Can I transfer my HawaiianMiles to someone else?

Can I transfer my HawaiianMiles to someone else?

Our Share Miles program lets you donate your HawaiianMiles to anyone’s personal HawaiianMiles account, including family and friends, for faster award travel!

Can I sell HawaiianMiles?

None of the miles, benefits or rewards of the HawaiianMiles program may be sold, purchased or exchanged.

Can I transfer HawaiianMiles to Delta?

Delta SkyMiles members will earn base, class of service and elite tier bonus miles on eligible fares on Hawaiian-operated flights. HawaiianMiles members can redeem miles on Delta by calling Hawaiian Reservations at (800) 367-5320.

How much are 60,000 HawaiianMiles worth?

The card’s 60,000 bonus miles are worth $540 based on TPG valuations, which peg Hawaiian miles at 0.9 cents each.

How can I combine my Hawaiian Air Miles?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Access our Miles Sharing – OR –
  2. Log in to the HawaiianMiles account from which you wish to transfer miles.
  3. Once on the Share Miles page, enter the recipient’s last name.
  4. Enter the recipient’s HawaiianMiles account number.
  5. Enter the number of miles you want to share.

Do I lose my Hawaiian miles if I cancel my credit card?

If your credit card account is closed, you will lose your miles earned during that billing cycle. Only one membership in the HawaiianMiles program will be established, whether your account is an individual account or an account with an authorized user.

Are Delta and American Airlines partners?

American and Delta ended their interline agreement in 2015. After exhausting options with its alliance and joint venture partners, it will next turn to other airlines such as Delta with this new interline agreement. This is good news for passengers, although quite minor.

Can you transfer American Express miles to Hawaiian Airlines?

Additionally, Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard holders can have miles transferred to their account by other Hawaiian members for free. Another option is to transfer miles to Hawaiian from the American Express Membership Rewards program, which offers a 1:1 transfer ratio and periodic transfer bonuses.

Is there a way to share Hawaiian Airlines miles?

The fastest way to pool and share HawaiianMiles is with a Hawaiian Airlines® World Elite MasterCard®, Bankoh Hawaiian Airlines Visa® and Hawaiian Airlines Visa®-Japan credit card. Any primary Hawaiian Airlines credit card or check cardholder can give or receive HawaiianMiles for free*.

How do I redeem my Hawaiian Airlines miles?

The first way to get the most out of Hawaiian is to redeem miles directly through Hawaiian Airlines’ HawaiianMiles loyalty program. Although it operates independently of the three major airline alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam), there are still three great options for increasing your miles balance with Hawaiian Airlines.

Can you transfer Marriott points to Hawaiian Airlines?

You can also transfer points to Hawaiian from Marriott Bonvoy. As with most of Marriott’s 45 airline transfer partners, points are transferred to Hawaiian Airlines at a 3:1 ratio, with a bonus of 5,000 miles for every 60,000 points transferred (up to 180,000 points per day) .