Do you receive food on international Qantas flights?

Do you receive food on international Qantas flights?

Qantas is now offering a restaurant-style catering service on international flights. After take-off, passengers will be served a welcome drink and a restaurant-style catering service will follow. The traditional in-flight meal tray has been removed to make way for a simpler and broader in-flight meal offering.

Do you have Qantas business class pyjamas?

With Australians unable to travel overseas, Qantas is now offering home delivery of a set of its business class pajamas as part of a gift box. With most international flights suspended, the airline has excess pajamas, toiletry bags and snacks in business class.

What is the difference between Qantas Economy and Premium Economy?

The biggest difference between Premium Economy and Economy is the smaller and more intimate Premium Economy cabin, between 32 and 40 seats. Premium Economy also offers more legroom, wider seats and noise canceling headphones.

Do Qantas aircraft have televisions?

In-flight entertainment is available on select domestic flights and all international flights. Discover a selection of this month’s entertainment highlights and explore what’s new in films, TV sets, comedies and documentaries airing on your next flight.

Do Qantas international flights have WiFi?

Qantas WiFi offers a very fast and pleasantly free way to stay connected above the clouds on its domestic Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 flights, and WiFi will likely be extended to international flights from 2021-2022.

Can I buy Qantas pajamas?

With most Qantas flights currently suspended due to ongoing border restrictions, the airline has an oversupply of items including business class pajamas, amenity kits, as well as Tim Tams and snacks.

What can you do on a Qantas flight?

Find out what’s on board your next domestic or international flight, including dining options, entertainment and aircraft seating plans. We have made some changes to our products and services for our international and domestic flights.

Are there hot towels on Qantas flights?

And remember that famous Qantas inconsistency: what you get one day may be a different mileage the next. Qantas economy class on Qantas is quite good, although it’s hard to escape the herd mentality when you board, so no change from usual. There are no newspapers or hot towels.

When will Qantas international flights go on sale?

Qantas is selling seats on international flights for July 2021, indicating long-haul travel could be an option for Australians sooner than expected. The Australian airline has opened bookings to the coronavirus-riddled UK and US, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Why do we need a new foot net on Qantas?

A new foot net provides additional support and further improves ergonomics when traveling on longer flights. From welcome drinks, award-winning wines, snack bars, continuous refreshments throughout your flight, to menus that reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients – you’ll be spoiled for choice when dining with we.