Do US airlines offer funeral discounts?

Do US airlines offer funeral discounts?

We’re sorry, we do not offer emergency or bereavement rates. We offer government or military rates in certain markets. If you purchase an unrestricted fare ticket, you can make changes to your flight without a change fee (subject to seat availability). However, additional fare collection may apply.

Does Expedia offer bereavement rates?

“Expedia is currently unable to process reduced fares such as bereavement fares,” said Maureen Thom, spokesperson for Expedia. “The only way to get a discounted airfare is directly with the airline.” These airlines aren’t the only ones offering bereavement fares, but they don’t have much company.

How much cheaper are mourning flights?

Mourning fares offer a discount, usually around 50%, but only on the highest unrestricted fares, which are often exorbitantly priced. Even at half price, these rates can still be quite expensive.

Does Jet Blue offer bereavement fares?

JetBlue does not currently offer bereavement fares on its flights. The low-cost carrier does not offer additional discounts to travelers booking a bereavement flight, but the airline will provide support for immediate family in need of bereavement travel.

Can a flight be canceled due to a death?

Most airlines allow ticket refunds, even for non-refundable tickets, when an immediate family member dies, although a few carriers refuse to issue bereavement refunds. It then hands over the passenger’s documentation to the airline, which reimburses the passenger directly, if the request is approved.

Is it better to cancel the flight or not to show up?

Is it better to cancel a flight or not show up? If you know you can’t make a scheduled flight, it’s better to cancel your flight than not to show up. But, if you don’t show up, it’s less likely you’ll be able to get some of the fare back. However, not all airlines are the same.

What is the best airline to fly to a funeral?

If you need to travel overseas for a funeral, it may be helpful to contact them at 1-800-645-3880. The last airline on the list is another Canadian discount carrier. WestJet offers bereavement fares, but only by calling 1-888-937-8538. It also extends its offer to immediate family and includes aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews.

Are there any airlines that still offer bereavement fares?

Delta Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa and WestJet are among the few airlines still offering bereavement fares.

What types of rates are available for funerals?

More interestingly, the carrier also offers civic funeral rates available to anyone attending the funerals of firefighters, police, military, and emergency service personnel who have died in the line of duty.

Can a Delta flight be canceled due to bereavement?

Delta Airlines still has arrangements in place for customers wishing to book last minute flights due to bereavement. In the event of death or imminent death (for international travel) in your immediate family, Delta’s bereavement policy provides additional flexibility on the best published fare on your itinerary.