Can I travel and use Instacart?

Can I travel and use Instacart?

To make this work for you on your trip, just open the app, look at the map, and click on a number (which reflects the mileage you’ll need to travel), and you’ll see the route and what it pays for. The Instacart app comes with a reloadable credit card to pay for purchases.

Can I use a different postal code for Instacart?

Changing Your Location You can view current Instacart locations at To change your location, select the Submit a Request link at the bottom of this page. In the description of your request, specify the postal code of the new region where you wish to shop.

Can you do Instacart in multiple states?

Instacart has many locations in the United States and Canada. Simply enter your postal code, choose Canada or the United States and see if they deliver to your area. You can order food, groceries, and even over-the-counter medications from pharmacies.

Is Instacart delivery worth it?

If you’re just an occasional grocery delivery user, the regular Instacart service should suffice for your needs. If you plan to order grocery delivery more than 14 times a year, it’s worth paying the Instacart Express annual subscription for free delivery and reduced service fees.

Can 2 Instacart shoppers shop together?

Can 2 Instacart Shoppers shop together? Instacart Shopper accounts are approved on an individual basis. So, it is against Instacart rules for 2 Instacart buyers to buy together on one order. But they could technically each buy their own orders side by side.

How long is the Instacart waiting list?

How long is the Instacart waiting list? In our experience, on average, you can be on an Instacart waitlist for 2 months. However, we had complaints from candidates who were on the waiting list even for 14 months.

Can I buy alcohol through Instacart?

Order alcohol Instacart delivers alcohol for select retailers and markets. You can check availability in your area with the Instacart app or website. Customers must be 21 or older to order alcoholic items and provide approved photo ID showing date of birth upon delivery. We cannot add special alcohol requests.

Where can I get Instacart delivered in my area?

Instacart’s delivery and pickup services are available in thousands of cities around the world. To see if this includes your region—visit our locations page. Enter your postal code. Instacart does not ship to me. Although Instacart is available in many cities across the US and Canada, we’re not everywhere yet.

How does Instacart delivery and curbside pickup work?

How does Instacart delivery and curbside pickup work? Instacart makes it easy to order from your favorite stores. Shop for items at stores near you, with a selection from over 500 trusted local retailers and grocers across North America. Then, Instacart will connect you with a personal shopper in your area to shop and deliver your order.

Do you need a subscription to use Instacart?

You don’t need to be a member to order with Instacart. In fact, you can even order from warehouse clubs, like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale Club, without being a member of a retail club. To get started, create an account, select the store you want to buy from, and place your order. New customers may be eligible for free shipping promotions.

Can a store change the price on Instacart?

Whether or not the prices you see on Instacart are the same as those you would see on the shelves depends on the store. Some stores set their own prices on Instacart and don’t change the cost of individual products. For other stores]