Can you watch Amazon Prime on a plane?

Flying can be tedious and boring, especially on long haul flights. To pass the time, many travelers like to watch movies and TV shows. With Amazon Prime offering thousands of titles for unlimited streaming as part of its membership, it’s natural to wonder – can you watch Amazon Prime on a plane?

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely watch Amazon Prime video content while flying. However, there are some important things to know about how it works, what’s available, and the steps for accessing Prime video on airplanes.

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about streaming Prime movies and shows during flights.

Key Takeaways: Watching Amazon Prime Video on Airplanes

  • Amazon Prime video can be accessed on airplanes, but selection may be limited due to licensing restrictions offline.
  • You need to download titles to your device before the flight since you can’t stream on planes.
  • Prime video apps are available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • You can download movies and shows over WiFi before the flight up to certain limits.
  • Downloads can be watched offline without internet access once in the air.
  • Seatback in-flight entertainment may offer some Prime content if enabled by the airline.

-VPN services and jailbreaking devices canunlock more Downloads but aren’t recommended.

  • Prime helps pass the time inflight but content varies so manage expectations.
  • Review downloading instructions before flying to maximize your Prime video library.

How Does Watching Amazon Prime Video on a Plane Work?

Amazon Prime video offers tens of thousands of movies, TV shows, and other programming as part of its Prime membership benefits. This content can be streamed unlimited over the internet on smart TVs, mobile devices, Fire TV, computers, and more.

However, since airplanes don’t offer internet access outside of pricey WiFi, you can’t stream Prime video once you’re up in the air. The only option is to download Prime movies and shows to your device before boarding the flight. This allows you to watch the downloaded content offline while in airplane mode.

The Prime video apps for iOS and Android mobile devices have a download feature that lets you save titles for offline viewing. There are limits on how many videos you can have downloaded simultaneously based on your device storage capacity.

By using the download option before your flight to stock up on Prime programming, you can easily access and watch that downloaded content while on the plane without needing an internet connection. This enables you to watch favorites from your Prime library during your trip.

Some important tips for downloading Prime videos ahead of flights:

  • You must connect to the internet via WiFi to download – you can’t save videos for offline while on the plane.
  • Downloads expire after a certain number of days, so check before your flight.
  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to download in case of issues.
  • You can only have a certain number of downloads at once, so manage your queue.
  • Downloaded videos can’t be transferred between devices.
  • Select lower quality resolution downloads to save storage space.

As long as you plan ahead and use the download feature, you’ll have movies, TV shows, and more available from Prime video while in the air.

What Amazon Prime Content Can I Watch on a Plane?

The selection of Amazon Prime videos available for download may be more limited compared to the full Prime streaming library. This is primarily due to licensing restrictions for offline viewing.

For example, some movies and shows can only be streamed with an internet connection and are not authorized by the content owners for offline mobile access. Due to these constraints, you may not find some titles you want to download even though they are available to stream online.

In general, here’s a quick overview of what Prime content can be downloaded to watch offline on planes:

  • Prime Originals: Most Amazon exclusive movies and series are available for downloading. This includes hits like The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselJack RyanThe Boys, and The Wheel of Time.
  • Movies: A wide selection of popular movies from major studios can be downloaded, but newer releases may be limited.
  • Kids shows: Lots of Amazon kids originals like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie plus shows from PBS Kids are downloadable.
  • TV: Popular shows like Downton AbbeyThe AmericansOrphan Black, and more can be downloaded, though some latest episodes or full seasons may be restricted.
  • Travel shows: Prime offers many travel documentaries and series that can be great to watch inflight like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

The available download selection differs by country and is updated monthly with new titles while others expire, so you’ll want to check before each trip. Some flights may also offer Prime video on seatback screens depending on the airline and plane.

Overall the downloadable Prime library offers plenty of great choices from movies, shows, documentaries and more to keep you entertained inflight with the right planning.

How to Download Amazon Prime Videos for Offline Viewing

Downloading Prime videos for offline viewing is easy once you know the steps. Here is a quick guide on how to download Amazon Prime videos to watch on airplanes:

On Mobile Devices

The Prime Video app for iOS and Android lets you download titles.

On iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the Prime Video app and find a movie or show you want to download.
  • Tap the Download icon (down arrow symbol) next to the video title.
  • Select download quality and confirm.
  • Downloads display in My Stuff > Downloads while offline.

On Android devices:

  • Open the Prime Video app and pick a title to download.
  • Tap the download button below the video’s thumbnail image.
  • Pick download quality and confirm.
  • View downloads in My Stuff > On Device tab while offline.

Pro tips:

  • Download over WiFi to avoid mobile data charges.
  • Check the expiration date for downloads once added.
  • Monitor your device storage and delete old downloads.
  • Set downloads to SD quality to save space.
  • Re-download expired videos before flights.

On Fire Tablets

You can also download Prime videos to Fire tablets using the Prime Video app:

  • Open Prime Video app and find a title to download.
  • Tap the Download icon next to the video.
  • Choose SD quality if needed to save space.
  • Downloads can be viewed offline in My Stuff > On Device.

On Windows/Mac Computers

It’s possible to download Prime videos on laptops and computers:

  • Use the Prime Video app for Windows/Mac to find and download titles.
  • You can also use web browser extensions like Video Downloader for Prime.
  • Downloads sync across devices when you connect online.

In general, mobile devices offer the most straightforward option for downloading and watching Prime videos during flights. But with the right tools and prep, you can access downloads on larger-screen devices too.

Are Amazon Prime Videos Available on Airline In-Flight Entertainment?

In addition to downloading Prime videos to your own mobile device before flying, you may also be able to stream Prime content through airline in-flight entertainment systems on longer flights.

Many airlines now offer seatback touchscreen monitors with entertainment options including movies, TV, games, and more. Some of these airline systems have partnered with Amazon Prime to offer a selection of Prime video programming inflight if available on that aircraft.

For example, JetBlue provides free Prime video streaming on its seatback screens on flights over an hour. You can watch Prime Originals along with a selection of other titles. Delta also offers free Prime video access on international and some domestic flights in the US.

Other airlines like United, American, and Alaska are rolling out Prime video on select cross-country and international routes. Availability varies by airline, aircraft type, and flight length.

Prime streaming on airline IFE systems offers another option for watching some titles inflight, though selection is more limited compared to downloading movies/shows beforehand. Check with your airline before flying to see if Prime Video will be available on your flight.

Can I Unlock More Downloads with a VPN or Jailbreaking?

Some Prime members wonder if using a VPN (virtual private network) or jailbreaking their device might allow them to download more videos from the full Prime catalog for offline viewing.

A VPN routes your internet connection through different servers which can make it appear you are accessing Prime Video from another country. Jailbreaking removes standard restrictions on iOS devices.

However, we don’t recommend using a VPN or jailbreaking your device solely for the purpose of getting around Prime video’s licensing limitations for downloads.

While these methods may unlock some additional titles, it violates Amazon’s Prime Video Terms of Use. Amazon may block access entirely if detected. There are also major security and stability risks.

Rather than going to such extremes, we recommend finding plenty of great in-flight viewing options among the thousands of titles already available for downloading within Prime Video according to Amazon’s guidelines.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Amazon Prime Video on Planes

To maximize your Amazon Prime video viewing experience in the air, keep these tips in mind:

  • Download early – Don’t wait until the last minute before your flight in case of technical issues.
  • Bring headphones – Airline WiFi often doesn’t support streaming audio so use headphones to hear everything.
  • Adjust screen brightness – Dim your device’s brightness in low light to avoid bothering seatmates.
  • Try different genres – Download a variety of movies, shows and docs to pass the time.
  • Charge devices beforehand – Ensure your devices are fully charged before boarding. Bring a backup battery pack.
  • Preload other entertainment – Have some backup music playlists, ebooks, games and more beyond just video.
  • Use airplane mode – Turn on airplane mode once onboard to save battery life.
  • Check seatback screens – See if your flight offers Prime Video built into the IFE.
  • View Prime downloads lists – Browse the available offline titles before downloading if possible.

With the right preparation using these tips, Amazon Prime video can help keep you happily entertained inflight.

Can You Watch Amazon Prime on a Plane? FAQs

Still have some questions about streaming Amazon Prime video content on airplanes? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I watch Amazon Prime Video offline on a plane?

You need to use the Prime Video app to download movies and shows before your flight while connected to WiFi. Once downloaded, you can access those titles inflight through the app without internet access.

Why are some titles missing from Prime Video plane downloads?

Licensing restrictions limit what can be downloaded for offline viewing, so some titles are only available for online streaming. Selection varies by region.

How many Prime videos can I download at once?

It depends on your device storage capacity. You can have up to 25 videos downloaded simultaneously on mobile devices. Delete old downloads to add new ones.

Can I watch live TV through Prime Video on a plane?

No, Amazon’s live content like Thursday Night Football can only be streamed live with an internet connection and cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.

Will I have access to my full Prime library for downloading?

Unfortunately all titles in the Prime streaming catalog aren’t available for downloading due to licensing. But there are still thousands of options.

What happens if my Prime download expires before I fly?

Downloads expire after a set number of days. If they expire before your flight, you’ll need to re-download those titles once you have an internet connection again.

With the information in this guide, you can now confidently watch your favorite Amazon Prime movies, TV shows and more on your next flight. Just be sure to download titles ahead of time and bring fully charged devices. Happy streaming at 30,000 feet!