Do I need a Covid test to fly with Alaska Airlines?

Do I need a Covid test to fly with Alaska Airlines?

Effective January 26, 2021: Pre-travel COVID-19 testing is required for passengers on flights entering the United States from a foreign country.

Does Alaska Airlines charge cancellation fees?

If you need to change or cancel your travel plans, here’s some information you should know. No change fees will apply, but a fare difference may be charged for your new flights. In accordance with our no-show policy, you must change or cancel your reservation before your flight departs in order to receive future travel credit.

Are there any travel restrictions for people coming to Alaska?

All United States international travel restrictions apply to travel to Alaska. In addition to CDC requirements, international passengers remain subject to the state of Alaska’s highly recommended testing guidelines.

Does Alaska Airlines offer free cancellation?

No change fees. For flights purchased through April 30, 2021, change and cancellation fees are waived for all fares, including Saver fares through our peace of mind waiver. *Our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all fares, otherwise Saver fares purchased on or after May 1, 2021 cannot be changed or cancelled.

Can you travel to Alaska without a passport?

US citizens traveling between another state and Alaska do not need a passport. All non-US citizens will need a passport and possibly other documents to enter. As with any trip, check with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration when planning your trip.

Is Alaska safe to live in?

The largest US state has many qualities, including a rugged and vast natural environment and a high economic opportunity rating, although safety is not one of them. Alaska’s violent crime rate of 8.85 per 1,000 is the highest in the nation, while its property crime rate is second only to New Mexico.

Do you have to pay for Carry On on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines carry-on baggage fees. Alaska does not charge a fee for carry-on bags that meet their size requirements. If your bag is too large and doesn’t meet Alaska’s carry restrictions, you may be charged for gate check-in. Here is a link to the Alaska Carry-On page to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

How do I make a reservation with Alaska Airlines?

For travel on Alaska Airlines, please contact Alaska Airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522. If your plans include travel on another airline, please contact the airline directly to reserve space, determine fees and obtain additional information.

How old do you have to be to fly with a dog on Alaska Airlines?

Note: Fees shown are per kennel/carrier and for travel on Alaska Airlines, PenAir¹ and Ravn Alaska only. If your itinerary includes travel on another airline, the other airline’s charges may apply. Please check with the other airline for more information. Passengers must be 18 or older to travel with a pet in the cabin.

Can you transfer your pet to another airline with Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines does not transfer pets to other airlines. If your trip includes a transfer to another airline, you should allow time to collect your pet from baggage claim and re-register your pet with the connecting airline.