are hilton hotels owned or franchised

When you think of Hilton Hotels, do you ever wonder who owns them? Are they all owned and operated by Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., or are there franchise opportunities available? The answer might surprise you.

Hilton Hotels Franchise Costs and Investment

Franchising a Hilton hotel presents an exciting opportunity for investors looking to enter the hospitality industry. However, it’s important to understand the various costs and investments involved in becoming a Hilton franchisee.

According to our research, the initial franchise fee for a Hilton Hotels & Resorts franchise is $75,000. This fee grants you the right to use the renowned Hilton brand and access its extensive resources and support system. But that’s not all; there are additional costs to consider.

Investment Breakdown

  • Estimated Total Investment: $33,709,705 to $140,694,073
  • Ongoing Royalty Fees: 5% of gross room revenues
  • Advertising Royalty Fees: 4% of gross room revenues

As you can see, the investment required to open a Hilton franchise is substantial, with the estimated total investment ranging from $33,709,705 to $140,694,073. These figures include costs associated with construction, equipment, furnishings, pre-opening expenses, and working capital.

Once your Hilton hotel is up and running, you’ll be responsible for ongoing royalty fees. These fees are calculated as a percentage of your gross room revenues and consists of a 5% royalty fee and a 4% advertising royalty fee.

It’s important to note that these figures are estimates and can vary based on factors such as location, property size, and market conditions. To get a more accurate understanding of the costs and investment involved, we recommend reaching out to Hilton directly or consulting with a franchise advisor.

Investment Fees
Franchise Fee $75,000 N/A
Estimated Total Investment $33,709,705 to $140,694,073 N/A
Ongoing Royalty Fees N/A 5% of gross room revenues
Advertising Royalty Fees N/A 4% of gross room revenues

Hilton Hotels Franchise Opportunities

Hilton Hotels

Hilton hotels offer exciting franchise opportunities for individuals interested in joining the hospitality industry. As the flagship franchise of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Hilton Hotels & Resorts provides a prestigious and well-established brand that attracts customers from around the globe.

With over 600 Hilton franchise units worldwide, including luxury, upscale, and mid-priced brands, Hilton offers a diverse portfolio of franchise opportunities for potential investors. Whether you are looking to own a high-end luxury resort or a comfortable mid-priced hotel, Hilton has options to suit your preferences and investment capabilities.

Franchising with Hilton allows you to leverage the brand’s reputation, global network, and extensive resources. As a franchisee, you will benefit from the support and expertise of Hilton’s experienced team, ensuring you receive the necessary guidance to operate a successful hotel business.

Here is an overview of some Hilton hotel brands available for franchise opportunities:

  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts
  • Conrad Hotels & Resorts
  • Canopy by Hilton
  • Curio – A Collection by Hilton
  • DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton
  • Hilton Garden Inn

Each brand offers its unique appeal, catering to different segments of the market and allowing you to choose the franchise that aligns with your vision and target audience.

Hilton Hotel Brands Available for Franchise Opportunities

Brand Segment Property Types
Hilton Hotels & Resorts Luxury Full-service hotels, resorts
Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts Luxury Resorts, landmark hotels
Conrad Hotels & Resorts Luxury Full-service hotels
Canopy by Hilton Upscale Boutique hotels, urban retreats
Curio – A Collection by Hilton Upscale Boutique hotels, unique properties
DoubleTree by Hilton Upscale Full-service hotels
Embassy Suites by Hilton Upscale All-suites hotels
Hilton Garden Inn Mid-priced Full-service hotels

History of Hilton Hotels Franchising

Hilton Hotels & Resorts has a rich history in franchising that dates back to 1965. This marked the beginning of Hilton’s expansion into a global brand, with its footprint reaching over 100 countries and territories worldwide.

During this transformative phase, Hilton shifted its focus from direct ownership to a franchising and property management model. This strategic decision allowed Hilton to broaden its presence and offer franchise opportunities to a wider range of investors.

By embracing franchising as a key strategy, Hilton Hotels & Resorts positioned itself as a leader in the hospitality industry, showcasing its ability to adapt and grow while maintaining the high standards for which the brand is known.

This image visually represents the historical significance of Hilton’s franchising journey, capturing the brand’s evolution and global expansion.

Franchise Overview and Training

Hilton hotels franchise training

Franchisees of Hilton hotels have the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive franchise overview and training program. By joining the Hilton System, you gain access to a wealth of resources, industry know-how, and ongoing support to help you succeed in your franchise venture.

The training programs provided by Hilton are designed to equip franchisees and their designated personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively run a successful Hilton hotel. These training programs cover various aspects of hotel operations, including:

  • Hospitality management
  • Guest services
  • Housekeeping and maintenance
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Marketing and sales strategies

Hilton offers both in-person and online training options to ensure convenience and accessibility for franchisees. The franchisor understands the importance of continuous learning and strives to provide ongoing training opportunities to keep franchisees updated on industry trends and best practices.

Benefits of Hilton Franchise Training
1. In-depth understanding of Hilton standards and brand identity
2. Enhanced knowledge of industry best practices
3. Access to a network of experienced professionals and mentors
4. Training on the efficient utilization of Hilton’s systems and technologies
5. Improved customer service skills and strategies
6. Expertise in implementing effective marketing and sales initiatives

Franchisees who complete the training program are better equipped to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests, maintain the high standards of the Hilton brand, and maximize the potential of their business.

Obligations and Restrictions of Franchisees

Hilton hotels franchisees obligations and restrictions

Hilton franchisees have certain obligations and restrictions outlined by the franchisor. When operating a Hilton hotel, franchisees must fulfill specific requirements and comply with the brand’s standards and guidelines to maintain the quality and consistency of the Hilton experience.


  1. Qualified and Experienced Management: Franchisees are responsible for providing qualified and experienced management personnel to oversee the day-to-day operations of the hotel. This ensures that the hotel is efficiently managed and meets Hilton’s high standards of service.
  2. 24/7 Operation: Franchisees are generally required to operate their Hilton hotels 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless otherwise permitted by the franchisor. This ensures that guests receive uninterrupted service and assistance throughout their stay.
  3. Compliance with Standards and Policies: franchisees must adhere to Hilton’s established standards, specifications, and policies related to various aspects of the hotel, including service quality, amenities, cleanliness, safety, and other operational requirements. This ensures consistency across all Hilton properties and helps maintain the brand’s reputation.


  • Personal Guarantees: In certain cases, Hilton franchisees may be required to provide personal guarantees, demonstrating their commitment to the success and financial stability of the hotel.
  • Training Requirements: Franchisees are expected to participate in Hilton’s training programs and ensure that their designated personnel receive the necessary training. This guarantees that the staff is well-equipped to provide exceptional service and meet Hilton’s quality standards.

By fulfilling these obligations and adhering to the restrictions set by Hilton, franchisees can benefit from the reputation and resources of a well-established brand while delivering a superior guest experience.

Financial Details and Assistance for Hilton Franchisees

When it comes to financing your Hilton franchise, it’s important to note that Hilton does not provide direct or indirect financing options. However, in unique circumstances, the franchisor may offer incentives or alternative financing solutions. It’s advised to explore funding options from external sources such as banks or private investors to secure the necessary capital.

The third source mentioned in this article provides an estimated initial investment range for opening a new Hilton hotel. This range includes various costs such as construction, marketing, training, and working capital. It’s crucial for franchisees to carefully consider these financial aspects and create an effective business plan to ensure a smooth start and sustainable growth.

Although Hilton may not directly offer financing, they do provide additional assistance and support to their franchisees. Optional learning programs and training opportunities are available to help franchisees enhance their skills and knowledge in hotel management. This ongoing guidance from Hilton can contribute to the overall success of a franchisee’s business.


Q: Are Hilton hotels owned or franchised?

A: Hilton hotels operate under a combination of ownership and franchising models. Some hotels are owned and operated directly by Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., while others are franchised to independent owners who pay fees to use the Hilton brand and access its resources and systems.

Q: What are the franchise costs and investment for Hilton hotels?

A: The initial franchise fee for a Hilton Hotels & Resorts franchise is ,000, with an estimated total investment ranging from ,709,705 to 0,694,073. In addition to the initial fee, franchise owners are required to pay ongoing royalty fees of 5% and advertising royalty fees of 4%.

Q: What franchise opportunities does Hilton Hotels offer?

A: Hilton Hotels & Resorts is the flagship franchise of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. With over 600 franchise units worldwide, Hilton offers a diverse portfolio of luxury, upscale, and mid-priced brands for potential investors interested in joining the hospitality industry.

Q: What is the history of Hilton Hotels franchising?

A: Hilton Hotels & Resorts began franchising in 1965, expanding its footprint to 100 countries and territories globally. This strategic shift allowed Hilton to transition from direct ownership to a brand that predominantly franchises or manages its properties.

Q: What is the franchise overview and training for Hilton hotels?

A: Franchisees of Hilton hotels gain access to the Hilton System, which includes a comprehensive set of resources, know-how, and support. Training programs are available for franchisees and their designated personnel, covering various aspects of hotel operations through both in-person and online options.

Q: What are the obligations and restrictions of Hilton franchisees?

A: Hilton franchisees must provide qualified and experienced management for their hotels and operate them 24/7 unless otherwise permitted. Franchisees are also required to comply with standards, specifications, and policies related to services, amenities, and operational aspects of the hotel.

Q: What are the financial details and assistance for Hilton franchisees?

A: Hilton does not offer direct or indirect financing for its franchisees. Franchisees are responsible for securing their financing. However, under unique circumstances, the franchisor may provide incentives or alternative financing options. Hilton may also offer additional optional learning programs and support.