Does Delta Airlines serve alcohol for free?

Does Delta Airlines serve alcohol for free?

Available for purchase on most aircraft, along with complimentary soft drinks. On international routes and some domestic routes, you’ll enjoy a complimentary meal in the main cabin. With every meal on long-haul international flights, enjoy complimentary beer, wine and spirits.

Does Delta serve alcohol during Covid?

Delta Comfort+ and First Class customers receive complimentary beer and wine service. Alcohol is available as tap-to-pay in the main cabin. Coffee, tea, mini cans of Coca-Cola and juice are available in all cabins.

What is the difference between Delta Main and Comfort?

Legroom is about four inches more than in the main cabin, and the Comfort Plus seats recline slightly more as well. This means there is extra comfort. Although everyone on a Delta flight is fed, Comfort Plus passengers receive slightly better meals than Main Cabin passengers.

Is WiFi free on Delta Comfort Plus?

Rounding out the perks are Comfort Plus Priority boarding (after First Class and Delta One), dedicated airspace, free beer, wine and spirits, and “premium snacks” on flights over 900 miles. As in Delta One and First Class, travelers have access to Delta Studio and WiFi.

Does Delta Comfort serve alcohol?

Delta Comfort+ and First Class customers will receive complimentary beer and wine service. Main Cabin customers can purchase alcohol using tap-to-pay.

Is there free alcohol on Delta international flights?

Free alcohol on Delta international flights. Delta Air Lines is currently the only US airline to offer free spirits on domestic flights. Alcohol is free in first and economy class on all flights. In recent years, Delta has been one of the first to reintroduce free beer and wine between US and international markets.

What do you get on Delta Comfort + flights?

Passengers traveling in Delta Comfort+ also have access to free beer, wine and spirits on flights over 350 miles, as well as free fresh fruit and premium snacks like yogurt bars frozen Greek on flights over 900 miles when there is no meal service. This…

What is the difference between First Class and Comfort on Delta?

1 Priority boarding. 2 Disembark quickly. 3 More legroom. 4 Space reserved for upper compartments. 5 Power. 6 Benefits of long-haul flights. 7 free alcoholic drinks. 8 Free Improved Snack Basket. 9 Fly to Honolulu from Atlanta or Minneapolis. 10 Baggage Inclusions and Fees.

Are there premium snacks on Delta flights?

Delta Comfort+® offers premium snack options on flights 900 miles and over, as well as select routes under 900 miles, and dedicated overhead bin space. Overhead compartment space is subject to availability.