Can I travel with cremated ashes?

Can I travel with cremated ashes?

Travelers are permitted to travel with ashes in checked baggage, but it is recommended that they be carried in carry-on baggage to help protect the contents from the risks associated with checked baggage. Crematorium remains in carry-on baggage must go through the X-ray machine to be examined.

How are human ashes transported?

Cremated ashes should be packed in a sift-proof container. A sift-proof container is a container that will not allow bulk materials to sift or leak during transport. The United States Postal Service (USPS) also recommends that the dustproof container be then placed in a sealed plastic bag.

Can you transport human ashes across state lines by car?

It is fairly easy to travel across the country with ashes in a car – there are no specific regulations regarding transporting ashes across state lines by car. Or, the funeral home can provide you with a funeral transit permit if you would like to have it with you as well.

Is it illegal to scatter human ashes anywhere?

People are allowed to scatter in California where no local ban exists and with written permission from the government agency or landlord (if not the property you own). In addition, the ashes, once scattered, must not be distinguishable by the public.

Do you need permission to take ashes on a plane?

Cremated remains must be transported and cannot be checked. Cremated remains should be in a container that can be x-rayed. For domestic travel, the TSA allows you to bring cremated remains on the plane either in your carry-on or in your checked baggage.

Can you throw human ashes anywhere?

You can scatter the ashes on your property. But if you decide to scatter elsewhere without permission, the law can get involved. You must obtain permission from the landowner to scatter the ashes on private property.

Can you take ashes across the border?

If you are traveling on a connecting or domestic flight within the United States with cremated remains, the remains MUST be transported in a temporary container that can pass through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) x-ray machines.

How much does it cost to transport a body across state lines?

How much does it cost? The distance, the shipping method you choose, and the weight of the shipping container generally affect the costs associated with transporting human remains. You will likely have to pay for shipping and receiving services at both funeral homes, which is usually around $5,000.