Can you take an emotional support dog on Allegiant airlines?

Can you take an emotional support dog on Allegiant airlines?

Effective January 11, 2021, the Department of Transportation will no longer require air carriers to accept emotional support animals for carriage. Allegiant will no longer accept reservations that include emotional support animals as of January 11, 2021.

Can a flight attendant have an emotional support animal?

Emotional support animals are prohibited on airplanes, but service dogs can still fly freely.

Does Allegiant allow guinea pigs?

Pets Permitted in the Allegiant Airlines Cabin: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or small domestic birds may be carried on flights within the United States.

Does Allegiant measure pet carriers?

Pet carriers are subject to inspection prior to acceptance, with the customer service agent determining if there is sufficient room in the carrier for your pet(s). To fit under the seat, the pet carrier must not exceed the exterior dimensions of 9″ x 16″ x 19″ (HxWxD).

Does Allegiant allow large dogs?

Pets in the cabin: Allegiant Air Policy guide dogs are permitted, regardless of weight and size. Carriers cannot exceed: 19″ x 16″ x 9″. Health certification is not required for pets traveling in the cabin.

Which airlines allow pets in the cabin?

The following airlines allow flights with dogs in the cabin:

  • Aegean Airlines.
  • Air Canada.
  • AirEurope.
  • Air France.
  • Alaska Air.
  • American Airlines.
  • Delta.
  • JetBlue.

Which airlines don’t allow emotional support animals?

American, Delta, United, JetBlue, Spirit, Alaska and Frontier are among the carriers that have said they will no longer allow emotional support animals.

How strict is Allegiant with pet carriers?

Guidelines for Carriers For pets traveling in the cabin, carriers should be no larger than 9″ x 16″ x 19″ (22cm x 40cm x 48cm). They must be approved, flexible and waterproof. Once inside their cage, animals must be able to stand up and turn around inside.

Can you take an emotional support animal on Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Air Emotional Support Animal Policy and Requirements Emotional support animals are permitted in the carrier’s cabin at no additional charge. However, as with other airlines, you will need the proper documentation for your ESA to be considered a “working” animal and not a pet.

What kind of pets can you take on Allegiant Air?

Allegiant Air’s pet policy has made traveling with pets much easier thanks to their friendly staff and efficient program. Allegiant Air currently accepts all pets, including dogs, cats and miniature horses.

Which airlines still allow emotional support?

1Air Canada. Air Canada will continue to allow passengers with disabilities to travel with their ESA, however, only emotional support dogs are accepted. 2 South West Airlines. Southwest Airlines will accept emotional support animals through February 28, 2021. 3 Sun Country Airlines. 4 Volaris. 5 WestJet. …

What should you know about flying with Allegiant Air?

To travel with Allegiant Air, your veterinarian must ensure that your dog or cat has been vaccinated against rabies. Before choosing to travel with Allegiant Air, you and your veterinarian will need to ensure that your pet is fit to travel. Allegiant Air’s Pet Policy prohibits pet owners from traveling with sick, violent or distressed animals.