15 Best things to do in Lyon (France)

Lyon is a large World Heritage site with a large Renaissance old town, Roman ruins, historic industrial areas and the palatial 19th century Presqu’île district.

15 things to do in Nice (France)

Nice’s unofficial national anthem is Nissa La Bella, a sentiment you can’t help but agree with when you visit the largest city on the French

15 things to do in Alès (France)

For most of the period until the 1980s, Alès was a city that lived on the coal industry. The city’s tourism revolves around this heritage,

15 things to do in Le Mans (France)

“Le Mans” means racing: nearly a century after the first race, the venerable 24 Hours of Le Mans is still going strong. Racing enthusiasts can

15 things to do in Metz (France)

As the administrative center of France’s new Grand Est region, Metz has been a base of power for over 2,000 years. The Cour d’Or Museum

15 things to do in Grasse (France)

Grasse is the perfume capital of France on the French Riviera, and if you’re passionate about perfume, take an olfactory tour. The town has an

15 Best things to do in Provence (France)

The mere mention of Provence conjures images of lavender fields, sunflowers, olive groves, cicadas, vineyards and the kind of unspeakable light that inspired Post-Impressionist painters