially incorporated in 1913.

It is known for its world-famous track, which hosts one of the most historic annual races in the country.

Located in a particularly underdeveloped part of the state, Sebring is the perfect place for those looking to escape the crowds associated with the state’s more commercial and tourist attractions.

However, its convenient location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Coast provides visitors with many beach options.

Here are 15 things to do in and around Sebring, Florida.

1. Sebring International Speedway

Sebring International Speedway

Sebring International Speedway is one of the oldest race tracks in the country and has been in use since 1950.

Unlike other popular tracks like Daytona International Speedway, Sebring Raceway is a challenging 3.7-mile track full of sharp turns and switchbacks.

The track’s namesake event takes place each year in the third week of March, when the entire town and region welcomes die-hard racing fans from around the world.

The event includes live entertainment, family activities, and many delicious food and beverage options.

Accommodations may disappear before the game, so book well in advance if you want to stay nearby.

2. Highland Hammock State Park

Highland Hammock State Park

Highland Hammock State Park is located just outside Sebring off US Route 27. It is one of the most pristine and best-preserved areas of central Florida, including a variety of different ecosystems and home to a variety of animals.

Open to the public since 1931, the park covers more than 9,000 acres. It is a particularly popular destination for hikers, cyclists, bird watchers and amateur photographers.

Camping and fishing are favorite park activities, and for those interested in photographing wildlife, sightings of deer, bobcats, and alligators are common, especially during the low-light mornings and afternoons.

3. Island View Lakefront Restaurant and Pub

Island View Lakeside Restaurant & Bar

From wall-mounted grills to luxury seafood restaurants in upscale resorts, finding ways to fill your stomach shouldn’t be a problem in Florida.

Island View Lakefront Restaurant and Pub offers a menu full of fresh Florida ingredients, such as seasonal produce and delicious seafood. They have everything from old classics to modern dishes with international influences.

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, the latter being popular in the early evening at sunset.

The restaurant offers sunset specials for those looking to save a few bucks Sunday through Thursday until 5:30 p.m.

4. Archbold Biological Station

Archbold Biological Station

Florida is full of unique and diverse environments, and for those visiting the Sebring area, there’s no better place to explore many of them than at the Archbold Biological Station.

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The station’s land includes more than 5,000 acres around Sebring and nearby Lake Wales; most visitors choose to sign up for one of the ranger-led tours offered regularly.

Tours involve some walking, but are suitable for people of most ages and ability levels. Along the way, guests will learn about the history, culture and wildlife of the area.

For interactive exhibits and an overview of station facilities and activity options, start by entering the Learning and Visitors Center.

5. Highland Lakeside Theatre

Highland Lakeside Theatre

Florida’s community theaters are cultural gems that are often ignored by travelers more interested in beaches, alligators, and theme parks, but they’re a great option for those looking for unique and inexpensive entertainment options.

Highlands Lakeside Theatre is located on West Centre Avenue in Sebring; its production and local talent have been described as stunning, top-notch and professional.

Throughout the year, the theatre offers a wide variety of entertainment, from traditional theatrical performances to more relaxed modern performances. For traveling theater bugs, this is a must visit.

The theater is located in the historic downtown area and is staffed with talented and enthusiastic volunteers.

6. Military Sea Service Museum

Military Sea Service Museum

Sebring’s Military Sea Service Museum is located on Roseland Avenue near downtown. Although it has only existed since 1998, it is one of the state’s most unique museums dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the nation’s maritime forces, including the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

The museum is free to visit, but most guests leave a few bucks to help maintain the facility. Although it’s a bit small, it’s full of amazing artifacts and memorabilia, including weapons, gear, uniforms, photographs, and first-hand accounts of soldiers and sailors.

Most of the docents at the museum are local veterans.

7. Highland Art Museum

Highland Art Museum

In the mid-to-late 1960s, a group of artistically minded local citizens gathered to form a unique museum in an area where art and culture were extremely scarce.

Since then, the museum’s goal has been to highlight the art history of the region while promoting the work of local and regional artists.

In addition to permanent exhibits, the museum hosts a variety of special programs aimed at artists, art lovers, and the entire community.

The museum is located on Sebring West Center Drive within the Allen Altwater Cultural Center. His work includes painting, sculpture, photography and contemporary multimedia creations.

8. Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park

While most tourists associate the prairie with vast Midwestern states like Kansas and Nebraska, Florida has historically been home to large and unique prairie areas that are dwindling due to continued development and habitat destruction.

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Located at the headwaters of the Everglades, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park is the largest protected area of ​​its kind in the state.

Park admission is per vehicle and is very cheap, just a few dollars for those arriving on foot, horseback, or bike.

Camping is popular in the park, and there is a wide variety of campsites to choose from. Seniors and children receive discounts from the standard price.

9. Avon Park Warehouse Museum

Avon Park Depot Museum

Located on North Museum Avenue in nearby Avon Park, the Avon Park Depot Museum is a quaint museum that gives visitors a unique insight into the past. Even those who have lived in the area their entire lives are shocked that they never knew what was going on in their backyard.

For most of the time after settlement, the central Florida area around Sebring and Avon Park was a large commercial pineapple producer, and a railroad network passed through the area to move the fruit out and bring in much-needed supplies.

The museum is free to visit, but only for a limited time from Wednesday to Friday. Most guests end up staying for about an hour.

10. Maxwell Groves

maxwell groves

Perhaps the most quaint and unassuming attraction in the Sebring area, Maxwell Groves is a humble establishment that has been a local icon for generations.

An old-fashioned country store almost forgotten by time, it’s located on East Ring Street in Avon Park, just minutes from the aforementioned museum.

Maxwell Groves’ even features rocking chairs on the front porch, reminding many visitors of The Andy Griffith Show. It’s filled with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, prepared foods like local honey and freshly squeezed Florida orange juice, and even soft serve ice cream.

11. Ghost Mountain

Ghost Mountain

For those who are tired of local museums and community theatres and would rather delve into the creepy, creepy and paranormal, there is no better place to spend a few hours than Spook Hill near Lake Wales.

Many people think Ghost Mountain is haunted, or at least a place where the laws of physics and gravity don’t apply.

This is a place where cars tend to go uphill and items float.

It is rumored that in the past, an epic battle of powerful spirits took place on the mountain. While some believe it’s nothing more than an easily explained optical illusion, there’s no question it’s a puzzling experience.

12. River Greens Golf Course

River Green Golf Course

The River Greens Golf Course has been open to the public since 1969 and has since attracted a loyal following of golfers who consider it one of the most reasonably priced and best-preserved golf courses in the area.

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The 18-hole, par-72 course is located in nearby Avon Park, approximately 6,400 yards from the furthest tee.

The course features a variety of tee options to accommodate women and seniors. It is appreciated for its well-maintained greens and fairways and strategically placed obstacles that keep things interesting, resulting in careful, thoughtful hitting placement and strategy.

13. Bok Tower and Gardens

Bok Tower and Garden

The Bok Tower and Gardens is a unique local landscape that combines elements of the natural and man-made worlds. The site includes one of the highest points in the state at nearly 300 feet above sea level.

Perched on top of a hill, the tower is known for its carillon – a complex musical instrument made up of various bells that create mesmerizing sounds, described as angelic soothing sounds.

Unique amenities include carefully cultivated gardens connected by well-marked paths, a library, a museum, and a variety of architectural features designed by world-renowned personalities associated with Washington and New York landmarks.

14. LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Legoland Florida

LEGOLAND Florida Resort in Winter Haven is a popular theme park attraction that includes amusement park-style rides, a water park, live entertainment, a variety of lodging and dining options, and many interactive kids They all fit into one day.

For traveling families with multiple kids, Legoland is a great place to spend a few days; once you’re on site, you don’t need to leave as everything you might want or need is provided at the resort.

Previous guests have noticed that, while definitely not cheap, they think the entry fee is reasonable, and the wait times for the rides are often short even during peak hours.

15. The fantasy of flying

fantasy of flying

Flying Fantasy in Polk City is definitely a must-see for military and aviation enthusiasts.

Its fantastic collection of restored warbirds spans the pre-World War I era, all the way to World War II, Vietnam and now.

Interestingly, Fantasy of Flight uses more military aircraft in its fleet than some well-known national air forces. While they are the stars of the show, most guests choose to start their exploration first in the museum portion of the facility.

Their flight simulators and lifelike paratrooper jumping stations are perennial favorites, and they host many special events throughout the year, including airshows.

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