6 Best Lisbon Food Tours

The city of Lisbon is a hidden gem on Europe’s west coast, and it’s becoming more and more hidden. Locals call it the City of Seven Hills. However, the rest of the world labels it as one of the trendiest foodie cities in Europe. Needless to say, no trip to Lisbon is complete without tasting the local cuisine.

Let’s imagine. How about starting the day with the famous Pasteis De Nata (cream tarts) that dot the local bakery? Then, head to Belém Tower, a former political prison now a must-see at the city’s port, where you’ll find countless seafood restaurants.

Do you have the “multi-coloured castle” Pena Palace on your itinerary? If so, we only know where to have lunch. The restaurant’s 365 dishes feature the traditional Bacalhau à Bras, a potato dish served with the famous Portuguese salt cod. It’s perfect to wash down with Sagres Cold Ale, Lisbon’s oldest craft beer.

Now, how do you fit this food tour into your already packed itinerary? We have you covered. In this guide, we’ll show you why a Lisbon Food Tour is a must on your next visit to Lisbon. Then, we’ll taste six of the best Lisbon food tours that you can customize to fit your schedule. Finally, we’ll give you tips to make sure your entire experience is as memorable as possible. Are you ready for an adventure? Wamosra!

Why is it necessary to plan a Lisbon food tour?

  • This is your chance to experience authentic Portuguese cuisine in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Make the most of it.
  • Try cheap local cafeteria-style hotels and restaurants. Here, for a fraction of the price, you can access a menu similar to that of an upscale restaurant.
  • Find places to eat and drink with the locals in places that are rarely visited by tourists off the tourist map.
  • The Lisbon Food Tour offers the rare opportunity to attend a Fado dinner show. Here, you’ll enjoy a musical extravaganza while participating in food, wine and beer tastings.
  • All meals can be customized to your taste by local culinary experts.
  • The opportunity to book a private food tour just for you and your host.

1. Lisbon Food Walking Tour and Tasting

Lisbon Food Walking Tour and Tasting

This colorful food tour takes you through Lisbon’s cobblestoned backstreets to taste its best food with a knowledgeable guide. On this 3-hour tour, guests will sample fresh local seafood, artisan coffee, and unique cuisine while exploring Lisbon’s quaint neighborhoods. Before heading to Rissol de Camarão (Shrimp Party), you visit some of Lisbon’s most iconic cafes and learn about the wild bohemian stories that put them on the map, including Martinho da Arcada and Pastelaria São Roque .

And, what better way to have a food party than with a party. Your guide will take you on a tour of the local “tascas” for a local wine or beer, where you can join the locals for delicious canned seafood – not only the perfect bar snack, but also a great souvenir.

  • Gather at the central meeting point
  • Taste the best food in Lisbon with an expert guide
  • Enjoy drinks with fellow diners in some of Lisbon’s coolest neighborhoods

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2. Dinner and Walking Food Tour with Fado

fado performer

The Fado Dinner Show is one of Lisbon’s signature musical performances at traditional dinner parties. Here you will taste Portuguese cuisine while enjoying Fado, Lisbon’s legendary music genre. In fact, Fado is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. This tour is perfect for anyone who wants to experience Lisbon’s nightlife while sampling traditional food and culture.

A typical Lisbon night itinerary, including dinner with Fado, looks like this:

  • Pickup from your hotel
  • Visit the enlightened monuments of Lisbon, including the picturesque Belém Tower, Rossio Square and Liberty Avenue
  • Enjoy a traditional dinner and a Fado show at Sr. Fado, a rustic restaurant owned by one of Portugal’s most famous Fado singers. Other Fado restaurants include A Viela do Fado, Café Luso – Fado & Food Group and O Faia
  • Drop off at your hotel

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3. Lisbon: Food and Tapas Neighborhood Tour


This special food tour will take you through the various neighborhoods of Lisbon, stopping at all the most important food spots along the way. Guests will gain insider knowledge of the best attractions in town that are not on the traditional tourist map. Try typical Lisbon wines, food, petiscos and fado – traditional Portuguese music. The only thing you need to bring is your appetite – and maybe your dancing shoes.

Your guide will also take you to some of Lisbon’s most important literary and cultural sites, including the 18th-century Café Nicola, where for over 200 years the city’s greats have gathered for espresso. In addition to coffee, revelers will fall in love with the city’s signature cod pie, paired with a glass of refreshing green wine (Vinho Verde), a light and refreshing wine from the north of the country.

Afterwards, enjoy the city’s lively nightlife with locals in the city center. As well as stopping at several bars for some drinks and small plates of meat, cheese, fish and other delicious Portuguese snacks, you’ll have the chance to visit one of the city’s best gourmet shops, stocked with traditional products , including Bacalhau, a plate of dry-cured cod.

  • Meet your guide at the central meeting point
  • Explore Lisbon’s rich history and hear stories of the city’s bohemian past
  • Try local wines and decide which “Petisco” you like best

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4. Take a Food and Cultural Walking Tour

Pause Mercado da Ribeira

In less than four hours, you can visit most of the historical monuments you read about in Lisbon. When you do, try at least the 16 stops you make. Since this is a hike, you just need to bring a hungry stomach and maybe a bottle of water to get you through the hot days. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended for the cobblestone paths and steps.

A typical hike is about 1.2 miles (2 km) long. It includes a knowledgeable guide and usually departs in the late afternoon. You can customize your food tour, including a visit to a food market. For example, when you visit Time Out Mercado da Ribeira, you have the rare opportunity to:

  • Try traditional specialities like Portuguese tapas, Bolinho de bacalhau and Fino
  • Taste authentic Portuguese recipes
  • Connect with the country’s most famous chefs, such as Miguel Castro Silva
  • Take a culinary workshop with the best chefs in Lisbon
  • Attend live shows and events

As a famous food market, Time Out Mercado da Ribeira can be very crowded. Therefore, it is best to visit at least an hour or two before peak hours. Other food markets include the less crowded Mercado de Campo de Ourique. Alternatively, head to Martim Moniz to witness the many food festivals from different cultures.

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5. Make some Sagres or Super Bock at the Cervejaria Trinidade

Lisbon Craft Beer Tour

Do you have a local craft beer or two every now and then? Then hit the streets for craft beers and an exciting bar-hopping experience. It’s almost impossible to find two of Lisbon’s main craft beers in one bar. At Cervejaria Trinidade, you will eat and drink like (and with) the locals. Here and in the surrounding area, you will find many bars brewing Lisbon craft beer.

Not really, there is something new in the craft beer scene in Lisbon. And, until recently, Lisbon’s beer industry was heavily regulated. Only two local companies dominate the industry, keeping any foreign investors out. Later, in 1974, when the industry opened up to everyone, locals preferred the two most important brands.

And, if you have time, you can head to Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, just a few hours by bus from Lisbon. The food, wine and beer in downtown Porto is worth a visit. For example, Sagres Beer is a pale ale that is well worth trying for beer lovers. This beer is synonymous with Portuguese culture and goes well with sardines, one of Portugal’s most popular bar snacks. A typical tour of this famous street includes:

  • Visit many microbreweries
  • Attend a live brewing workshop
  • Taste farm-brewed beer

Head over to Lupum Wild Beer to chat with beer artisan Luis and his brewery buddies. Here, you’ll take a private tour of a microbrewery, including beer tasting and porto tapas.

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6. Market Visit Food Walking Tour

Lisbon Commercial Plaza

Do you want to taste the best street food in Lisbon? Then, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this food walking tour with a market visit. Typical street food on the tour includes sausage bread, a sandwich-style bread with a unique Lisbon flavor. Treat your taste buds with artisanal sausage, garlic and spices on homemade bread.For a sausage loaf, head to Merendeira restaurant, serving exclusive Lisbon street food daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 am

You’ll start at Largo do Camões, followed by an informative tour of Lisbon’s classic cafés. In addition to sausage bread, there will be “bica”, local espresso and plenty of Pastel De Nata. Of course, visiting the local fish market was one of the highlights of the trip. Lisbon is famous for its seafood, and foodies here will see where the magic really begins.

Visitors are limited to 12 people, so be sure to book in advance. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women, people with reduced mobility and young children.

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Other Must-Sees on Lisbon Food Tour

Maria Liman

Maria Limão at the Senhora do Monte viewpoint. Here you will taste the unique homemade lemonade and crepes. This is a cozy cafe where you can sit and enjoy everything this unique viewpoint has to offer.

Hamburgueria da Parada

If you love burgers, be sure to visit the Hamburgueria da Parada food truck. This is an outdoor kiosk popular with locals and tourists alike for its knockout hamburgers.

Extra Tips to Make Your Lisbon Trip Safe and Unforgettable

  • Choose a food tour with a local. This way, you can taste rare recipes and visit local restaurants. Also, you’ll get advice that the tour desk doesn’t always list.
  • Watch out for pickpockets and crooks in crowded restaurants. Yes, just like any other famous city, Lisbon is not immune to such events.
  • When visiting Lisbon at night, travel together.
  • Debit or credit cards are used for most purchases. There are very few coins for tipping. That way, you won’t draw unwanted attention when flashing a ton of cash.
  • Be careful of valuables when riding the train. The 28 tram in particular is notorious for pickpockets.
  • Choose to travel with a reliable travel agency. There are regular protests and strikes on public transport in Lisbon.

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