Can I take a guitar on an Alaska Airlines plane?

Can I take a guitar on an Alaska Airlines plane?

We are happy to accept musical instruments as checked baggage, provided each piece is packed in a case designed specifically for the equipment. On Alaska Airlines flight series 1-1999, the maximum combined linear dimensions of a recorded musical instrument cannot exceed 150 inches (length + height + width).

Can you take guitars as hand luggage?

TSA guidelines state that passengers may only take one musical instrument as carry-on baggage. Be prepared to have your guitar and case inspected by airport security. Flight attendants may require you to check the guitar into the hold if you do not get confirmation to bring it on board when arranging your flight.

Which airlines allow guitars in hand luggage?

Whenever someone gives you a hard time about flying your guitar, just know that the law allows you to carry your guitar on an airplane. You will be able to travel with your guitar on any of the major airlines such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta without any problem.

Is a guitar checked baggage or hand baggage?

Even though there’s a law that allows musical instruments on flights, that doesn’t mean cabin crew have to let you take your guitar into the cabin. Just as they can force you to check your hand luggage just before boarding, they can also force you to check your guitar if they deem it necessary.

What if my carry-on bag is slightly too big Alaska Airlines?

My hand luggage is slightly oversized, should I take the risk? The only time we’d say it’s potentially worth the risk is if your bag is soft and slightly oversized. After all, as long as you can squeeze it into the caged sizer at the door, you shouldn’t have any problems.

How to fly with a guitar?

5 essential tips for flying with your guitar

  1. Check the airline’s instrument policy.
  2. Loosen the strings.
  3. Invest in a guitar case.
  4. Consider a smaller silhouette for travel.
  5. Reserve your seat in the front or back depending on the boarding policy.
  6. Know the Laws.

Can a guitar fit in a luggage rack?

Per the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (thanks Obama!), airlines must allow you to bring your guitar on board as carry-on baggage if it fits in a closet or overhead compartment when you board.

How do you transport a guitar on an airplane?

Are guitars considered hand luggage?

By law, specifically Chapter 417 Subchapter 1 for Carriage of Musical Instruments, the Department of Transportation, and the TSA, you are permitted to bring your guitar on board, provided it meets the following requirements : the instrument or the case does not contain objects not authorized in the cabin.

Are instruments considered hand luggage?

A musical instrument may be taken on board as one piece of carry-on baggage, regardless of size, as long as it can be safely stowed in an approved carry-on baggage storage location and space is available when you board. A musical instrument will count as checked baggage and will be subject to all applicable baggage charges.

Can a guitar be transported on an airplane?

— An air carrier providing air transportation must allow a passenger to carry a violin, guitar or other musical instrument in the cabin of the aircraft, without charging the passenger a fee in addition to any standard charges the carrier may charge for comparable hand luggage, if-

Can you carry personal items on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska does not impose weight restrictions with carry-on baggage. If you are flying with one of Alaska Airlines’ area partners, Horizon or SkyWest, you may bring one personal item on board, but not carry-on due to limited airspace. Personal items must be able to fit under the seat in front of the passenger.

Can you take musical instruments on Alaska Airlines?

On most Alaska Airlines flights, it’s only possible to accommodate large musical instruments in the first class cabin, so you’re probably looking for two first class tickets. And forget about the Alaska Companion Award, since the Alaska Visa Companion ticket no longer applies to first class, only economy class.

Can you take a guitar on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines is not responsible for any damage caused to your instrument in transit. Instruments over 150 inches are not permitted as carry-on baggage. Commonly known as Delta, Delta Airlines is another major airline in the United States that lets you fly with a guitar.