Can you fly to Hawaii and cruise the islands?

Can you fly to Hawaii and cruise the islands?

Many cruises start, end or end in Hawaii, but only one encompasses the Hawaiian Islands from start to finish, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Pride of America. This cruise makes it easy to visit four islands in eight days! No flying is required and unboxing only takes place once.

Can you travel island hopping in Hawaii?

Many people assume that there is a network of ferries to get you from island to island. This is not the case in Hawaii. Ferry service is only available between the islands of Maui and Lanai. To travel between all other Hawaiian Islands, you must fly.

Can you cruise from the USA to Hawaii?

Which cruise lines go to Hawaii? Given the popularity of this island tourist destination, surprisingly few cruise lines offer Hawaii cruises. If you don’t mind spending consecutive days at sea, Princess, Carnival and Holland America all offer 15-night (or longer) cruises from California to Hawaii.

How much does a flight between the islands of Hawaii cost?

Flights to Hawaii – Cost Per Mile Comparison. Hawaii Inter-Islands: Using Honolulu to Maui or Kauai as sample routes, fares during most ride times typically range from $118 (this week’s sale) to $239 round-trip. Based on a distance of even 100 miles, that works out to between $0.59 and $1.19 per mile.

How long does it take to sail from California to Hawaii?

Round-Trip Itineraries from California to Hawaii Round-trip cruises from California ports to Hawaii start at 14 days, which ranges from nine or ten full days at sea as bookends to four or more days island-hopping .

Are there any cruise lines that sail to Hawaii?

Guests 3 and 4 sail for free on selected crossings. Only Norwegian lets you visit four islands in seven days, which means you’re on one island every day! Because we’re the only cruise line with homeports in Hawaii, offering convenient Saturday departures year-round, you can vacation on your schedule.

What’s the best way to travel between the Hawaiian Islands?

The best way to travel between the Hawaiian Islands Norwegian Cruise Lines runs a seven-day cruise that crosses the four main Hawaiian Islands. The Pride of America sails year-round to Kauai Harbor, Oahu, Maui and The Big Island, giving you a taste of each.

Is it possible to fly from island to island in Hawaii?

Be prepared and ready to finally travel between the islands of Hawaii on a budget. Sometimes Hawaii island hopping isn’t as luxurious as it seems. Planes that fly from island to island are rather rare in the interior. Hawaiian Air and Mokulele both feature metal seats with a thin layer of padding.

What is the best airline to fly to Hawaii?

Southwest Airlines is new to flights between the continental United States and Hawaii, as well as inter-island flights. The following inter-island flights in Hawaii are operated by Southwest. How much does a flight between the islands of Hawaii cost?