can you wear leggings on american airlines

When it comes to air travel, dressing comfortably is often a top priority. But can you wear leggings on American Airlines? In the past, airlines had strict dress code restrictions for non-revenue travelers, including employees and their family and friends. However, things have changed, and American Airlines has taken a more relaxed approach to attire.

Let’s dive into the details and explore American Airlines’ dress code guidelines for non-rev passengers. Discover what you can and can’t wear on your next flight and how these new guidelines reflect American Airlines’ focus on making travel as easy and straightforward as possible for its employees and their guests.

Are leggings now allowed? What about shorts or flip-flops? Find out all you need to know about what to wear for a comfortable and hassle-free journey with American Airlines.

Previous Dress Code Restrictions

dress code restrictions

Prior to the dress code change, non-rev passengers traveling on employee passes were subject to specific dress code restrictions in first or business class on American Airlines. These restrictions aimed to ensure that non-rev travelers maintained a certain level of attire and blended in with revenue passengers. However, these restrictions have now been eliminated, allowing for more flexibility in clothing choices.

Previously, forbidden clothing items for non-rev travelers included:

  • Shorts
  • Flip-flops
  • Jogging suits
  • Athletic gear
  • Baseball-style caps

The intention behind these restrictions was to maintain a level of professionalism and ensure that non-rev passengers reflected the airline’s image while enjoying their travel benefits. However, with the recent changes to the dress code policy, these specific restrictions no longer apply.

Previously Forbidden Clothing Allowed Clothing
Shorts Leggings, shorts
Flip-flops Flip-flops, sandals
Jogging suits Jogging suits, casual attire
Athletic gear Athletic gear, sportswear
Baseball-style caps Baseball-style caps, hats

With the removal of these dress code restrictions, non-rev travelers now have the freedom to dress more comfortably while still adhering to the general guidelines of neat, clean clothing that does not offend or distract fellow passengers.

American Airlines’ New Guidelines for Non-Rev Travel

non-rev travel guidelines

American Airlines has recently implemented new guidelines for non-revenue travel, providing more flexibility in terms of clothing choices for non-rev passengers. The emphasis is on neat and clean attire that does not offend or distract. These guidelines apply to all classes of travel, including economy, business, and first class, ensuring that all non-rev travelers can enjoy their journey comfortably.

Under the new guidelines, non-rev passengers are allowed to wear leggings, shorts, flip-flops, baseball caps, and even jogging suits. This change enables passengers to dress in a way that best suits their comfort and preference, while still maintaining a level of decency and appropriateness.

By allowing a wider range of clothing options, American Airlines aims to make non-rev travel more convenient and enjoyable for its employees and their guests. Whether it’s a casual trip in economy class or a more formal business or first-class experience, non-rev passengers can now express their personal style while adhering to the airline’s guidelines.

Benefits of the New Guidelines

  • Increased flexibility in choosing clothing for non-rev travel
  • Enhanced comfort during the journey
  • Encouragement of personal style while maintaining decency
  • Alignment with the changing trends and preferences in travel attire
  • A more inclusive and welcoming travel experience for non-rev passengers
Allowed Clothing Not Allowed Clothing
Leggings Swimwear
Shorts Sheer or see-through clothing
Flip-flops Sleepwear
Baseball caps Vulgar or offensive attire
Jogging suits Clothing that violates community standards of decency

As per the guidelines, non-rev passengers are encouraged to dress in attire that blends in with other customers and represents American Airlines in a positive light. This ensures a pleasant and respectful environment for all passengers on board.

With the new clothing guidelines, American Airlines aims to create a more inclusive and comfortable travel experience for non-rev passengers. The focus is on allowing personal expression while maintaining a neat and clean appearance. So, pack your favorite leggings, shorts, or comfy jogging suit, and enjoy your non-rev journey with American Airlines!

Clarifying the Dress Code Guidelines

dress code policy

American Airlines’ internal memo to employees has provided clarification on the airline’s dress code policy and clothing guidelines for non-rev passengers. The aim is to ensure that all passengers, including non-rev travelers, are dressed in a manner that represents American Airlines well.

  • Offensive or Distractive Attire: Non-rev passengers are advised to avoid clothing that is overly revealing, sheer, or see-through. Swimwear and sleepwear are also considered inappropriate attire. Attire that is vulgar or violates community standards of decency should be avoided as well.
  • Blending In with Other Customers: The memo encourages non-rev passengers to ask themselves if their clothing blends in with other customers. This is to ensure that the chosen attire is suitable for the travel environment and does not stand out or cause distractions.

By adhering to these guidelines, non-rev passengers can contribute to a positive and professional atmosphere during their travels with American Airlines. Dressing appropriately not only reflects well on the passenger but also creates a pleasant and comfortable experience for all customers.

Prohibited Attire Acceptable Attire
Overly revealing clothing Neat and modest clothing
Sheer or see-through clothing Appropriate and non-distracting clothing
Swimwear or sleepwear Comfortable yet presentable clothing
Vulgar or offensive attire Tasteful and respectful clothing

The Importance of Dressing Appropriately as a Non-Rev Traveler

As a non-rev traveler, it is essential to dress appropriately when representing the airline. While the new dress code guidelines offer more flexibility, it is still crucial to uphold a level of decency and professionalism in your attire. By doing so, you not only show respect for yourself and your travel privileges but also for the company you represent.

When traveling in business class or first class, it is recommended to dress in business casual attire. Consider wearing a button-down shirt or a polo with well-fitted trousers or a skirt. This attire creates a polished and professional appearance, aligning with the airline’s standards.

Remember that non-rev passengers are an extension of the airline’s image. By dressing appropriately, you contribute to maintaining a positive and professional image for both yourself and the airline. Dressing in a neat and clean manner, avoiding offensive or revealing clothing, demonstrates your commitment to upholding the airline’s values and standards.

So the next time you fly as a non-rev traveler, remember the importance of appropriate attire. By dressing in a manner that represents the airline well, you contribute to a positive travel experience for yourself and others. Maintain professionalism by adhering to the dress code guidelines and showcase your respect for the airline and its brand.


Q: Can you wear leggings on American Airlines?

A: Yes, American Airlines’ new guidelines allow non-rev travelers to wear leggings.

Q: What were the previous dress code restrictions for non-rev travelers?

A: Prior to the dress code change, non-rev passengers were prohibited from wearing shorts, flip-flops, jogging suits, athletic gear, and baseball-style caps in first or business class.

Q: What are American Airlines’ new guidelines for non-rev travel?

A: The new guidelines allow non-rev travelers to wear leggings, shorts, flip-flops, baseball caps, and even jogging suits. The emphasis is on clothing that is neat and clean and does not offend or distract.

Q: How did American Airlines clarify their dress code guidelines?

A: American Airlines’ internal memo stated that offensive or distractive attire, such as overly revealing or sheer clothing, swimwear, or sleepwear, should be avoided. Attire that is vulgar or violates community standards of decency should also be avoided.

Q: Why is it important to dress appropriately as a non-rev traveler?

A: Non-rev passengers represent the airline, and dressing in a manner that is decent and appropriate helps maintain a positive image for themselves and American Airlines. Business casual attire, like a button-down shirt or polo, is recommended when traveling in business class or first class.