does frontier airlines serve coffee

When you’re flying, a cup of coffee can be a comforting and energizing way to start your day. But what about Frontier Airlines? Do they serve coffee onboard? If you’re a coffee lover, you might be curious to know whether you can satisfy your caffeine cravings during your flight. Let’s find out!

Frontier Airlines is known for its ultra-low-cost approach, with a “pay-as-you-go” system that allows passengers to choose the services they want. Unfortunately, this means that they do not provide complimentary meals or snacks, including coffee, to passengers. However, there are coffee options available onboard for purchase.

So, if you’re in need of a cup of joe while flying with Frontier Airlines, don’t worry – you have options! They offer a variety of snacks, beverages, and alcoholic drinks for purchase, including coffee from Boyer’s Coffee. Let’s explore the in-flight menu and snack options to find out more!

In-flight Menu and Snack Options

Frontier Airlines snack options

When flying with Frontier Airlines, you’ll have a variety of delicious snack options to choose from their in-flight menu. Whether you’re looking for a savory treat or something sweet, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the snack options available on Frontier Airlines:

  • Traditional Chex Mix
  • Cup of Noodles
  • Dot’s Pretzels
  • Haribo Gold Bears
  • Peanut M&Ms
  • Pringles
  • Pop Tart Bites

Feeling peckish? Frontier Airlines also offers snack packs like the Cheese Tray and Grlz Pack, perfect for satisfying your hunger cravings during the flight.

When it comes to beverages, Frontier Airlines has you covered. They offer a range of sodas, including popular brands like Coca-Cola and Diet Coke. If you’re looking for something different, you can try other refreshing drinks like ginger ale and hot cocoa.

For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, Frontier Airlines provides a selection of spirits, beer and wine options. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even indulge in Buzzballz cocktails, the perfect way to elevate your in-flight experience.

Snack Options Beverages
Traditional Chex Mix Sodas
Cup of Noodles Ginger Ale
Dot’s Pretzels Hot Cocoa
Haribo Gold Bears Spirits
Peanut M&Ms Beer/Wine
Pringles Buzzballz Cocktails
Pop Tart Bites

Coffee Options on Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines Coffee Options

When it comes to coffee options, Frontier Airlines has you covered. They proudly serve Boyer’s 100 percent Colombian Coffee on board. So, if you’re a coffee lover, you’re in for a treat during your flight.

Boyer’s Coffee is renowned for its commitment to delivering excellence in every cup. With over 50 years of expertise in the coffee industry, they have perfected the art of brewing a rich and flavorful Colombian coffee.

If you want to enjoy a cup of Boyer’s Colombian Coffee on your Frontier Airlines flight, you can indulge in their breakfast deal. This deal includes one savory snack and one satisfying cup of coffee to kickstart your day.

Frontier Airlines understands the importance of starting your journey with a delicious and energizing cup of coffee. So, make sure to take advantage of their coffee options and savor the taste of Boyer’s Colombian Coffee during your flight.

Coffee Service on Other US Airlines

coffee service on US airlines

While Frontier Airlines serves coffee from Boyer’s Coffee, other US airlines have different coffee options. Here are some of the coffee service offerings provided by major US airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines: Starbucks Pike Place Roast
  • Allegiant Air: illy™ Iced Coffee
  • American Airlines: Java City Coffee
  • Delta: Free Starbucks coffee and tea
  • JetBlue: Dunkin’ Donuts® Decaf and Original Blend Coffee
  • Southwest: Community Coffee
  • United: illy Dark Roast coffee
  • Virgin America: Philz Coffee

Each airline has its own unique coffee offerings, allowing passengers to enjoy their preferred coffee brand while traveling. The variety of options ensures that coffee lovers have a choice that suits their taste during their flight.

Other Changes in Frontier Airlines’ Fare Structure

As Frontier Airlines continues to enhance its services, they have made significant changes to their fare structure. These changes aim to streamline the boarding process and provide a more personalized experience for passengers.

One of the notable changes is the introduction of a fee for carry-on bags. However, customers who book directly on the Frontier Airlines website or are elite-level members of the frequent-flyer program are exempt from this fee. This means that by booking directly or achieving elite status, you can save on carry-on bag fees.

Frontier Airlines has also adjusted their checked baggage fees to create a more transparent pricing structure. Passengers are encouraged to review the updated baggage policy to ensure they are familiar with the new fees.

In addition to these changes, Frontier Airlines has introduced a charge for drinks onboard their flights. However, top-level frequent-fliers are exempt from this charge, further enhancing the benefits of their loyalty program.

Furthermore, the airline has made changes to the mileage earned for tickets purchased from third-party sites. Passengers are advised to check their frequent-flyer account for updated information on how these changes may impact their mileage earnings.


Q: Does Frontier Airlines serve coffee?

A: Yes, Frontier Airlines serves coffee onboard.

Q: What snacks are available for purchase on Frontier Airlines?

A: Frontier Airlines offers a variety of snacks for purchase, including Traditional Chex Mix, Cup of Noodles, Dot’s Pretzels, Haribo Gold Bears, Peanut M&Ms, Pringles, Pop Tart Bites, Cheese Tray, and Grlz Pack.

Q: What beverages are offered on Frontier Airlines?

A: Frontier Airlines offers a range of beverages for purchase, including sodas, ginger ale, hot cocoa, spirits, beer/wine, and Buzzballz cocktails.

Q: Is coffee included in Frontier Airlines’ breakfast deal?

A: Yes, Frontier Airlines includes a cup of Boyer’s 100 percent Colombian Coffee as part of their breakfast deal, which also includes one snack.

Q: What type of coffee does Frontier Airlines serve?

A: Frontier Airlines serves Boyer’s 100 percent Colombian Coffee onboard.

Q: What coffee options do other US airlines offer?

A: Other US airlines offer a variety of coffee options, including Starbucks Pike Place Roast (Alaska Airlines), illy™ Iced Coffee (Allegiant Air), Java City Coffee (American Airlines), free Starbucks coffee and tea (Delta), Dunkin’ Donuts® Decaf and Original Blend Coffee (JetBlue), Community Coffee (Southwest), illy Dark Roast coffee (United), and Philz Coffee (Virgin America).

Q: Have there been any other changes to Frontier Airlines’ fare structure?

A: Yes, Frontier Airlines has made several changes to their fare structure, including the introduction of a carry-on bag fee (with exemptions for direct website bookings and elite-level frequent-flyer members), adjustments to checked baggage fees, a charge for drinks (except for top-level frequent-fliers), and adjustments to mileage earned for tickets purchased from third-party sites.