Can you use the government travel card for PCS?

Can I buy food with my government travel card?

Travelers can use their travel card at ATMs to obtain the money needed to pay “reimbursable” travel expenses. Do not use the T&Cs to pay for meals for your spouse/family/friends that are not listed on official travel orders. • Do not use the GTCC after the TDY is finished, only when you are on the move.

How do I pay for my GTC card?

Are there any fees for making a payment over the phone?

  1. Enter your 16-digit DoD Travel Card account number.
  2. Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  3. Wait for the system to provide the balance, available credit, available cash, last payment shown, and next payment due.
  4. Press or say “2” for automated payment over the phone.

Can I buy alcohol with my government travel card?

Generally, employees cannot use a travel card to purchase alcoholic beverages unless they are tied to a meal.

Can you use your GTC for gas?

You can use GTC for food and gas as long as you pay it back, right? Only if you are authorized to use IE TDY, Deployment, ORDERS.

How do I get a government travel card?

STEP 1: Take the Travel Card 101 training at STEP 2: Read and sign the GTCC Statement of Understanding (SOU) STEP 3: Scan your Travel Card 101 Certificate of Completion and SOU and email to MFP Reserve Affairs Branch G1 to [email protected]

How do I activate my government travel card?

Activate your new travel card. If you have a government payment card, make sure your new CitiBank card is activated. Go to or call CITI at 877-905-1861. As of May 6, 2019, CitiBank is the Official Provider of Government Travel Credit Cards (GTCC).

Can I use my government travel card for Uber?

Federal employees can now officially use Uber to travel. Federal employees who travel for work will be happy to know that they can now officially use ride-sharing services while on official business. President Trump signed into law the Government Travel Modernization Act this week (HR

How long does it take to receive the government travel card?

At the cardholder’s request, APC can activate the restricted card for a specific travel event. Government Travel Credit Card Delivery: Normal delivery of the card is 7-10 business days after completing the online process. Expedited cards ship approximately 2-3 business days.

How does the government travel card work?

The card, given in the past to military personnel traveling on temporary assignment, allows users to charge government travel costs to the card instead of paying for them out of their own pockets. Troops then deposit their expenses with their finance office and use that reimbursement to pay off the card.

What is a GTC card?

The Government Travel Charge Card Program (GTCC) provides travelers with a secure, efficient, convenient and commercially available method of paying for expenses associated with official travel. The T&Cs include Individual Billing Accounts (IBA) and Central Billing Accounts (CBA).

What if I lost my government travel card?

Checks are supplied in prepackaged sets. In most cases, they can be replaced within 24 hours if lost or stolen by calling 1-800-645-6556. Outside the United States, call collect at 813-623-1709. You will receive an inactive card (i.e. a card that is not yet ready for use) which is indicated by the sticker on the card.

What is the best credit card for the military?

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Get unlimited deliveries with $0 delivery fee and reduced service charge on orders over $12 for at least one year on eligible food purchases with DashPass, the subscription service by DoorDash. Activate before 12/31/21. Earn 5X points on Lyft rides through March 2022.

Can I accompany my husband on a TDY?

As a spouse, you cannot deploy with your spouse, it is impossible and dangerous not to. However, you can travel with your spouse when they are touring remotely and specifically on a TDY. Make sure you can afford to be away from home if it’s a long TDY.

Can I use my GTC for a rental car?

If a rental car is not explicitly authorized, you should not use your T&Cs for it. The GTC is for official government-related expenses. If your use is not explicitly approved, it is misuse of the card (and you could be punished).

What is considered misuse of the T&Cs?

What is considered misuse of the T&Cs? 1. Two checks returned for insufficient funds within a 12 month period.

Do you use DTS for PCS?

A Service Member, DoD Civilian Employee, Dependent of a Service Member or Civilian Employee, and an Invitational Traveler may use DTS for Temporary Duty Travel (TDY). A traveler performing a TDY in conjunction with a Permanent Station Change (PCS) cannot use DTS.

Can you claim laundry on a travel voucher?

Laundry/dry cleaning and/or ironing of clothes are not separately reimbursable travel expenses for OCONUS travel. This is part of the IE allowance included in the authorized/approved per diem/AEA rates for OCONUS travel.

Why should you set up an online account with travel?

Why should you create an online account with the travel credit card provider? Because it offers easy access to mobile statements, payments and alerts. What should you do if there are incorrect transactions on your monthly statement? File a dispute with the GTCC provider within 60 days of the statement date.

What is an IBA travel card?

Individually Billed Accounts (IBAs) are issued to employees to pay for official travel and travel-related expenses. The government reimburses employees for authorized expenses. The employee is responsible for the monthly payments to the bank.