Do airlines charge for assistance dogs?

Do airlines charge for assistance dogs?

There is no additional charge for the service animal, and if you are bringing a kennel with you, you can also ship it as checked baggage at no charge. As with other airlines, the animal must be able to fit at your feet or in your lap without obstructing the aisles or the space reserved for other passengers.

How do I add my service dog to my Delta flight?

Customers traveling with an emotional support animal or psychiatric service animal will be required to submit a signed veterinary health form and/or immunization record (current within one year of the date of travel), an application form emotional/psychiatric support animal that requires a prepared letter and …

Can airlines refuse assistance dogs?

Airlines are allowed to refuse carriage to an assistance dog if it: Breaches safety requirements – for example, too large or too heavy to fit in the cabin; poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others; Violation of sanitary requirements – for example, prohibition to enter the United States or a foreign country.

Can an assistance dog travel on a Delta flight?

If your pet is not an assistance dog, you may be able to board a Delta flight if your pet meets certain requirements. Small pets such as dogs, cats and birds may travel in the cabin for a one-way fee.

Can a pit bull be a service animal on Delta?

Delta will lift its ban on pit bull-type dogs provided they meet the documentation and behavioral requirements for trained service animals; however, per current Delta policy, pit bull-type dogs will not be permitted to travel as emotional support animals for ticketed customers confirmed by Delta prior to January 11.

How many service and emotional support animals does Delta carry?

Delta transports approximately 250,000 service and emotional support animals each year. However, as of March 1, 2018, they are tightening their policy for these working animals in an effort to reduce “misbehavior” from dogs (and other creatures).

Who is eligible for Delta pets in the hold?

Pets in Hold (AVIH) is a service offered by Delta to active U.S. military personnel or active U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) and their spouses (see requirements below), as well as any trained service or support animal unable to travel in the cabin. .