Can I unplug my water softener when I go on vacation?

Can I unplug my water softener when I go on vacation?

A timed water softener regenerates when its preset time indicates, and without water it can damage parts of the unit. So if your softener isn’t metered and you’re planning on going away for a long time, unplug it. Your water softener system shouldn’t be a concern when you’re away from home.

How do I turn off the water supply to my water softener?

Follow the supply line to the water shutoff valve (this may look like an outside faucet). Turn the valve clockwise until it stops. This will shut off the water supply to the softener.

Should my water softener be on bypass or on?

Always install a water softener with a bypass system. Bypass valves allow you to shut off water to the softener for maintenance while still having water in your home’s pipes. The inlet and outlet valve connects to the diverter valve. Push for bypass; remove for “service” (fresh water).

Do you turn off your water softener when you come back from vacation?

In most cases, you shouldn’t have to do much when you return from vacation. If you bypassed your water softener before going on vacation, I recommend turning on the house water first and running an upper level sink for a few minutes to remove any air in the line.

What to do when your water softener stops working?

Turn off the water and open a sink faucet at an upper level of the house to avoid draining the house’s plumbing. If the water stops completely after a few seconds, the valve is holding. Does your water softener have a “holiday mode”?

How do I turn off the water when I go on vacation?

First, locate your home’s water supply valve. You should know where it is anyway, in case there is a plumbing emergency. The valve should have a thumbwheel or lever handle to open and close it. It is perfectly safe to turn it off by turning the dial clockwise or closing the lever.

Where are the valves on a water softener?

To do this, trace the pipes on the back of the water softener to where they connect to the copper water pipes. There you will find three valves that rotate one way for fresh water and the other way for the bypass. Usually they are marked with arrows indicating which direction to turn for which result.