Does Air New Zealand serve food on long haul flights?

Does Air New Zealand serve food on long haul flights?

We offer delicious cuisine, award-winning wines and even the famous Economy Skycouch™. Not bad for a few hours above the clouds! * Some seats have monitors stowed in the arm of their seat rather than the back of the seat in front of them.

Can you take food on Air NZ domestic flights?

1. Re: Domestic flights in New Zealand…is food allowed? Of course, you can bring food, either in checked baggage or in the cabin. Even liquids are allowed on domestic flights!!

Who owns Air New Zealand?

The New Zealand government
1. Who owns Air New Zealand? The New Zealand government currently owns 52% of the ordinary shares of Air New Zealand. The remaining shares are listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (ticker symbol AIR.NZ) and the Australian Stock Exchange (ticker symbol AIZ.AU).

Does Air New Zealand have first class?

Unfortunately, Air New Zealand does not offer a first class product on its long haul flights.

Can I take alcohol on a domestic flight in New Zealand?

Alcohol over 70% alcohol by volume should not be transported by air. Between 24% and 70%, you are limited to carrying 5 liters of alcohol in your hand luggage. Alcohol under 24% has no volume restriction.

Can I take a bottle of wine on a domestic flight in New Zealand?

For domestic flights, you do not need to carry liquids and gels in your checked baggage. If you have cosmetics, food or a nice bottle of wine, no worries, you can take them on the plane.

Are there free meals on Air New Zealand flights?

For some passengers, Air New Zealand inflight meals may or may not be included in your ticket. This mainly concerns services from New Zealand to Australia, the Pacific and Honolulu. For all other flights, passengers can enjoy meals regardless of the price they paid for their airfare. All rates include a free snack and tea or coffee.

Are there any airlines that offer free beer and wine?

Those flying to Aloha State on Alaska Airlines get—what else?!—a free mai tai. And Horizon Air and SkyWest Airlines (Alaska’s sister airlines) are both offering free beer and wine to all passengers on regional and shuttle flights over 60 minutes.

Where can I get free booze on a plane?

Passengers seated in the Main Cabin Select section (and in First Class) receive free beer, wine and spirits. AA serves complimentary wine to Main Cabin passengers on flights between the United States and Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and select Latin American countries.

Is there free alcohol on Japan Airlines?

All passengers, including Economy Class passengers, on all flights can take advantage of Japan Airlines’ generous selection of complimentary liquor, including beer, spirits, umeshu and Yvon Mau wines. The South Korea-based airline is serving complimentary wines in first, business and economy class.