15 Things to Do in Wilton Manor (FL)

Located in Broward County, South Florida, Wilton Manor is a town of approximately 12,000 residents bounded by Pompano Beach to the north and Fort Lauderdale to the south.

Just steps from the Atlantic Ocean and close to Interstate 95, the largest north-south freeway in the state.

While they both take some windshield time to reach, Big Cypress National Monument and Everglades National Park are both accessible for day trips, and some of the state’s most impressive beaches and historical and cultural attractions are nearby .

Here are 15 things to do in and around Wilton Estate, Florida.

1. Richardson Historic Park and Preserve

Richardson Historic Park and Preserve

Located on Wilton Avenue in Wilton Manor, Richardson Historical Park is a convenient and inexpensive option for visitors interested in history and culture.

The park spans over 5 acres and many waterways are popular and can be explored by kayaks and canoes.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife, and it’s not uncommon to see birds, crocodiles, fish and even manatees basking in the relatively warm shallow waters.

The historic manor and coach house are the heart of the park, each offering visitors a unique insight into the area’s past before development.

2. World AIDS Museum

World AIDS Museum

Wilton Manor is home to the World AIDS Museum and has been open to the public since 2014.

The museum is one of the few of its kind in the world. Dedicated to conservation and education, it includes a wide variety of exhibits and displays; many of which are particularly poignant.

With its large gay population, South Florida — and Miami in particular — was in many ways the epicenter of an epidemic decades ago. Most guests agree that of all the things they experience on their trip, the museum is one of the most educational and memorable.

3. Stork’s Bakery & Coffee House

Stork's Bakery and Cafe

From cakes, wraps and empanadas to coffee, cookies and pastries, Stork’s Bakery and Coffee House is the ideal destination for sugar and caffeine lovers living in the Wilton Manor area.

Stork’s is located on NE 15th Avenue and is open daily.

The bakery and cafe has been open since 1997 and now has two regional locations open until midnight every night of the week.

They also open earlier than most of their competitors, so for those who start their day trips before most holidaymakers get up, it’s an ideal place to stop and fortify your defenses before heading out.

4. Jungle Queen Riverboat

Jungle Queen Riverboat

With such an abundance of rivers and inland waterways, the area around Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manor can only be seen from the water, and the Jungle Queen Riverboat is one of the most popular tour providers in the area.

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Fort Lauderdale is often referred to as “America’s Venice,” and the Queen of the Jungle offers visitors a glimpse into the natural world and the way of life of some of the region’s wealthiest residents.

Animals are also common, including crocodiles and crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and even the occasional manatee.

A variety of food and drink options are available on board, so showing up hungry isn’t a problem.

5. Florida Swap Shop

Florida Swap Shop

The Florida Exchange on West Sunrise Avenue in Fort Lauderdale is a unique area attraction, part drive-in theater, part flea market, and part live entertainment; it can really draw a crowd when things are in full swing .

The drive-through portion of the facility includes 14 theaters, and the flea market is one of the largest in the state. For those with a particularly short attention span, there’s also a vintage car museum and farmers’ market.

The Swap Shop is often one of those places where guests end up staying longer than expected, especially when big-name headliners like Willie Nelson take the stage.

6. Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park

Island Casino Racing Pomfret Park

For gamblers and fans of Las Vegas-style glitz and action, there’s no better place to while away a few hours than Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park.

With more than 1,500 slot machines and dozens of poker tables, it’s as close to Sin City as Sunshine State visitors will be, and like Las Vegas, they’re known for great food and live entertainment.

There are six restaurants and live events include music, comedy and cabaret.

The park’s live Greyhound track is also a popular area. With so much to see and do, it’s wise to plan to spend more than an hour or two.

7. Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Pompano Beach’s Amphitheater is an open-air live entertainment venue that seats more than 3,000 spectators on concert nights.

Throughout the year, the amphitheater hosts a variety of performances; in the past, many have hosted nationally recognized bands and artists such as the Gin Blossoms and The Pure Prairie League.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served on site, and there is ample and cheap parking nearby.

Many concertgoers brought their own blankets, folding chairs, food and drinks and set up shop on the grounds around the amphitheater.

Check out the Events Calendar section on their website for a full list of upcoming shows.

8. In the yard


The courtyard of Wilton Manor is located in a relatively off the beaten track area and may not seem like a major leisure destination, but once inside, visitors tend to think of it as a hidden oasis.

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With an idyllic garden setting and plenty of covered outdoor seating, The Yard is part coffee shop, part bistro and bakery; the perfect place to spend an afternoon in the sun.

Known for their cold brew coffee and freshly baked cakes and pastries, each store offers something unique like organic smoothies, crepes, health and body products, and even flowers.

9. Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium

Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium

Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium is located on NW 11th Place near Mount Lauder. With its vast space and extensive sports facilities, it is a popular spot for healthy and energetic locals and tourists alike.

From cricket, basketball and football to tennis, paddle boats, and the many annual fairs and festivals, there is always something to try. Previous guests have noticed that even after a day in the park, they still haven’t finished and seen everything.

Even for those who aren’t particularly athletic, the park offers ample picnic and walking areas, and it’s a popular treasure hunt spot.

10. Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe

Hillsborough Antique Mall and Cafe

Antique malls are a great place to shop for unique knickknacks and souvenirs. When the sun is too strong or thunderstorms are rolling in from the Atlantic, spending a few hours at Hillsboro Antique Mall and Café will be a no-brainer.

Located in Pompano Beach, the mall consists of more than 200 individual vendors selling everything from vintage clothing and period jewelry to furniture and crafts.

Of course, there is always the chance to discover rare gems, especially for those who have the time and patience to peruse. There is also a variety of food and drink options to choose from, most of which are reasonably priced.

11. Betty’s Soul Food Restaurant

Betty's Soul Food Restaurant

Featuring more Obama paraphernalia than his former campaign manager’s pantry, as well as some of the best soul food in the region, Betty’s Soul Food is a unique culinary and cultural attraction worthy of a visit to food and politically minded travelers. tour.

Some perennial favorite menu items include homemade macaroni and cheese, cornbread, kale, and fried chicken. The restaurant has been frequented by savvy politicians over the past few election cycles to gain African-American votes in the Sunshine State.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a wait for a table, but it’s well worth it for the large portions and reasonable prices.

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12. Historic Stranahan House

Stranahan House

Stranahan House is the oldest historic building in Fort Lauderdale, and in many ways, a visit is like stepping back in time when the area was largely undeveloped.

In addition to being a pioneer-era home, the house was once a trading post and was completed in 1901.

The only way to take part in it all is with a guided tour; it is offered in the afternoon most days of the week.

Previous guests agreed that the tour was more fun and thorough than they expected, making it a great option for value-conscious travelers on a budget.

13. Secret Forest Nature Center

Secret Forest Nature Center

With its stunning butterfly garden and several trails running through its nearly 60 acres, the Secret Woods Nature Centre is a natural attraction that makes many guests feel like they are far from civilization rather than the actual area.

As you explore, you’ll usually see a variety of animals, including turtles, snakes, foxes, and even crocodiles.

Parking and admission are free. The generous space is perfect for stretching young legs, making it an ideal destination for families traveling with young children.

If you’re staying for a while, consider bringing water, a hat, sunscreen and bug spray.

14. 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s

925 Nuevo's Cubano's

South Florida is full of Cuban immigrants, and it’s no surprise that it’s the center of the state’s Cuban cuisine, arts, and culture.

925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s reputation rests on its authentic Cuban sandwiches, and there’s no better place to relax and enjoy it than the restaurant’s quaint, artistic, and quirky setting.

This is an outdoor-only seating facility, so don’t expect air conditioning, but there’s plenty of shade and the seating is comfortable so you probably won’t even notice the heat.

During peak hours, the restaurant’s sandwiches are often sold out; to avoid this heartbreaking situation, consider arriving early before most of the lunch crowd.

15. Big Apple Bookstore

big apple bookstore

Books can be an important element, especially for those planning to spend most of their vacation at the beach.

Big Apple Books’ mix of classic and modern books—from crime and sci-fi to noir and chicks—has been likened to thrift stores, flea markets, and hipster havens.

Books are generally under $4, and records, DVDs, and CDs are also sold.

Once or twice a month, they offer very discounted days to hand over their inventory, so if you want to make money like a bandit, consider checking their website for sale days so you don’t miss out on anything.

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